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Friday, March 19, 2010

Super Survey & Trip photos


So, back from Iowa. It was a nice, uneventful trip. Those are the good kind, after all. Eventful trips generally mean disasters.  Anyway, while I was gone, I was tagged by the diabolical Jonathan – aka Jissilly. I don’t know if you know how I feel about tags, so let me tell you – I am a tag-a-holic. I love tags. If you want someone to tag, then I’m the woman you’re looking for!

And, because I feel like getting all the important info out right away, I tag: Steph, Poorman’s Guru, Duckmeat, J Floyd King & Kerri Anne (this means you poor souls must copy this, answer these questions, and post it on your blog and then tag people too. – and Clarice, notice I let you off the hook this time? ;) ) if you like tags and I missed you then a- do this and b – tell me you like tags :)

1. Have you ever planned global domination by means of giant robots?
No. Berg Katse tried, and failed. Have you ever seen gatchaman? Every time he tried to take over the world using giant evil mecha, SWOOSH! There was the science ninja team to thwart him! Though Ken does look pretty good in his eagle outfit…. *cough*

2. If you had a choice what side of “The Force” would you find yourself on? 
All the quizzes I take say I am a sith. I think they’re right. Every time I watch episode three I kind of take Anakin’s side and think “This is all YOUR fault Padme!” (It really is ALL her fault. Think about it – if she’d stayed HOME where he told her to, and where a very, very pregnant chick should be at rather than dashing around some volcano planet, then Obi wan would never have stowed away. She’d have never died from whatever she died of, Luke and Leia would have been raised together and would never have had to look back in horror on that Hoth snog (that had to be mentally damaging to tongue your brother!!!) and Anakin woulda stayed all hot and never had to turn into Darth Vader as we know him. Plus he would have overthrown the Emperor and she coulda had the universe at her feet. Stupid, stupid Padme! )

3. If you were to become an evil criminal what would you call yourself and what would be your crime?

The Dry Shedder – I would dash around, shedding strands of hair on everything – people’s couches, their clothes, their food. Just you try to explain that mysterious long hair to your wife! Uh-huh!

4.  If you were a giant monster, where would you be most likely to attack?

If we’re talking unusual places, then I think Iowa. Why Iowa? Because no one in Iowa is expecting that, that’s why. I could level the whole state before anyone figured out what was going on.

5.  If you could recolor the planet what color would you make the ocean?

I actually like the blue, but if I had to pick a new color then a deep, deep red could be fun. Actually, what would be really cool would be to go pearlescent – like that car paint that looks different colors in the sunlight. Rainbow oceans, here we come.

6.  Why are you answering the questions in this survey?

Because Jonathan tagged me. I feel honor bound to do all tags.

7.  If you could have your own evil animal minions, what would they be and would they be armed?
Super Cats of Carnage. They’d all know how to read and carry lazer guns. Plus, when they weren’t killing people, I could rub their fuzzy tummies. On the downside I would have to get them all scuba gear if I wanted them to go near water.

8. If you could picture it in your mind how would the Amazing Ceremony of Milk be performed?

In a clearing in a tropical rain forest, just as the sun is rising. First, a half naked voodoo priest (you know the kind, all tan and in a skirt made of banana leaves) would chant the mysterious morning milk song and slowly, the other dancers would creep out from the surrounding foliage, chanting, and fall into a highly choreographed, yet somehow off the cuff, dance routine. Then, the voodoo priest would lift the heavy milk urn and, while heavy drums beat to a pounding crescendo, he would pour forth the tasty, milky goodness into a single, small cup that has already been prefilled with half a cup of coffee and two packages of sugar. The other dancers would then fade back into the foliage until the voodoo priest was alone with his cup and his morning paper, which he would then read; paying particular attention to the comic section.

9.  Write a small poem about Pizza.
Pizza, oh pizza,
You are so divine
Pizza or pizza,
I wish you were mine
Pizza, oh pizza,
Woe and begone
Coz in Missouri they can’t
Seem to get your crust done!

10.  Should this survey have multiple choice questions?
Sure. Multiple choice is fun.

11.  Your favorite color is…?
a.  plaid
b.  seven
c.  Bright orange
d. Any color on the donut box
true or false?

d. Unless it’s a woods donut box. Then it makes me cry.

12.  How many times have you dressed up in a zebra suit?

Oddly enough, never. Hubby once dressed as a giant chicken, though.

