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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Genre Shame & a Video

(I’m not going to lie, a version of this exists on the wordpress blog already, but since I did mention I was going to write it I have dusted it up and am posting it here too.)

So, HIM, a rock/pop band from Finland, fronted by Ville Valo, has recently released their newest album, Screamworks. You’re probably wonder what this has to do with genre writing, it’s because I find a parallel between the two occurrences, and it’s made me do some pondering. 

One thing I’ve been pondering about is that there seems to be an element of “shame” associated with some genres, such as Romance or Vampire/paranormal (And watch out if you put those together!). It’s as if you should be embarrassed to write them because they aren’t “real” enough. In fact, one friend of mine said “Let me know when you write something real, and I’ll buy that.”

Because of this shameful stigma, I think a lot of would be genre writers try their hardest to stay away from the genres that they’re really the happiest writing, or they try to package their genre book as something else. They manipulate the description to turn it into anything but what it really is or they might even edit it to inject bits of something else between the paragraphs, to try to fool their readers. But, no one’s fooled at all. It’s a zoo out there, but painting a zebra won’t really disguise its stripes.

This makes me think of the band HIM because out of the many, many interviews and videos I’ve enjoyed, one thing always stands out. Poor Ville wants nothing more than to be the front man in a metal band. He’s even tried to call their brand of music Love Metal, and many of their songs have an almost metal edge. But, no matter what he does, no matter how he packages it, it all goes back to a catchy synthpop with lyrics about love, death, graves and tombs because, deep down, this is what Ville is good at. This is how his mind works, and it’s probably the thing that really appeals to him, especially considering he cites Poe and Baudelaire as some of his favorite works. But, like many writing genres, there’s definitely a stigma attached to a man in his thirties who is writing synthpop about broken hearts and tombstones.

Or is there?

HIM is the first Finish band to have a gold album in the United States. In it’ first week, their new album debuted at number 25 on the Billboard 200 and the album before debuted at number 12 – and that’s in just America. My point? For being a “genre” band with “nothing to say” they seem to have a lot of fans, and not just any fans, either. HIM fans seem to me to be some of the most obsessive, intensely loyal, nearly fanatical fans I’ve ever come in contact with.  That says to me that they must be doing something right.

And it’s not just HIM fans.  Look at genre book fans; Twilight, anyone? Whether you’re a fan or not, you’ve surely noticed the thousands of fan groups, email signatures, icon graphics and more that are plastered on every corner of the internet. They sure don’t think that genre fiction is anything to be ashamed of, so why do genre writers let other people tell us that it is?  Why do some of us try so hard to be something – anything – else, like Owen Wilson’s character in Marley and Me who was a natural columnist, and yet spent the entire movie trying to land a front page byline just because “a columnist isn’t a ‘real’ journalist”.

Well, who decides what’s real? This funny group of writers who are someone sitting on a stack of dusty literary, socially relevant books that people buy just to look good in their bookcase? Or the people who are actually buying books to enjoy, even if they have to label them a “guilty pleasure”? Though, the question does arise, why must they be a “guilty” pleasure? Is it because the reader has also been shamed by our literary minded society, so that they’re embarrassed to admit what they like? 

Back to the new HIM album. I’ve read a few reviews on it, and they all say the same thing: that this album is “like their other albums” and that they are like several other bands out there (I beg to differ on this one, but then I’m looking only at the lyrics, not the whole package). All of the reviewers say this as if it’s a BAD thing, and as a consumer we tend to draw the same conclusion:

“Oh dear, more of the same old, same old.”

But, you know what? When they mixed it up in Venus Doom, most of the HIM fans were crying in their heartagram hoodies because it wasn’t what they wanted. The critics, who spend every day buried under stacks and stacks of CD’s, want something different, but what do their fans want? They want more of the same old, same old, because that same old is what they liked about the band in the first place!

The same goes with genre books. It’s as if every vampire or romance or mystery book that is written is expected to “rewrite the genre” and if it doesn’t, it’s chalked up as “same old, same old”. Let’s completely overlook the fact that everything that can be done has been done (Even that amazing movie Avatar that everyone is so rightly praising as original and amazing has the same old, same old storyline if you think about it!) and go straight to this question: If you’ve rewritten the genre, then does that mean it’s even a part of that genre anymore? Doesn’t that make it its own genre then?

