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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Collab Poem


I know, I know, I can't believe I haven't updated my banner yet. It's really the Creative Poetry Corral now. But you guys know what it is... right? if not then go visit it because it's the best poetry spot on MySpace. Not saying I don't like some of the others too, but this was my first one, plus I just adore Cheryl and so many of the people I met there...

Here's my collab anyway:

cheryl colab 46

Been one of those days. Mom went to the doctor today and he thinks she has Parkinson's Disease, so been researching that (why is it that all human beings' initial reaction to a diagnosis is to expect that all of these "symptoms" are suddenly going to manifest, even though they are already there? it's like nothing changes except that you now have a name for it and maybe can get meds that will help it, but all people act like the doctor isn't diagnosing it, but rather giving it to you. "Oh no! I have sjogren's now! Look at all these horrible things that will happen.." or "Oh no! You have diabetes! NOW you'll be sick all the time" never mind that all those things have already happened and you've already had the symptoms, so that really nothing is changing... sorry, just one of those fascinating little psychological things that interest me) and then she's sick now (i think it's the same thing my bro had/has), Hoping to post the last of the "How to Get a Cover" blogs tomorrow *crossing fingers* and then we can move on to something more interesting, LOL!

Song going through my head - "Pain" - Three Days Grace


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