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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Interesting Things About Me & Photos

I am behind on life, but yes, I got the rough draft to legacy of ghosts done – yay me! It’s 104,000 words, though (Shades of Gray is only like 90,000), so I will need to trim somewhere. I realize that with self publishing I can go to any length I want, but longer = more expensive for people to buy, and my goal is to make it cheap, because I like cheap!

So, if you want to know what I’ve been doing, I’ve been writing vampires and listening to HIM, and then I spent two days catching up on housework and I’ve started on my email (no, no vacation in Tahiti, though I think I need one!). Anyway, I’ve discovered that I have a blog tag from my friend Jen, on her wordpress blog. It’s the “15 Interesting facts About You” tag. I’ve done this one a few times before, and I actually had started this a few days ago, but I stupidly didn’t save the document and lost it all, so I’m starting over!

In case you don’t know how blog tags work; I post whatever the tag calls for – ie 15 Interesting facts About Me – then “tag’ some people, who then have to post 15 interesting facts about them and tag more people. It’s a lot of fun, if you like that kind of thing (which I do).

So, 15 Interesting Facts About Me

1. I love HIM-

Oh, you already knew that. Okay, try again.

1. I love chocolate and frappuccinos and-

Man, you guys are picky. What? You want 15 NEW things?!?! How many interesting facts do you think there are about me? Okay, Okay… Let me see……

1. I love to read “smut”. This includes, but is not limited to: romance (especially those tasty little harlequin historical!), horror, vampires, occult, and VC Andrews (This is a genre by itself, thank you very much). If it is published or made into a movie with taglines involving the words “lust”, “betrayal” , “dark secrets”, “dark past”, “Torturous”, etc etc, I’m all over it. I have always loved “smut”. I can well remember when I was a kid and TV Guide would run ads for movies where the advertisement looked more like a romance novel cover? I always wanted to watch those, but of course we didn’t, so I’d make the story up myself. There’s a chance mine were worse than anything they showed on TV, LOL!

2. As for making up stories, I make up stories in my head ALL the time, and have done since I was a little kid. However, these aren’t the stories I write, and I never “day dream” out stories or characters that I’m writing. There’s a distinct difference for me aka one makes sense and one is just created for my personal entertainment and, was it a book, everyone would roll their eyes and say “this is stupid!”, and we all know that “you are what you write”. (Okay, not really, but it fit in here so nicely).

3. I used to have a really good memory, but not so anymore. It’s because I have too many things to remember now, so things that don’t rank high on my priorities get booted; like where I put my shoes, or what I had for lunch (or if I even ate lunch, for that matter), etc.etc. This wouldn’t be so bad, but we’ve always joked I’m the only one in the family with a brain, and since my brain is busy calculating book covers and Plaid Rainbow comics, and Terrible Turtle Pages and Judge layouts and book chapters and Website updates, and newsletter topics, and blog posts and… well, you can see the problem.

4. I lose my phone all the time. Sometimes, I won’t know where it is for days. And sometimes, it’s dead for days. This is why I use my brother or hubby’s number for professional stuff.

5. I’m a romantic, but I’m not romantic. Huh? “a romantic” is someone who appreciates the romance in things, while someone who is romantic is the one creating the romance in things. My hubby is romantic. He does sweet things, like send me those text video messages that say he loves me or misses me or whatever, or sends me sweet little emails about how I am his princess, etc etc. I only think of those things with great effort. I have to sit down and say “wow, I should do something sweet for hubby. But what?” and then I can come up with something.

6. I talk to a stuffed cow regularly. No the stuffed cow doesn’t talk back, but he has a very expressive face.

7. I like clothes. I like to wear clothes. I like to be fully clothed as much as possible. And I hated, with a capital H, all of those terrible slumber party/over nights as a kid when parents jam all the girls into the bathroom to bathe etc at once, because they figure we all “have the same thing.” No, we don’t, thank you very much.

8. However, I have no objection to other people’s nudity in the slightest, and in fact draw a lot of it. I also tend to get really wound up when people flag my art work as inappropriate because it isn’t. I’m not drawing anything pornographic; no one’s having sex or doing anything “kinky”. Grow up people.

9. I seem to have a mental block against contractions. I don’t know why, but I will usually write everything out the long way, then I have to go back and put the contractions in. Luckily, I am not alone, so I no longer feel like a complete freak.

10. I’m lousy at geography, and seem to have a real problem with Africa. I’m determined that it’s a lot farther east than it really is, and that then throws everything else off, for all I know Europe could be a black hole. But it's not like it's some arrogant American thing; I’m not even so hot at American geography. I have a sense of where things are like “out west” or “out east” or “up north”. I figure this is okay because that’s why people make maps.

11. I’m scared of the deep fat fryer. My dad instilled a deep fear of it in me as a child with long lectures about horrible things that happened to children who got near the deep fat fryer. Apparently it worked. Way to go dad.

12. I think that Dave Lister off of the TV show Red dwarf is hot. Yeah, he’s a gross slob, but he’s fun. And fun is half the battle. Plus, I love his little chipmunk cheeks hee-hee!

13. I talk to myself, sometimes in multiple voices. Usually, that’s reserved for the “get to work” “No, I don’t want to!” conversation, though.

14. I have a weird obsession with book covers. If you’ve read my “Adventures in indy Publishing”, you know what I mean, since “DIY book covers” is spreading across three posts, while editing the manuscript got a bare mention. In fact, when I was a kid I used to collect Babysitter’s club books just for the cover art – I’ve never read half of them, but I loved the pictures. Then when I go to be about 12 or 14 I started making up book ideas just so I could make covers for them – for fun. Of course, I swore I’d write those books someday, but god, there’s no way I’d have ever had time to do them all! The ones that generated the most “fake book covers” was my Mystery Club series idea; think Babysitters club meets The Three Investigators. It would have been really cool. (speaking of book covers, check out )

15. I collect feathers. It started out that I was going to scan them and make my own brushes for PaintShop Pro, but who am I kidding? I have a big vase stuffed with them; seagull feathers and goose feathers and just random feathers. I also collect rocks, and marbles and buckeyes and odd ball things I find in parking lots, etc etc. Hubby hates this.

There we go! Painful though it was, I managed to find 15 NEW things! Wow! If I were talented, I could link to the other 40 interesting things I’ve come up with in the past, but I’m not that good.

I am tagging: Jissilly, Ruth Ann Nordin, Clarice, Bonnie, and Steph :) Anyone else is welcome to do it, though!

And now for the segment I like to call “Random Things from My Hard Drives”, please enjoy some…


I believe this is Stockton Lake

pretty blues

sunset on water

Anyone know what this is? Is it a dried up hedgeball?

any idea what this is

old barn

awesome sky

country road

rust and brick

tin roof

rusty handle

Yes, this is an old outhouse, but it still looked cool anyway!

tin roof shack

old wood

cool trees and sky

As always, more photos in my flickr:

Cemetery photos (ala the random video last week) are done and coming later, btw!


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