Maybe I’m just too literal. I’ve been accused of that before, but I don’t think so. I know if I go looking for a romance novel there are several things I expect to see, and if I don’t then I’m disappointed. The same goes for vampires. I don’t want the author to try to be clever and make her vampires sparkle in daylight (sorry, I just cannot embrace that), I want a good old vampire that turns to ashes in sunlight. I want some blood, I want some gore, I want some sex, and I want some good old fashioned fighting and, if they can work it in, I’d like to see some emo winging. Maybe I’m just paranormally-old-fashioned?

That doesn’t mean I don’t want to see new characters, or new ideas, or even some of the weird “issues” addressed. (If they’re sucking blood out of animals then this means they have animal hair IN their mouths! Why does no one ever think about that?) But it does mean that I don’t want to see the genre completely “rewritten”. The same goes for romance, thrillers, mysteries, you name it. Maybe I’m all alone here, but I can’t help but think “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.

And now for the segment I like to call “Random Things from my Hard Drives”, it’s time for a…


While out and about the other day, hubby and I found this very cool, old cemetery in the middle of nowhere. I truthfully don’t know if we could ever find it again.  There are some photos of this place, but I haven’t gotten to them yet. Hoping to soon though.

Fav song of the moment – “Acoustic Funneral” – HIM

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Barbarian Princess Paper Doll

old stuff

It's that time of the week when I post some Spiffy Old Stuff, in other words, something you may not have seen before. If you've missed some of these, I have a pretty cool Table of Contents that lists them all.

I know, I'm a day late. Story of my life. But, I asked hubby what to use this week, and he said it was time for some...

It's another paper doll set (yeah, I was really into this for awhile, hence the website) Though this one is more on a Fantasy slant. I drew the ink version at my dad's back in 2006 while watching hacked together japanese anime (Why, oh why do we do that in America?).

Anyway it's colored on the PC and I redrew her weapons on the PC too. And yes, they may well be based off some things in Bud K. I'm just not a weapons designer!

This is under a creative commons license, you can print it up, use it in your own projects, do whatever you want with, just so long as you don't claim you drew it or sell it, LOL! Well, that is unless you're splitting the profit with me ;)

barbarian princess 1






Wasn't that spiffy?

Fav song of the moment - "Acoustic Funeral" - HIM

Monday, February 22, 2010

Dr. Who Series Five Trailer - wOOt!

Okay, the sharing thing put it in my activity stream, so throwing this in a blog then back to work:

Looks awesome, though, huh? Not sure about the new doctor yet, but time will tell...

Okay, back to chapter fifteen. :-)

Friday, February 19, 2010

Saloon dreams - a poem

It’s time I laid it all on the line. Yeah, I’m behind. I mean WAY behind. It’s like the pay now, worry later  kind of behind, where you just keep watching the days of the shortest month slip by and think “I’ll catch up tomorrow”. Only the magic tomorrow never comes. The reality of it is that, unless I shut myself up in the mountains, there is no way I am going to finish the rewrites to this book by the end of the month. But hey, they say
reality is just a crutch for people who can't cope with drugs. Then again about all drugs make me sick. Well, the prescription ones do, so I imagine the illegal ones do too…

Listening to the new HIM album. Better than I’d feared, not as amazing as I’d hoped, but a fairly solid offering anyway. I really like Acoustic Funeral and In the Arms of Rain and Love the Hardest way is growing on me, too. For those who don’t like HIM it’s more of the same old, same old. However, for those who LIKE that about them, then it’s pretty good. There’s some lines that need work, and the whole song Saint Valentine should have been thrown out, but you can’t have everything. (there’s a rant coming some day on this same old-same old thing, btw. You’ve been warned).

