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Friday, January 15, 2010

Cool Wintery Photos


I have been promising people winter photos for awhile now. I know, I know. Well, I’ve waited long enough that the snow has melted – and it’s warmed up to 27. Wow, beach weather compared to what we did have! However, I have been using my time wisely *cough* and did some cleaning and have page 6 for the Judge almost finished – it needs some final tweaks, but I am hoping to do that tomorrow if I can. Today was Turtle Day, after all.

The pics are from a couple of different says and different snowfalls. (yeah, plural! How weird is that?)

Okay, nothing important to say, though I could blather on for pages because I’m like that. However, I will shut up and just put the pics in.

I promise. I’m shutting up.


The first snowfall:

pretty evergreen all snowy

Frozen grapes

frozen grapes

This is blurry, but you can see the actual individual snowflakes on my sleeve

blurry but too cool - snowflakes

Some kind of poddy things

pod things

tree branch against the snow

Dunnigan park in the evening:

winter stone wall

Would be better without the electrical lines

gnarled snowy branches

Wrought iron gates

a cool effect with the iron gates

winter dusk

Cold geese

cold geese

wintery road

snowy fence

It was beautiful outside but I only took a handful of photos because with the wind chill it was negative something and I couldn’t find my gloves. (I have since bought a pair)

(someone said this looks like a turtle swimming in the sea. Can you see it?)

free form snow

fields of ice

looking back

And at Dunnigan Park Again:

snow curve

treelined path

Cool Shadows:

more tree shadows

A snowy pic-nic table:

remnants of autumn

If there had only been a weeping angel statue around…

cool bench

a leaf on the snow

Played with some cross processing effects here

fence rails

And that’s more than enough for a blog. There’s loads more on my Flickr, as usual. Click any one of those photos and it will magically whisk you off to it.

Random outrage of the moment -

Unless they have a ban on girls having short hair then the whole thing is bullsh**!! It’s not fair that girls can wear their hair short or long but boys aren’t allowed to.


Dawn Colclasure said...

I actually DID see the swimming turtle. LOL :) Great pics They must have inspired your muse. Thank you for sharing.

Joleene Naylor said...

Thanks :) Jonathan actually pointed the turtle out to me. i was thinking it looked more like the inside of a sea shell, but once he said turtle it seemed so obvious!

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