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Friday, February 12, 2010

Fun Random Links!


I hadn’t planned on doing a blog today because I’m behind on my chapters, however I found a couple of things that I have to share. Yes, I HAVE to. There is a mysterious mongoose here with an instant vaporization laser gun to my head.

(Okay, not really, but it sounded good!)

Item one is  (now called Mystery Seeker on the website – I’d hazard a guess Google didn’t like the use of their name). What is Mystery Google? Well, it looks like this:


Don’t think of this as a REAL search engine. In other words, don’t type in anything you really want or need to find. Go for something really fun like….


Why do I say that? Because you don’t get your own search results! That’s right, instead you get the search results of the query that the last person before you typed in. Make sense? No, well, here’s what I got when I pressed “Search”


The immediate question is: Why? What’s the point? Well, really, can you GET any more random than this? Picture it, it’s a Sunday afternoon. There’s nothing on TV. Outside is yet another raging blizzard. You’d play online, but you can’t think of anything to do, so you go to Mystery Google, type in something stupid, hit “Search” and – BOOM! Completely random search results that could lead you to God knows what! How much more random can you get? And, as a true believer in randomness, I think this is beyond brilliant.

But maybe weird search results aren’t enough for you? In that case you can always undertake Missions. “Missions?” you ask. Yes, mission. To give someone a mission you type something into the search box like: “Mission: go to and add them as a friend” and then whoever gets that mission in their search results is supposed to do it. Like this, for instance:


I have mostly played with this late at night, and pretty much all I’ve gotten for “missions” are the formspring ones – you follow the link and it takes you to a page with a text input box where you ask the user a question and then they’re supposed to answer it. Past a two seconds diversion I haven’t seen the point in it, but maybe there is one. I’ve also gotten a couple invites to online games, which I ignored and one “add me” on MySpace which I did for the hell of it.

(of note - do not follow any suspicious links! Before I went to formspring I did a REAL google search with the question "What is formspring" and read the results from yahoo answers that it was a form making site, yadda yadda. remember, you don't want a virus! Also, don't give out personal information!)

There’s one amusing thing to Mystery Google that I haven’t seen mentioned anywhere. To get an amusing little remark, leave the text box empty and hit “Search”. In case you’re too lazy, this is what you get:


Of course, logic dictates you should now type in the word “gibberish” and hit “Search”. When you do, this is what you get:



The second site worth sharing is the “Random Object Generator” ( ) When you load the page it gives you a random object:


And when you refresh you get another random object:


You can also enter random objects into the text box for possible inclusion in the data base (though I have no idea if they are really updating this thing or not).

I know you’re asking me “Why is this cool?” Well, overlooking the “random generators are always totally awesome!” rule, this is cool because it’s useful. You could sue it for writing prompts. Say your character walks into the room and finds their friend holding a – a what? What could they be holding? Hmmm… Random Object Generator to the rescue!

Plus, I bet there are loads more applications for something as cool as this!

And on a final note, I have one more link to pass along that, while not random, could be useful. It’s a list of “fifty Awesome Open Source Programs for Writers and Students” that I got from the selfpublished Author’s lounge.
There are free programs listed here such as word processors (like Word, only free!), Research programs, organizational tools, even a writing prompts program. The one I was most interested in one the text to tags, that is supposed to take your text and make it into HTML, however, I have not had much luck with the online version, so I haven’t downloaded it yet. If I could get it to work it could save me a lot of time.

And that’s all I got for today. This is all so very, very random that I don’t think it requires a “random thing”. However, I am contemplating starting a new series in March called “Adventures in Instant Lunches”. Because I think hubby and I have eaten all the “Boxed Dinners” that are available that we’re willing to eat. The only thing left now is freaky stuff we’re not adventurous enough to try, but there’s lot’s of horrible microwaveable food for one out there, just waiting for me to review it. Yay!

Song Playing at the moment- “Buried Alive by Love” - HIM


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