Okay, nothing to share.  Really. Okay, fine, I’ll dig into the word documents and find a poem or something. Hang on…

Ah, here’s one I haven’t posted on here before. It was written for a CPC event a couple months ago, I think. Enjoy.
Saloon Dreams

Lucille stood on a box in the Lost Luck saloon,
And for lunch and a penny she sang them some tunes;
 “The Streets of Lorado” and “Home on the Range”,
“Red River Valley” when she wanted a change.
And the cowboys came in and gave her a leer,
They talked and they laughed while drinking their beer
They played cards and cussed, smoke encircling their heads
Spit tobacco and fought over who got which whores and which beds

But in Lucille’s mind she was far away
On a beautiful stage, holding an audience sway
They would cheer and they’d clap for her beautiful voice
And she’d smile and bow, sing the songs of her choice
They threw flowers and coins, men asked for her hand
She wore dresses and furs and hairstyles grand
She was beautiful and graceful, a true singing star
With a voice that carried up away far,
Far from saloons and tobacco stained men
Far from the dust of a town just began
Away from frontiers and cold winter nights
Where she was a lady wrapped in stage’s flood lights

Lucille stood on a box in the Lost Luck Saloon
And for lunch and a penny she sang them some tunes.
And she let herself drift on her breeze made of dreams
To a world that she longed for where her happiness beams.


And for the segment I like to call “Random Things from my Hard Drives”, please enjoy some more of my Super Poke Pet, Clucky’s world tour :)

(you might notice the Turkey is following Clucky and his teddy bear friends CoCo and JoJo. why? hmmm....)


3 - london

Christmas in Paris:

4 - pari

New Years in Spain

5 - spain

The Netherlands (don't ask)

6 - netherlands

Dreaming in Germany: (I didn't make this one and take no responsibility)

7 - germany

Skiing in Switzerland

8 - switzerland


9 - venice

Picnic with the birds in Rome:

10 - Rome

Overload of chocolate in Austria:

11 - Austria

And Clucky moves to Greece tonight I hope. :)

Song playing at the moment – “Heartkiller” – HIM (it’s growing on me)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Fun Random Links!


I hadn’t planned on doing a blog today because I’m behind on my chapters, however I found a couple of things that I have to share. Yes, I HAVE to. There is a mysterious mongoose here with an instant vaporization laser gun to my head.

(Okay, not really, but it sounded good!)

Item one is  (now called Mystery Seeker on the website – I’d hazard a guess Google didn’t like the use of their name). What is Mystery Google? Well, it looks like this:


Don’t think of this as a REAL search engine. In other words, don’t type in anything you really want or need to find. Go for something really fun like….


Why do I say that? Because you don’t get your own search results! That’s right, instead you get the search results of the query that the last person before you typed in. Make sense? No, well, here’s what I got when I pressed “Search”


The immediate question is: Why? What’s the point? Well, really, can you GET any more random than this? Picture it, it’s a Sunday afternoon. There’s nothing on TV. Outside is yet another raging blizzard. You’d play online, but you can’t think of anything to do, so you go to Mystery Google, type in something stupid, hit “Search” and – BOOM! Completely random search results that could lead you to God knows what! How much more random can you get? And, as a true believer in randomness, I think this is beyond brilliant.

But maybe weird search results aren’t enough for you? In that case you can always undertake Missions. “Missions?” you ask. Yes, mission. To give someone a mission you type something into the search box like: “Mission: go to and add them as a friend” and then whoever gets that mission in their search results is supposed to do it. Like this, for instance:


I have mostly played with this late at night, and pretty much all I’ve gotten for “missions” are the formspring ones – you follow the link and it takes you to a page with a text input box where you ask the user a question and then they’re supposed to answer it. Past a two seconds diversion I haven’t seen the point in it, but maybe there is one. I’ve also gotten a couple invites to online games, which I ignored and one “add me” on MySpace which I did for the hell of it.

(of note - do not follow any suspicious links! Before I went to formspring I did a REAL google search with the question "What is formspring" and read the results from yahoo answers that it was a form making site, yadda yadda. remember, you don't want a virus! Also, don't give out personal information!)

