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Saturday, February 6, 2010

MySpace Blindness!!


I’m supposed to be working on chapter six of Legacy of Ghosts, however, something earth shattering – nay, life changing - has come to my attention that must be shared. You see, there is an affliction out there, a terrible, destructive, life altering affliction that no one wants to talk about. Like many, I’ve ignored it and pretended it didn’t exist. But, now, it’s struck close to home.

One of my friends (I will strive to keep his identity secret) is suffering from this… this horrible thing. Though he hasn’t said so, I realize now what a terrible struggle it must be every day for him just to log on to the computer. Imagine how awful it must be for him to try to type in his password, and that stupid captcha – when he's suffering from


That’s right; MySpace Blindness. What is this horrible milady? I don’t know all the technical jargon. In fact, when I looked it up, this was all I could find on it:

No idea what that was, except that the words at the top clearly state that this poor woman really did lose her eye, no doubt because of this serious, serious condition that no one wants to talk about.

So, how can you tell if you’re suffering from MySpace blindness? One sure fire way is when pictures of unrelated people or things start to look alike. For instance:


Or this:


Or what about this:


me bored good.jpg

Or even this:


Beware!  These fingers are loaded!  Beware!

Oops. Never mind, ignore that last one. I guess those are the same thing. Sorry for the confusion.

Anyway, as I was saying, MySpace Blindness is a debilitating disease with no cure, and it is something we should all be aware of; something we should all fear. I ask that you please keep Jonathan – erm, I mean, my unnamed but blind friend - in your thoughts. After all, the only cure that I know of is to delete your account, turn in a circle three times, and then sell your soul to facebook.


*This blog is written as a comeback to a joke on my friend Jonathan's blog, which you can view here:

we do this stuff all the time. We're fun like that.


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