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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Pretty WInter Photos

I’ve been MIA for a couple of days. It happens ;) Okay, seriously, though, I am going to be a bit MIA for the month of February because I’m planning to get Legacy of Ghosts finished (rough draft that is) so I can send it off to my editor. (How cool does that sound? She lets me call her that coz it makes us both sound cool!) I am Planning to get on here still a couple times a week, and of course there’s the TTTC etc etc, but I just want to let people know that I’m not ignoring you, I’m just not around.

I say “planning” and not “going” because everyone knows that if anything can go wrong, it will and at the most inopportune time. And I can think of at least twenty things off the top of my head that could very well prevent me getting the book done in February – okay, twenty-one if you count the being-bitten-by-a-copperhead fear. Yes, I am scared of a lot of things. I could do a really long list of things I’m scared of. Maybe I will some day.

On a side note, hubby and I went to see Avatar 3-D today and holy mother of monkeys in pants! Wowsers! I admit, a portion of my “awesome” feelings may have to do with the fact that this was my first 3-D experience (too freaking cool!!) but... wow! The CG was just… oh yeah... and the plot was even good… and just… wow. I am still unable to form coherent sentences about it. That’s how freaking impressed I am!

Also of note, the newsletter went out the other day. If you’re supposed to get it and didn’t, then check your spam – it sent it to MY spam! Yeesh!! If it’s not there either, then let me know and I’ll just fwd it to you. (If you’re not signed up you can remedy that by going to! )

In the meantime, I’m going to post some pretty winter pics now. I guess you could call this a “walk down memory lane”, since most of the snow’s gone already, huh?

horses in the snow

old cafe sign

i just liked this

on the hill

tracks in the snow

Some cool filters here ;)

cool trees2

fencline close


puppy in the snow

along the deck close up

having too much fun with this photo

The mysterious snow ledge:

the snow ledge

And that’s it, folks. Okay, there’s more on my flickr:

And for the segment I like to call “Random Things from My Hard Drives”, it’s time for a …


Of note: the ledge fell and did not land on my brother :(

the ledge collapsed - without landing on chris



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