There’s one amusing thing to Mystery Google that I haven’t seen mentioned anywhere. To get an amusing little remark, leave the text box empty and hit “Search”. In case you’re too lazy, this is what you get:


Of course, logic dictates you should now type in the word “gibberish” and hit “Search”. When you do, this is what you get:



The second site worth sharing is the “Random Object Generator” ( ) When you load the page it gives you a random object:


And when you refresh you get another random object:


You can also enter random objects into the text box for possible inclusion in the data base (though I have no idea if they are really updating this thing or not).

I know you’re asking me “Why is this cool?” Well, overlooking the “random generators are always totally awesome!” rule, this is cool because it’s useful. You could sue it for writing prompts. Say your character walks into the room and finds their friend holding a – a what? What could they be holding? Hmmm… Random Object Generator to the rescue!

Plus, I bet there are loads more applications for something as cool as this!

And on a final note, I have one more link to pass along that, while not random, could be useful. It’s a list of “fifty Awesome Open Source Programs for Writers and Students” that I got from the selfpublished Author’s lounge.
There are free programs listed here such as word processors (like Word, only free!), Research programs, organizational tools, even a writing prompts program. The one I was most interested in one the text to tags, that is supposed to take your text and make it into HTML, however, I have not had much luck with the online version, so I haven’t downloaded it yet. If I could get it to work it could save me a lot of time.

And that’s all I got for today. This is all so very, very random that I don’t think it requires a “random thing”. However, I am contemplating starting a new series in March called “Adventures in Instant Lunches”. Because I think hubby and I have eaten all the “Boxed Dinners” that are available that we’re willing to eat. The only thing left now is freaky stuff we’re not adventurous enough to try, but there’s lot’s of horrible microwaveable food for one out there, just waiting for me to review it. Yay!

Song Playing at the moment- “Buried Alive by Love” - HIM

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Last Chocolate Muffin in Bolivar

It’s time again for Blogophilia. Every week Marvin gives us blog prompts to use in a blog, and then awards points that mean nothing. However, I have collected a lot of these points that mean nothing, so to me they mean WOOHOO! Points! :)

Blogophilia 50.2 Topic: "To Make a Long Story Short"

Bonus points
(hard, 2 pts): mention a scary movie (i.e., the movie title)
(easy, 1 pt): mention a brand of cigarettes (i.e., brand name of cigarettes)


Today I got a mediocre book review. I say mediocre because it wasn’t totally bad. There was actually a lot of good stuff in it, and the reviewer isn’t suing me to compensate her for the lost hours of her life, so that’s something else good. In fact, as far as “bad” reviews go, I can’t even qualify it as such, that’s why I say mediocre.
It’s not the mediocre quality of the review that was the real issue, though, but the fact that it was my first review from an independent review site (PODBRAM) and THEN it was mediocre, see what I mean?

(I feel the need to say that I have since gotten an excellent review from Bitten by Books, who specialize in paranormal, so they were a lot happier to see a vampire book on their review list! )

Anyway, so I’ve noticed that when people are faced with “bad” (or mediocre) things, they have one of five reactions:

They cry because they have hurt feelings
They get angry because they have hurt feelings
They make jokes, generally because they have hurt feelings
They take it in stride and learn from the experience
They ignore it completely.

I like to take a sixth approach: I use it as an excuse to have a vacation day.


You heard me right. Other people take time off to celebrate when something good happens, but frankly I don’t have time for that. I have way too much to do to waste time celebrating. In fact, I have way too much to do to get to waste time doing much of anything. I don’t watch TV, I rarely watch movies, I don’t play video games anymore, heck, I barely have time to read! So, when something “bad” happens I greet it with the enthusiasm of someone who is thinking “YES! Vacation day!” (or hours, as the case may be. I don’t think I could take a WHOLE day! Yeesh!)

Of course, I’m still reluctant to take those hours off. I started out doing blogspot and wordpress and email, and then hubby popped up from his Evony game and asked if I wanted to go to town with him. That’s when I decided that yes, indeed, I was moping and I was going to do it properly! No, I wasn’t going to go buy a bottle of Vodka and a pack of Marlboros and drown my sorrows, I was going to buy a Frappuccino and a box of chocolate muffins and watch a movie.

