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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My Top Pet Peeves - Blogophilia 46.2

Thanks to everyone for giving me their opinions on the multiple blog question. Thanks to a unanimous decision this blog will continue to host everything, and the BlogSpot blog is just going to be an exact duplicate for a couple of people I know who can’t get on myspace. (However, the freaking layout is so amazing I think everyone should go look at it. – )

There is a rule (somewhere) that says don’t blog angry. I’m not blogging angry, I’m blogging annoyed. I don’t remember reading a rule anywhere that said not to do that. And, as I am annoyed and just recently Duckmeat suggested I should do a blog about annoying things... well, it just fits.

I used to regularly post about things - and people - that annoyed me. In fact, back in 2006 there is a blog that made my eyes pop when I ran across it a few months back. I thought about deleting it, but I figured no one will ever scroll that far back in the archives, and if they do they deserve some kind of reward. In fact, I used to write fairly personal blogs, but I’ve kind of petered out over the years because there’s too many other blogs to do and besides, there’s that ever pressing “Can’t offend anyone” rule to consider. 

You know, I wonder if there’s a copy of these “blogging rules” somewhere?

That and I have my happy-Jo persona to consider. I mean, do I really want to anyone peaking beneath that? Ah, I suppose there was already a good look after my Christmas pet peeves, so why not? As such, in no particular order here is a list of things which really annoy me. I promise it won’t be nearly so long as Dewey’s list (if you have no idea what that means then you need to hop over to J Floyd King’s blog!). I am not even going to do the “Oh, I shouldn’t say that!” *delete*delete* thing.  (I just see all you people dancing with joy)

1.    People who ask you how to do something, but then refuse to actually pay attention to the answer – generally because they are too busy playing some kind of video game. Put the &^$#@* controller down and *&^%$# listen for crying out loud!

2.    People who do this more than once.

3.    CSS code. I hate CSS code.

4.    I also hate whoever invented CSS. They only did it to be annoying.

5.    Skinny blonde bimbos. This is not a physical description, but a state of being. You know who I mean; pretty princess with her perfect tan and her little dog who bounces around in her tiny crop tops and pouts so prettily that every moronic male in a ninety mile radius drops everything he’s doing and races to her assistance.

6.    Moronic males dumb enough to fall for these stupid bimbos. I hope they trip on their way to salivate at her feet.

7.    Having to put these same stupid bimbos in otherwise good movies and spend the whole movie with shots of her butt in some kind of skin tight pants (Transformers II anyone?) instead of far more interesting plot points – or actually having a plot….

8.    People who seem to get everything for free in life – like free cars or free houses (yes, I know people like this!) - and then tear it all up.

9.    Strawberry-Kiwi. I love strawberries. I hate Kiwi. Leave the strawberries alone!!! They hate Kiwi too! I know, they told me.

10.    People who hear the word “vampire’ and immediately say ‘oh, you’re just writing for preteen girls”. NO I AM NOT!!! Read the *&^%$#@ before you tell me who I’m writing for or shut the &^%$ up!! ARGH!!!

11.    People who get pissed because I am “too amused”. I’ll show you amused! I’m only amused coz their brains are tiny little walnuts! And no, I don’t mean prehistoric-Land of the Lost-sized walnuts, either.

12.    The death of the hyphen. I like hyphenated things! Bar-b-que is way better than barbeque. Pic-nic is cooler than picnic. Red-head is sniftier than redhead. I could go on, but I won’t.

13.    That Microsoft killed clipit. I freaking LIKED that little paperclip! I used to play with him when I got stuck! Now I have to go to superpoke pets and play pet dazzled. This takes a lot more time and is way more distracting than the cute, animated paperclip ever was. BRING HIM BACK!!!

*I am gone playing pet dazzler. I will be back in ten minutes.*

14.    Back – 12 minutes and 44 seconds and a score of 80,200. Since that’s not a pet peeve I will add that I hate when it says “no more moves” and ends your game. It’s not MY fault there’s no more moves! Wipe the board and give me a fresh start damn it!

15.    The crows in Dunnigan park. (watch the random vid – though good luck understanding most of it. I talk too fast!!)

16.    Pretentious writers who think they’re better than everyone else and act all hoighty-toighty-big-shot-snobby-ass. You know what? Bite me. I don’t like you or your writing – so there!!

17.    Writers who have no talent but have “method”. Pshaw. So, you can follow an outline, but you know what, your writing still sucks coz it has no life in it! Just coz you follow your numbered list doesn’t mean everyone has to! Don’t tell me how to skin a chicken when I’ve already got it in the pot, thank you very much!

