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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

March Randomness


So, I’ve been collecting up all these odd ball things to share with people, and then I never seem to be able to put them in anywhere. I used to just casually toss this or that into the end of a blog, but it seems like I haven’t had the time for that since… well.. October, maybe? Where is all my time going? It’s certainly not in book promotions – I really need to start promoting the eBook versions of Shades of Gray – and excluding February it’s not even going into writing. So what the hell am I doing all day?!

No, I don’t really expect an answer. Though, if I think about it, I can tell you a few time wasting things I’ve been doing. One of them is fighting with Photobucket as per usual. I know you’re thinking, “Ah, more naked chick art got deleted *yawn*” but you’d be wrong. This one is actually funny!

To start with, here’s the picture they deleted:


(the image name is "go_chucknorris_on.gif btw)

No, I did not draw this picture. I stole it from Slide’s Super Poke Application because it was cute. And also because I tend to copy all their pictures. Copyright infringement? Maybe. But, the odd thing is, they did not delete the items around it, which are also from Slide:

chuck norris photobucket 0

Weird, huh? So, in a fit of WTF attitude, I changed my photo description:

chuck norris photobucket 0b

Obviously someone noticed it, because they were kind enough to send me an email two days later to explain it:

chuck norris photobucket 1

Yes, that is real. A sheep with a beard that is kicking the screen is an infringement on Chuck Norris’s celebrity-ness. I almost feel honor bound to send that to Slide, in case they don’t realize the terrible infringement they're committing. For the love of all that is holy! And photobucket wonders why I don’t want a paid account?! How about because they delete everything I upload – and 99% of it is content *I* created, so it’s not even a copyright issue. If it wasn’t for the ability to link the images to other sources (Flickr’s TOS says all pics must link to their flickr page) I’d have dropped them like a rock long ago.

Speaking of insane image hosting things, something odd happened to my dear old mum. She called me over because she couldn’t get an image to upload to MySpace to change her default photo. I figured, “yeah, old ditzy mom, again!” but you know what? It wasn’t ditzy mom. Here’s the picture she was trying to upload:

wtf nudity upload 2

And here’s what MySpace said:

wtf nudity rejection

Now, there is no nudity in that image, but there is a lot of flesh tone. The question I still have is: How do they know?!?! I found the idea that they “know” what I’m uploading – as I upload it – somewhat, well shocking. But not nearly as shocking as this advertisement:

have an affair

Yes, that is real. I did not make that up. I could not have made that up if I’d wanted to. It’s kinda like this flyer we found at Little Caesar’s the other day:

speeddating with dog

I mean, I love my dog, but to take him on a date?! Not that I get to date, being married and all that. Then again, I don’t think I want to date, anyway. It looks like a big pain in the butt. I’d rather stay happily married and get my excitement in other ways. For instance. My inbox is always an exciting place. You should see the kind of people and places emailing me. Yes, I said places. See for yourself:

look who is emailing me

Both Hawaii and Jamaica think I am worth emailing. Yeah-ha! See how freakin’ cool I am? Of course, this is only a good source of entertainment so long as my inbox is in English. Which, it often isn’t.

japanese yahoo again

Luckily, google is there to help!

i hope so

Oh wait. Why is it trying to translate it OUT of English? *shakes head* I don’t know what it is, but that happens to me a lot. I tend to come up as oriental or, weirdly enough, Finnish. I don’t know why. But, it makes life interesting and is quite amusing. Of course, if you’re looking for amusement I have one last thing to share with you – it’s a game called Red Remover:

It’s this really fun game where you try to remove the red squares and keep the green squares – it’s a lot like Slider that I had on my Motorola Razr. There are 40 levels – and you have to beat them at both Par and at bonus mode to then unlock the last five levels, which you can then beat at par and in bonus mode too, which makes it 45 levels that you beat two to three times each for a total of 135 games (or more), so that you can unlock the special, secret Russian radio transmission.

And I know that’s what you get, coz I unlocked it:

red remover

Now, afraid I have to dash. So much to do, so little time. Seriously, if I could just figure out where all my time was going….. Then maybe I could catch up on watching Fullmetal Alchemist and playing Final Fantasy XII!


Song going through my head at the moment – “Careless Whisper” - Seether


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