So, we went to wal-mart, and thus began the quest for the chocolate muffins. What kind of chocolate muffins? I didn’t care; the mini  muffins, the weight watchers muffins (those are good, btw!), the grandma oskersnicklemitch’s muffins; it didn’t matter! But, and here’s the odd thing, there were NONE! There were places for chocolate muffins, but no chocolate muffins. Not a problem, of course, because the bakery department would have them. Wrong! That’s when I decided that brownie bites were pretty close to chocolate muffins, so we could get those instead, only, guess what? No brownie bites!

Wal-Mart was completely devoid of chocolate muffiny goodness!

So, we did the logical thing. We checked out, then headed to Wood’s grocery store, where the prices are higher, but we could find chocolate muffins. Surprise! No chocolate muffins! Like Wal-Mart they had blueberry muffins, apple cinnamon muffins, banana nut muffins, streusel muffins, heck, even raisin bran muffins, but no chocolate muffins! Not even in the dieter brands!

What in the world?! Where are the chocolate muffins?!

At this point it was no longer a matter of whether I was moping or not, it was a quest! It was the principle of the matter! I was going to have a chocolate muffin, dammit! And yes, I know I could have BAKED it myself, but then it wouldn’t have that slick, moist texture that only a fake, bad for you snack cake has! Besides, that would be like surrendering.

So, we hit gas stations. It soon became apparent that all of Bolivar was devoid of chocolate muffins! Seriously! It was as though there’d been a run on them and we missed it! Perhaps there was even a radio announcement that went something like, “Warning! There is a shortage of chocolate muffins in southern Missouri! Do not panic! Just go to your nearest retailer and buy as many as you can! This is not a drill!”

Then, at the new Kum n Go, what do I see but the last chocolate muffin in Bolivar! I grabbed it and, though I refrained from kissing it, I did do a little jig in the aisle. The hour of searching was rewarded at last! Hooray!

So, we come home, muffin and frap in hand, and begin the “What movie do you want to watch” discussion. If you’ve never had it, it’s just like the “what do you want for dinner” conversation, only longer because there are way more choices. To make a long story short, Hubby’s suggestion was “The Uninvited while I opted more for the cheerful “Chicken Little”.  In the end we went with Blazing Saddles.

Now, this sounds perfect, doesn’t it? A classic Mel Brook’s movie, a frap and a chocolate muffin, only, hark, I must tend to a couple of things first.  I do so and return to find my chocolate muffin wrapper laying open on the floor and NO MUFFIN!


“Chucky! You ate my muffin! You &^%$#”

And then I notice that not only is the muffin gone, but the muffin paper is gone as well. Whoever ate the muffin ate the muffin paper too! That meant only one thing:

The last chocolate muffin in all of Bolivar and the dog ate it!

I hope he gets indigestion.

(sadly, this is a completely true story! I couldn’t make up a story like that!)

No "Random Stuff" coz I've been too busy with the book to generate any.

Song playing at the moment – Soul on Fire - HIM

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Conspiracy Thickens

Hello friends. It is with a heavy heart that I come to you today; a heavy and horrified heart, I should say. But, before I tell you what has me so shocked, let me tell you how I found it out.

Truthfully, I wasn’t the one that discovered this, though you’d think I would be considering it involves my own mother! But no, it wasn’t be, rather my friend Jonathan who, as you know, has devoted his life (or at least two days a week) to uncovering the horror that is the Terrible turtle Conspiracy. In the course of his investigations into whether voodoo against Mother-in-Laws was in any way related to the evil Turtle Overlord (I’m sure that’s what he was doing) he found out something so startling, so horrific, that I don’t think I can even type it. I’ll have to show you instead:

Yes, my OWN MOTHER is one of the conspirators who are helping the turtles infiltrate and overthrow mankind for some nefarious purpose (That no one’s figured out –erm - I mean, discovered yet.)

Like me, you may need further proof of her involvement. I know, I didn’t want to believe it either, but it’s true! You can click that button up there, or you can click here to see her comic confession.

Go on, go look.

No, it’ not optional. It’s an order.