18.    People who run around shouting how everyone else’s religion is wrong. I believe what I believe, you believe what you believe – we’re all cool.

19.    The new definition of “Christian” which means “Fanatical, closed minded individual who quotes bible verses and refuses to see the ‘truth’”. Who decided this?!?! A Christian is someone who believes in Christ! It doesn’t mean any of the rest of the crap! Believing in Jesus doesn’t mean you have to disavow science or that you have to attack everyone who believes something different or that you have to follow the Catholic doctrine or that you even have to believe in the devil! And anyone who says different is just as ignorant as they claim ALL Christians are!

20.    Low fat donuts. If you’re eating a donut then commit to the calories! Otherwise go eat a rice cake!!

21.    People who won’t help other people. When I first got online I had the internet dumped on me. If not for the kindness of people in Jerry’s cafĂ© (or whatever that chat room was called) I’d have never learned how to do anything! What does it kill you to tell someone how to do something if they don’t know? (so long as the person in question is not playing a video game at the time)

22.    The destruction of all decent chatrooms.  I had some very awesome friends in those chat rooms – slimecat, dave, baldwithblueeyes, simpleton, iceeprincess, etc etc. Then I lost internet for six months and came back and all my old rooms were gone and there was nothing but twelve year olds talking about sex and sending cam shots of their unmentionables. WTF!? (I’m speaking of way back, like 2001. Yes, it’s old, but I am still annoyed about it.)

23.    People who have to use the internet to showcase those unmentionables. If I want to see this I’ll ask or go pay for a porn sight. I didn’t ask and I’m not paying for a porn site, so leave me alone!!!

24.    People who kill/neglect/abandon their pets when they get tired of them. “Gee, Fluffy’s just too annoying, so out he goes! See ya later, alligator! After while crocodile! Have fun starving now that we’ve domesticated you!” A pet is a commitment. If you can’t commit then don’t get the pet!

25.    “Oh! Mice are full of disease! Kill them all!” Yeah, well guess what? So are wild cats, dogs, birds and bunnies! Should we annihilate all of them too!?!? I happen to LIKE mice! I think they are adorable – and no, I don’t want one chewing on my electrical wiring, but why is a mouse considered less of an animal than a cat?

26.    Spotted mice sold as snake feeders right next to their “prettier” all white brothers who are labeled “pets only”. Oh gee, these mice have a brown spot on their back so they’re worthless! Who the hell made that decision? Why is this mouse good enough to be loved, but this one is only good enough to die? Who is important enough to make that call?!

27.    Yahoo’s retarded articles on “dump your man if he isn’t perfect”. Seriously. They had one yesterday about if you BF asks you repeatedly to make him a sandwich he’s a loser and you should dump him. Or if he gets mad and yells then he’s a violent lunatic. My god, let’s just castrate him and make him into a manikin, then he can be perfect.

28.    The complete emasculation of men in movies lately. WTF?! Okay, maybe the pansy guys are finally getting their turn in the spotlight, but when faced with a killer zombie I want a man that is going to kill it, not scream at it and leave me to step up and be the man. If I wanted to date a chick I’d date a chick.  Sure, puppies are fun to pet, but I prefer to have a tiger, thanks anyway.

29.    Confusing “Innocence” with “stupidity”. A six year old is innocent when it comes to sex. A sixteen year old is stupid. She knew what she was doing when she sent her boyfriend topless pics on her cell phone. She took them herself, attached them to the message and mailed them to him. Just like my fifteen/sixteen year old friends knew what they were doing back when they were sleeping with married men. They weren’t duped into it; they thought it was cool, they bragged about it and they were happy until it fell apart. They were not innocent, just stupid! Does this mean I think they should go around having sex? No, but call it what it is. (sorry, 16 year olds, but I was there once and we were all stupid)

30.    Lists of things that end in odd numbers “My top 29 pet peeves!” Wtf is that? Twenty-nine?!?! Can’t you take five minutes and think of a number 30? Are your readers not worth a number 30?!?!

Remember, you all have Duckmeat to thank for this blog. LOL! Poor guy. If he’s smart he’ll deny that and blame someone else.

And now for the segment I like to call ‘Random Things from My Hard Drives”, I have another….


Yeah, I did mention it earlier. This is me in oversized boots (I apparently don’t own boots! Who knew?) Chasing crows in Dunnigan Park. If you can understand what I am saying in this video you’ll win a prize. Seriously. I don’t know what, but I’ll give you a prize if you can decipher the whole thing.

Song playing at the moment – “Anna Maria” – We the Kings

pic guesses: melting, summer sun, oozing, so much for ice cream, too hot....


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