13. Name five things you like about llamas
Llamas are worth a lot of money
Llamas don’t live in my house
Llamas stay behind their fenced in area where they belong
Llama fur is not something people use to make coats out of
I’ve never been bitten by a Llama.

14.  If you could be any tree in the forest, would you be the one lusting after the tree with the big bushy branches and all the acorns?

Hmmm…. Actually, I think a tree with a nice bark would be better.  A nice tall one.

15.  How many analog clocks (the funny ones with the hands) do you have in your home?

One. It’s never set at the right time. I got it from my grandma after she died. My brother is very jealous of it coz it’s cool.

16.  What is the 1st full sentence on the 21st page of the book that is closest to you?

“She gripped the damp wall for support and tried to follow, but as she reached the door he shut it and locked it loudly.”

– weirdly enough, I have the same book laying next to me.  However, I have another book here too….

“The irascible Doctor accuses the two teachers of sabotage; he suspects them of trying to blackmail him into returning them to earth…”

17. If you were a superhero, would you have a full face mask or just one of those small jobs that covers the eyes?
I’d have a full face one for winter and a partial for summer. However, my eyes are my best feature, so it would need large eye cut outs.

18.  If you stand up and walk two steps forward and then turn to your left and then take a major leap as far as you can forward, where would you be?
I would smack into the couch. I think it would be painful. If I could jump high enough I could be on the couch, but I don’t think that’s gonna happen.

19.  Do you see invisible elephants and if you do what color are they?
They’re plaid.

20.  Can you remember what you were doing at exactly 1:23pm?
I was sleeping.

21.  If you were a zombie, how would you cook your brains or would you rather eat them raw and wriggly?
I’d think fried up with some salt and paper, maybe a little garlic…. Though I hear they are good in casserole.

22.  If you could mix any two television shows into one, what two would you mix?

Fullmetal Alchemist and NCIS. I think this would improve NCIS immensely.  Think about it.

23.  When was the last time you pretended to crush somebody’s head with your fingers?

Not sure. I know it was hubby though. I’ll go do it now.

Oh. You said pretend. Nevermind

24.  Do you have lima beans in your pantry?

No. I don’t eat beans except in chili or with rice; no lima beans, no soup beans, no minestrone, no black eyed peas, none of those sneaky legume like things! (Not even peanut butter! So ha!)

25.  Would you rather do battle with a cotton candy dragon or a chocolate marshmallow kraken?
Chocolate marshmallow all the way.

26.  Can you believe we are already half way through the survey and I haven’t asked any stupid questions about crushes or kissing or cell phones?

I know. I keep waiting for “have you kissed anyone who’s name starts with ‘Xylon’”. The answer to that would be no, btw.

27.  Would you rather spend time in an elevator with someone who has halitosis or stinky armpits?
If my sinuses are clogged up then I don’t care.

28.  Do you think frogs need to wait 30 minutes after eating flies, before going into the water.
Nah. They are truly superior beings who will one day rule the world.

29.  Name an insect that you are willing to eat so long as it’s covered in chocolate.
Uh… I think I ate a chocolate covered ant once a long, long time ago. Someone fed it to me. Maybe one of my uncles.

30.  If you had to move tomorrow, what would be the first thing you would pack in Styrofoam?
Very few things. I hate the sound of Styrofoam. It makes my teeth hurt. It makes me queasy. It makes me want to scream. I like to wrap things in stand covers and sheets, then surround it in teddy bears in the box. This has worked for me so far. Oh, the first thing… hmmm…. Probably the lily lamp Chris gave me for christmas a few years back.

31.  What is the most bizarre dream that you are willing to share?
Uh… there was one with a withered heart in a box in the wall, but I forget it… The one I had at Steph’s house was kinda bizarre.  There were these two little kid like creatures that looked kinda like zebra striped dolls – one was a girl and one was a boy - and if one of them touched you then you would die, but if the other one touched you then they brought you back to life and you would be immortal. So hubby kept telling me to avoid them and such, but the boy (who killed you) touched my arm, so then I died, but then the girl apparently touched me too, so I was then like, “Hey, wait a minute, this is way cooler! DUH!”

32.  What do you think of when you look at polka dots?
My pajama pants

33.  What color socks are your next door neighbor wearing?

34.  Will you call your neighbor and ask what color socks?

No. I don’t need to. I know coz I am just THAT good.