Back? Wasn’t that shocking? Didn’t that mysterious voodoo comic page send a shiver down your spine, especially at the mention of the Great Turtle Overlord? Aren’t you outraged? But, never fear! Though there may be traitors to humanity in our midst, remember that there’s always hope! Both Jonathan and I are working tirelessly to bring you updates in the story of the Terrible Turtles and their evil Conspiracy! In fact, you can check out a new comic page added every Friday right here on my blog. And if you’ve missed some past entries that’s okay because we have a handy dandy Table of Contents you can check out!

Don’t forget! Entertainment, um, no, knowledge is our greatest weapon in the war against boredom – I mean, the turtles!

You can check out more of Bonnie’s poetry and meanderings on her MySpace blog.

(This blog is a part of the ongoing “I am a Part of the Terrible Turtle Conspiracy” series. To read the exclusive comics, please check out participants blogs by following the links in the Table of Contents or at If you are a part of the Terrible Turtle Conspiracy and want the world to know, then send a message to myself or Jonathan.)

Monday, February 8, 2010

Spiffy Old Stuff - Song Parodoes

old stuff

It’s time once again for the blog where I post something old that you’ve probably never seen before – yes, I mean spiffy Old Stuff (there’s a cool table of Contents!)

So, I was trying to decide what to post here, and then I remembered a blog that Miles posted a few days ago that had a very funny parody of “American Pie” in it. In this blog he challenged everyone to write their own parodies and post them. Add to that I have spent the last few months betaing some parody songs by Jonathan, and I’ve been wanting to do some. But, I haven’t had the time or the inspiration, so instead I am recycling some old ones from 2005 that I wrote for a Harry Potter contest. (I don’t remember if I won or not.)

I think I’m going to classify these as…

(to the tune of Girls by Beastie Boys)(youtube link to the original:

Snape - all I really am is Snape
I run around wearing a cape
And no this song is not a jape.

I like to make snarky remarks,
And like to hide here in the dark.
In the dungeon is where I teach
Coz my dream job is out of reach

Back in the day
Potter was always in the way
Thought he was cool but there's no way
Coz I am better any day.
But now he's dead and that's okay
I teach his brat most every day
I wish to choke his life away
but I am not allowed to say

I hope one day,
He'll disappear without delay
For this is what I always pray
But he just never goes away
No matter what rude things I say
he thinks I'm evil, that's okay
It makes me happy in a way
But someday I'll make him pay
His body on the floor will lay

Snape - my hair is greasy
Snape - My words are nasty
Snape -leader of Sly'thrin
Snape - A little pasty
Snape - that's all I really am is Snape
the greatest teacher- I am Snape
Living in the dungeon- I am Snape
I whip up potions-I'm Snape, Snape, Snape, Snape, Snape,
Snape, Snape, Snape,

And because one is never enough….

Avada Kadavra
(to the tune of Abracadabra)(YouTube link to the original:

The green light
It knocks you down
Your soul goes spinnin’ round and round
Round and round and round it goes
Where it ends up, nobody knows

Every time those words I say
You know someone's gonna die today
Die today, my desire
Harry Potter in a funeral Pyre

Avada Avada Kadavra I 'm gonna reach out and grab ya
Avada Avada Kadavra... Avada Kadavra

You make me mad you make me sigh
I'm gonna hurt you, gonna make you cry
Crucio you, and when I'm done
then it's time for the spell I love

Avad Avada Kadavra I 'm gonna reach out and grab ya
Avada Avada Kadavra... Avada Kadavra

I feel joy in your duress
I feel joy at screams you suppress
blood and pain
screams in the night
That's the time when everything feels right.

I see anger in your eyes
I hear anger in your cries
Just when you think you're  gonna get away
You hear those words that I love to say

Avada Avada Kadavra I'm gonna reach out and grab ya
Avada Avada Kadavra... Avada Kadavra

Every time those words I say
You know someone's gonna die today
Die today, my desire
Harry Potter in a funeral Pyre

the green light
it knocks you down
Your soul goes spinnin round and round

the green light
it knocks you down
Your soul goes spinnin round and round

the green light
it knocks you down
Your soul goes spinnin round and round


Wasn’t that spiffy?

