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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Why I Might be on Someone's Pet Peeve List

Before I get into it too far, though, I do want to say that we’ve gotten a new dog. Yes, I said dog. Why a dog? I’ll do a blog on him and all the details later.  Anyway, he’s a good dog except he has/wants to go outside to the bathroom every couple of hours. I’m not an experienced dog owner, but when you take him out and it’s not like he goes a lot, so I’m starting to suspect that he just wants to go out and while he’s passing his “spots” he has to pause and mark his territory just for the sake of it. I think he may be taking advantage of my lack of doggy knowledge.

And the first time we left him home alone he did this:

ruined blind

One friend suggested that if he keeps doing things like that we should get him a doggy crate and put him in it while we’re gone, but the things costs well over $100 and I don’t have that kind of dough – it’s not like I’m living in the lap of luxury here. We’re going to go shopping tonight and see what he does again, though there’s no blind there now, but the last three times I went next door without him and came home he was laying in the kitchen, not in front of the door bouncing around, so maybe it was just a new doggy/new house thing….

Apparently there was some sort of “retro week” on facebook last week. Not being a Facebook fan, I missed it. However, I think we should institute it on MySpace for next week. I think it could be fun. It looked to me like you just uploaded retro photos for your default pic. I could do that.  That could be fun. What do you think? We could make next week the official retro week?

Also, of note, I have joined an Indie writers’ forum/blog on wordpress that someone might find interesting:

So, last week I did my pet peeves. Jonathan took that idea and tipped it upside down and did a blog called “why I might be on someone’s pet peeve list”. I liked that idea, so I’m stealing it from him. And no, I’m not even asking first. :)

Reasons I might be on someone’s pet peeve list:

1.    I don’t get annoyed enough with pets and children. When I’m visiting someone’s house and their kids or animals climb on me and the parents/owners say “Just shoo them off” I always say, “I don’t mind” because, so long as they aren’t hurting me, I don’t mind.

2.    However, I have a very low tolerance for screaming, shouting, name calling, tantrum throwing, obnoxious, breaking things on purpose, not minding children – especially in public places, and I have been known on many occasions to loudly comment things like “where’s that kid’s mom?” or “Spank that kid and shut it up!”.  I have also shouted things such as “isn’t it past your bedtime?” at rowdy teenagers who were making a rather rude ruckus.

3.    I am, apparently, too impatient. I have a low tolerance for having to tell someone the same thing more than twice (HIT THE OKAY BUTTON! RUGHT THERE!!), for people who sit around and moan about their problems but do nothing to fix them, for people who don’t have the courage of their convictions (Stand up for what you want or shut up), for people who waste their lives sleeping  and never DO anything (Get up before you’re dead! Not that you’ll notice the difference!) and, apparently, I get snappy at these particular people. So I’ve been told. 

4.    I’m sometimes really slow in answering email. It sometimes takes me a couple of weeks, even. This is often because I’m trying to think of something witty and/or just intelligent to say. However, people tend to take it personally. Also, I sometimes don’t get on until after ten pm Central. This means time sensitive material can sometimes be expired before I ever see it. I bet that get’s very annoying.

5.    I also probably won’t call you back, or even answer the phone. I hate talking on the phone. I am the reason man invented email. (But wait – you just admitted you’re slow at email! So wtf?!) Yes, this means people cannot get a hold of me instantly. Welcome to the 20th century, back when people got left the hell alone :)

6.    If I’m here alone I also won’t answer the door unless you’re the postman with a package or someone I really want to see. Or maybe a super hot male model. I might open the door for one of them, but probably not. I don’t know if even my shallowness could beat out the “do not open the door” policy.

7.    I don’t judge “important” things to be important. The story I’m writing is important. My blog is important. My photos, my artwork, my weekly TTTC page, etc etc. these things are important. The location of my shoes, what time it is, what day it is (excepting Turtle Thursdays and Fullemetal Alchemist Mondays), whether my phone is charged, whether I ever showed up at your house to do dishes like I promised… (doing dishes at all, so long as there’s some in the cupboard, for that matter!), putting laundry away… these are all things that detract from the important things and I do my best to ignore them as much as possible.

