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Friday, February 19, 2010

Saloon dreams - a poem

It’s time I laid it all on the line. Yeah, I’m behind. I mean WAY behind. It’s like the pay now, worry later  kind of behind, where you just keep watching the days of the shortest month slip by and think “I’ll catch up tomorrow”. Only the magic tomorrow never comes. The reality of it is that, unless I shut myself up in the mountains, there is no way I am going to finish the rewrites to this book by the end of the month. But hey, they say
reality is just a crutch for people who can't cope with drugs. Then again about all drugs make me sick. Well, the prescription ones do, so I imagine the illegal ones do too…

Listening to the new HIM album. Better than I’d feared, not as amazing as I’d hoped, but a fairly solid offering anyway. I really like Acoustic Funeral and In the Arms of Rain and Love the Hardest way is growing on me, too. For those who don’t like HIM it’s more of the same old, same old. However, for those who LIKE that about them, then it’s pretty good. There’s some lines that need work, and the whole song Saint Valentine should have been thrown out, but you can’t have everything. (there’s a rant coming some day on this same old-same old thing, btw. You’ve been warned).

Okay, nothing to share.  Really. Okay, fine, I’ll dig into the word documents and find a poem or something. Hang on…

Ah, here’s one I haven’t posted on here before. It was written for a CPC event a couple months ago, I think. Enjoy.
Saloon Dreams

Lucille stood on a box in the Lost Luck saloon,
And for lunch and a penny she sang them some tunes;
 “The Streets of Lorado” and “Home on the Range”,
“Red River Valley” when she wanted a change.
And the cowboys came in and gave her a leer,
They talked and they laughed while drinking their beer
They played cards and cussed, smoke encircling their heads
Spit tobacco and fought over who got which whores and which beds

But in Lucille’s mind she was far away
On a beautiful stage, holding an audience sway
They would cheer and they’d clap for her beautiful voice
And she’d smile and bow, sing the songs of her choice
They threw flowers and coins, men asked for her hand
She wore dresses and furs and hairstyles grand
She was beautiful and graceful, a true singing star
With a voice that carried up away far,
Far from saloons and tobacco stained men
Far from the dust of a town just began
Away from frontiers and cold winter nights
Where she was a lady wrapped in stage’s flood lights

Lucille stood on a box in the Lost Luck Saloon
And for lunch and a penny she sang them some tunes.
And she let herself drift on her breeze made of dreams
To a world that she longed for where her happiness beams.


And for the segment I like to call “Random Things from my Hard Drives”, please enjoy some more of my Super Poke Pet, Clucky’s world tour :)

(you might notice the Turkey is following Clucky and his teddy bear friends CoCo and JoJo. why? hmmm....)


3 - london

Christmas in Paris:

4 - pari

New Years in Spain

5 - spain

The Netherlands (don't ask)

6 - netherlands

Dreaming in Germany: (I didn't make this one and take no responsibility)

7 - germany

Skiing in Switzerland

8 - switzerland


9 - venice

Picnic with the birds in Rome:

10 - Rome

Overload of chocolate in Austria:

11 - Austria

And Clucky moves to Greece tonight I hope. :)

Song playing at the moment – “Heartkiller” – HIM (it’s growing on me)


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