Song playing at the Moment: “Standing Outside of a Broken Telephone Booth with Money in My Hand” – Primitive Radio Gods

(And since people keep asking me, yes, I wrote a book! It has nothing to do with music or Harry Potter, but it's cool!)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

MySpace Blindness!!


I’m supposed to be working on chapter six of Legacy of Ghosts, however, something earth shattering – nay, life changing - has come to my attention that must be shared. You see, there is an affliction out there, a terrible, destructive, life altering affliction that no one wants to talk about. Like many, I’ve ignored it and pretended it didn’t exist. But, now, it’s struck close to home.

One of my friends (I will strive to keep his identity secret) is suffering from this… this horrible thing. Though he hasn’t said so, I realize now what a terrible struggle it must be every day for him just to log on to the computer. Imagine how awful it must be for him to try to type in his password, and that stupid captcha – when he's suffering from


That’s right; MySpace Blindness. What is this horrible milady? I don’t know all the technical jargon. In fact, when I looked it up, this was all I could find on it:

No idea what that was, except that the words at the top clearly state that this poor woman really did lose her eye, no doubt because of this serious, serious condition that no one wants to talk about.

So, how can you tell if you’re suffering from MySpace blindness? One sure fire way is when pictures of unrelated people or things start to look alike. For instance:


Or this:


Or what about this:


me bored good.jpg

Or even this:


Beware!  These fingers are loaded!  Beware!

Oops. Never mind, ignore that last one. I guess those are the same thing. Sorry for the confusion.

Anyway, as I was saying, MySpace Blindness is a debilitating disease with no cure, and it is something we should all be aware of; something we should all fear. I ask that you please keep Jonathan – erm, I mean, my unnamed but blind friend - in your thoughts. After all, the only cure that I know of is to delete your account, turn in a circle three times, and then sell your soul to facebook.


*This blog is written as a comeback to a joke on my friend Jonathan's blog, which you can view here:

we do this stuff all the time. We're fun like that.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Pretty WInter Photos

I’ve been MIA for a couple of days. It happens ;) Okay, seriously, though, I am going to be a bit MIA for the month of February because I’m planning to get Legacy of Ghosts finished (rough draft that is) so I can send it off to my editor. (How cool does that sound? She lets me call her that coz it makes us both sound cool!) I am Planning to get on here still a couple times a week, and of course there’s the TTTC etc etc, but I just want to let people know that I’m not ignoring you, I’m just not around.

I say “planning” and not “going” because everyone knows that if anything can go wrong, it will and at the most inopportune time. And I can think of at least twenty things off the top of my head that could very well prevent me getting the book done in February – okay, twenty-one if you count the being-bitten-by-a-copperhead fear. Yes, I am scared of a lot of things. I could do a really long list of things I’m scared of. Maybe I will some day.

On a side note, hubby and I went to see Avatar 3-D today and holy mother of monkeys in pants! Wowsers! I admit, a portion of my “awesome” feelings may have to do with the fact that this was my first 3-D experience (too freaking cool!!) but... wow! The CG was just… oh yeah... and the plot was even good… and just… wow. I am still unable to form coherent sentences about it. That’s how freaking impressed I am!

Also of note, the newsletter went out the other day. If you’re supposed to get it and didn’t, then check your spam – it sent it to MY spam! Yeesh!! If it’s not there either, then let me know and I’ll just fwd it to you. (If you’re not signed up you can remedy that by going to! )

In the meantime, I’m going to post some pretty winter pics now. I guess you could call this a “walk down memory lane”, since most of the snow’s gone already, huh?

horses in the snow

old cafe sign

i just liked this

on the hill

tracks in the snow

Some cool filters here ;)

cool trees2

fencline close


puppy in the snow

along the deck close up

having too much fun with this photo

The mysterious snow ledge:

the snow ledge

And that’s it, folks. Okay, there’s more on my flickr:

And for the segment I like to call “Random Things from My Hard Drives”, it’s time for a …


Of note: the ledge fell and did not land on my brother :(

the ledge collapsed - without landing on chris