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Monday, March 8, 2010

Spiffy Old Stuff: Crushing Blow

old stuff

It’s that time of the week then I post something you may never have seen before – aka, some Spiffy old Stuff. (cool, huh?) And if you've ever missed any of it, I have a cool Table of Contents!

I was going to skip this week because of the tutorial blogs, but I won’t be around next Sunday, so I figured what the heck, you all get a break from me then!

In the meantime, here is a…
flash fiction

This was written for a blog challenge on poor man’s Guru’s blog – the subject was a woman crushing a man, if I recall. Something similar, anyway.  Violence and language, btw.
Crushing Blow

Michael lay at her feet and Cassidy stared down her nose at him. He was a large man; not fat, but broad shouldered and muscular. A has been athlete with a pile of trophies and hobbies, now neglected for the more entertaining booze and women. He wasn’t ugly, but he wasn’t the prince charming he’d once been. Of course, the blood that ran down his face didn’t help him any, and neither did the fresh wound on his head. Tears wrinkled in the corners of his eyes and any effect his size might have had was completely wasted. He looked more like a blubbering fool than a man. There were moments when she couldn’t believe she’d been stupid enough to marry him - and this was one of them.

The scotch had long ago deserted him and left him tremblingly sober. He gazed up at her, a mixture of fear and confusion on his face. "Cassidy... please," he whispered.

"Please?" She snorted and waved the large bowling trophy threateningly. "Please what? Have mercy on you?"

"I'm sorry..."

"Sorry? You're sorry? How many times have I heard that from you?" she hissed, walking around him, like a tiger circling their prey. "How many times have you come home smelling like booze and perfume and begged my forgiveness?"

"I'm sorry, I really am! I swear, I won't do it again!" Tears of fear slipped down his cheeks. Somehow the sight disgusted her all the more.

"No, you’re not sorry. But, you're right about one thing. You won’t do it again!"

She swung the bloody trophy at his head, with as much force as she could muster. His baser instincts took over – nothing new for him, she thought bitterly – and rolled away just in time.

"Cassidy! Stop! This isn’t funny!"

That made her pause and she blinked at him in surprise. “Funny? Of course it isn’t! I’m not joking, Michael, I’m serious. You've come home smelling like some cheap whore for the last time."

"I said I was sorry!' he cried and scooted across the wooden floor until his back was pressed against the desk.  "I mean it, I'm sorry! I didn’t know it hurt you so much! I love you-"

"Don’t you DARE say that!" she growled as she walked slowly towards him, her feet smearing the blood trail on the floor. "How DARE you even THINK about saying that? The only person you love is yourself, you god forsaken bastard!"

"That’s not true!" He raised his hands to protect his head. "I've always loved you!"

"You’ve loved the ideal of me, the little wife who sits at home and waits patiently for her big strong man to come home." She snorted sarcastically and stopped just in front of him. "That's what you love, and that isn’t me."

His voice turned into a pathetic whine, "No, Cassidy, please, listen to me. Please..."

"Enough of this shit!" She smacked the head of the golden trophy into her palm, like a bat.  "Goodbye Michael."

He cried and threw himself into a ball on the floor as she swung at his head. Despite his efforts, the trophy hit its mark with a horrible crunching sound.  A second savage swing sent blood pouring through his ruined head, but it wasn’t enough. In her fury, she struck again and again, pounding his head and face into pulp, laughing at the snap of his skull as it gave way.

She got control of herself and stood back over his slumped body. Blood pooled out from him and ran in rivulets across the floor, closer and closer to the white rug. She thought for a moment that she should move it, but no, that would ruin the scene.

"I told you I'd had it," she snapped and dropped the trophy to the floor with a resounding bang. Then, with a final look, she stepped carefully out of the room, tracking blood through the house and out the front door. Inky black night greeted her, and she paused on the damp lawn to peel off Michael’s old fishing boots. A garbage bag lay nearby, ready and waiting, and she dropped the boots inside, then peeled off the ugly bee keeper outfit and the yellow surgical gloves and threw them into it, too.

Her car was parked farther down the driveway, and she tossed the garbage bag into the backseat before she got behind the wheel. She paused and checked herself over in the rearview mirror. Nope, not a splatter had gotten through that thing. Maybe all of his old hobbies were good for something, after all.

She started the car and backed out slowly, then headed towards her mother’s house.
In a couple of hours she’d call home and, when no one answered, she’d complain to her mother about Michael’s philandering ways. She’d stay the night, distraught over yet another affair, and when she returned in the morning she’d find his bleeding body in the house. She’d call the police and, in a hysterical voice, she’d sob as she detailed how he was crushed and dead. Oh what was she to do?

Yes, she had it planned, had had it planned for years, and now it was finally finished. When he’d asked her to marry him, he’d promised her years of happiness, and it looked like the promise had finally been delivered! She was certainly going to enjoy going through his money. But, the first thing she was going to do was get rid of that ugly trophy collection!


Wasn’t that spiffy? Okay, off to go finish up my to do list for the day!

Fav song of the moment – “Careless  Whisper” - Seether


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