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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Judge Page Six - & Random Wal-Mart photos

I'm behind because I got chapter four of Legacy of Ghosts rewritten today. Though in retrospect I may have to redo it again because I am thinking of rearranging the events. We'll see.

I also know I missed spiffy old things, ironic on retro week, huh?

Anyway, if you're unfamiliar with the graphic novel collab I am doing with J. Floyd King, you can go get filled in at It's a very cool project and I am, unfortunately, the slow one. Too many eggs in to many baskets...

page 6 finished

and if that's not enough goodness, here's some random photos from wal-mart the other day:

How you know the internet is taking over the world:

Proof the internet is taking over.....

V-Day?!? wtf?!?

Okay, I think this is a bit much. i don't know why, but ti just struck me as OVER merchandising...

This just seemed like going too far to me....

And this is what I want for Valentines Day. Everyone mail my hubby and tell him to buy them for me ;) (and a fuzzy red bear)

what I want :)

Oh, you'd need his address. damn.

Sing playing at the moment - "Never Too Late" - Three Days Grace (love this one!)


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