8.    I’m a slob. I mean a REAL slob. I’m not saying it the way a lot of women will go, “oh, my house is such a disaster!” because they haven’t vacuumed in a couple days and there’s a few odds and ends out. No, I mean a real slob. My house is often messy enough that I think “wow, this place is a real pit! I bet no one I know would eat here if I invited them to dinner!”. However I was raised by a clean freak, so eventually it grates on me and I take a day out from the important things to waste on the mundane so I can start over again.

9.    Just because I look up from what I’m doing, or nod my head or say, “Oh yeah?” doesn’t mean I’m listening to a word you say. So long as my laptop or my phone or a piece of paper is in front of me I’m in “more important” land. I try to listen, but truthfully whatever you’re saying is probably not half as interesting as what I’m writing/reading/saying to whoever I’m talking to online. Hubby has literally gotten on messenger before when he is three feet away on the other computer so I will – I quote – “pay attention” to him. (However, during the allotted “pay attention to hubby time, HE is playing his Evony online *cough*)

10.    I make inappropriate comments at hospitals. For future reference people in ICU have NO sense of humor. None. When someone is waking up from having a quad bypass and you say “Mom! Mom, wake up! No, don’t go towards the light! Don’t go towards the light!’ the ICU staff doesn’t think it’s funny. They’re also not amused when they call you, all concerned, because your mother is only “80% coherent” and you say “Wow! Really? That’s 20% more than when she went in!” Just so you know.

11.    I love my husband. I am happy with my husband. I do not want to cheat on him. I do not want to divorce him. I don’t even want to bad mouth him. Okay, I might complain sometimes, but that’s being human. I don’t know why, but this seems to annoy people.

12.    I’m also too cheerful. My philosophy is to look at the bright side of things – even bad things. Sure, they may not be fun at the time, but don’t wish it away because only through adversity does anyone or anything grow. If it isn’t a challenge then what are you going to gain? People don’t like to hear that when they’re having a bad day. Luckily I do a really good biter sarcastic at times, so I am bearable, apparently.

13.    However, I like getting my own way and I have been known to sulk when I don’t. I’m not going to lie, I generally get what I want, whether because someone gives in or because some weird cosmic force hands it to me. This is why I’m so very shocked when I don’t. But, every time I haven’t gotten what I wanted, it has later turned out that I’m glad I didn’t get it because it wasn’t really what I thought it was anyway. *whew* (except when the bro won’t get me a Frapp. I’m never happy to NOT get a frapp.)

14.    I’m not emotional enough – and I don’t feel the need to share my every emotion with people. Maybe I have too much testosterone, but I think this is a GOOD thing. I don’t bother to share my emotions because A- really extreme, share-able emotions don’t last that long before they even off and b- I always sorta think there are some things a person should keep to themselves.

15.    The next two pet peeves are reserved for people who live with me *cough*hubby*cough* I collect junk. And I mean real junk. Like fake stuffed crows, random wat-nots, ink pens, bits of glass, rocks, marbles, books, stuffed animals, penguins (though it’s not like I’m a record holder for this, I mean Birgit Berends of Germany has 5,098 Penguins for crying out loud! It could be worse!), etc. ect.

  If it’s free I will take it.  I may not need it, I may not even want it, but I will not turn it down. Then, I will stack it up in the house somewhere until I find someone who does need whatever it is. I think of this as super recycling. Hubby thinks of it as more junk collecting.

17.    I end pet peeve list with the number seventeen. Seventeen?!? What’s that, then? Couldn’t come up with one more annoying habit you have? Like chewing on things, taking photos of everything that stands still, or wearing odd socks? No? Nothing? Well, all right then. I guess…

That was fun. I recommend everyone should try it!

Random fun of the day: Go to Google. Type in “Chuck Norris” and hit ‘I’m feeling lucky”. Trust me. It’s worth it.

And for the segment I like to call ”Random Things” you all get treated to another….


Yes, that is the dog, and that is Hideki. You can see how impressed they are with one another. You can also see the thread ALL over the floor from the fringed pillow the CATS killed. Oh, and the mess mid rearranging the house... fun, fun!

Song playing at the moment – “Anarchy” – KMFDM


Kris said...

Alright! That was freakin hilarious...I am soglad to know there is someone out there like me! Let's see...I do 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9, 11, 12, 13, and 14!

Joleene Naylor said...

Yay! Then I am not alone either! It's nice to know there are others! :)

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