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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Why Are They So Concerned - a short poem for Blogophilia

It’s time again for Blogophilia. If you don’t know what it is I’ll explain very fast. Every week writing prompts are posted and participants must use the prompts in a blog – on any subject they choose – to gain points that mean nothing. It’s great fun! You can join in by following the link.

This week’s prompts are:

Blogophilia 48.2 Topic: "Pros and Cons of Shoe Shopping"
Bonus points:
(hard, 2 pts): use three words containing the letter pair U-D (example - thud, stud)
(easy, 1 pt) mention a black widow

And I am generally short on time because I have been working on a new picture instead of working as I should be. Tomorrow is Turtles, so thought I better do something fast. Sorry it sucks!

Why Are They So Concerned?

The pros and cons of shoe shopping
are easy to see
And it’s such a hassle finding someone to go with me
The men they are all studs, or so they likes to say
And shoe shopping, in their opinion, makes them seem too “gay”
Why is it so many men are so preoccupied
With how they appear in another man’s eyes?
For surely women won’t think that a shopping man’s a dud
They’d melt for him faster than warm butter on a spud
So it has to be the men that they’re trying to impress
I think that’s kind of odd, I really must confess
You don’t see me rejecting things because I won’t look feminine
So is this a condition that is unique to men?
Are they afraid their wives will think that they are too soft
And tell them to find themselves the door and generally get lost?
Or kill them while they’re sleeping, a black widow will she be
All because he was willing to go shoe shopping with me?

Okay, best I got this week! Hoping to post the How to Get a Cover II in the next couple of days…..  I had something else, but I’ve forgotten it…

Pic guesses:
Vending, vender, automatic, line up, shoe machine, pick a pair, off the rack… I got nothing….

Song playing at the moment - "Horse Dreamer's Blues" Counting Crows


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