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Monday, January 18, 2010

Spiffy Old Photos: Ice Storm 2007

old stuff

It’s time once again for me to bring you Spiffy Old Stuff – aka the blog where I showcase something you may have never seen before. (There’s a cool Table of Contents if you miss any of these, by the way!)

I’m not going to pretend that it’s always easy to find something worth – um, I mean choosing from all the, uh, amazing stuff I have stacked up here. *cough*. In the interest of trying to keep things kind of even I think it’s going to be some….


One of these days I need to scan off some real old pics! My online albums only go back to 2005, and until mid-2007 or so I had a horrible little camera, so I rarely took any photos. However, the ice storm in January of 2007 was worth photographing, bad camera or not. And I feel the need to share them with you, no matter how low the image quality. Yay!

This storm is the one that absolutely RUINED all of our trees:

ice 6

ice 30

These are not black and white photos, there was just no color anywhere! It was so odd!

ice 13 my tree

ice 10

ice 43 closeup

ice 57 closeup

ice 48

ice 5

We spent a week with no electricity:

Chris shaving by lamp light:

shaving 1


chucky n smoke

How we had hot food


Then, the sun came out!

eight am


my tree

trees 2

trees 4b


It was kind of like coming outside after a tornado and goggling at all the damage.

Wasn’t that spiffy and exciting?

Song playing at the moment – “The Royal We” – Silversun Pickups (I am listening to my ultimate amazing playlist :) )

(PS. This is blog number 662. Only three more to think of something really spiffy in! the pressure is too much!)


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