35.  Write a haiku about penguins.
Yellow feet so cold
Standing on ice all day long
They all need slippers

36.  Would you rather see Santa Clause battle the Easter Bunny or would you rather witness a major war between leprechauns and tooth fairies?
Leprechauns and tooth fairies. You realize that they’re both loaded – between all the gold and quarters? I could scavenge for the lost loot while they finish one another off!

37.  If you had the choice between a banana or an orange, which would you go into battle with?

The banana. It could be a fearsome weapon if used right. Imagine getting one of those in your eye?

38.  Describe yourself with words from the letter of your name.  Example Bob: Brave Ornery Brutish.
Joleene: Jealous Ogling Likeable Eccentric Endearing Nice Egocentric

39.  How many scoops of ice-cream do you usually get?

40. Dunkin Donuts of Krispy Kream?
I don’t think I’ve ever had Dunkin Donuts… I like Hy-vee the best

41.  List all the animals living in your house, and if you don’t have any animals make some up.  You can make some up if you have animals but you need to include the real ones too. Please provide animal type and name. Example a cat named Bill.

There is a chair kitty named Muffins, a bacon kitty named Hideki, a fat kitty named Shelob, a dog named Fido (a black lab mix), a turtle named Myrtle, a turtle named Hagrid, a turtle named Noname, a mongoose I’ve been calling Mortimer (turns out his name is many! Who knew?), a superpoke pet chicken named clucky, and apparently hubby has an invisible chicken friend that he talks to a lot instead of me.

42. Name your favorite literary villain of the moment (It can be a movie villain if you are not the reading type.)
I have always liked the Hobyahs myself. They tore down the turnip house, scared off the old man, scared off the old woman, and put the little girl in the Hobyah bag. (read it here in a pdf: - hint: it is a very short story and the pdf is a collection of stories, so don’t cry at the length)

The evil queen in Hans Christian Anderson’s “Wild Swans” is good too. That’s my most favorite story of all time btw.

43.  What sounds more appealing to you sculpting with mashed potatoes or building with macaroni noodles?

Sculpting with mashed potatoes. Macaroni art is so third grade, but you can do some amazing things with mashed potatoes!

44.  What is your cereal killer name?  (Not to be confused with serial killer.)
Masked Grape Nut (Chris came up with this. He said grape nuts were little, hard and mean, so it fit me perfectly. Hmmmm…..)

45.  Do you know the name of the person who delivers your mail and have you ever offered this person some cookies?

Nope. I almost left him some popcorn this Christmas, but I forgot to.

46.  Name a food you like that nobody else in your family will eat?
Strawberries.  Sweet chili potstickers.  Miso soup. Udon soup. Frappuccino.  I know it’s a dinrk, but it’s worth mentioning.

47.  Do you prefer fried rice or chow mien noodles?
Fried rice :)

48.  Who is you’re cartoon or comic book crush?

Ken the Eagle and Keith from Voltron were my first. I love Edward Elric, especially in thise new series. Oh, and Kenshin is adorable. And Aya from the first Weiss Kruz is smokin’ – but then so is Yoji, he’s just not as tortured. And Alan from Escaflowne is tasty too – though Vaan had grown on me by the end of it. Oh, and Sword Dancer from trinity Blood. Yeah. Priest or not… *cough*.  I could go on, but I will stop. What can I say? Cartoon guys are hot!

49.  What is your favorite musical?
The Last Unicorn. The Hobbit cartoon comes in second. It has some awesome songs!

50.  Would you answer a survey of 50 questions that really don’t reveal anything of significance about you?
I just did! – ditto!

And though this is really random enough, I am going to treat you to the segment I like to call “Random Things from My Hard Drives” anyway. Lucky you.

photo album

Most of the pics from the trip to Iowa sucked thanks to various things (like a dirty window, bad weather, etc etc), but here are a tiny handful.

There are chunks of ice in this river – ice!!

chunks of ice

The road is half pink, lol!

the highway is half pink



Grandma and Momo

grandma and mo

All four grandkids together for the first time: Sherry (huby’s sister), Hubby, grandma, Trent & Jared

the four grandkids with grandma

The old ice cream factory

old ice cream factory

The pic is bad, but this was too cute

mandarine cafe - bad pic but too cute

Another cool building

school administration office

If only that tree wasn’t there

perry iowa


Song playing at the moment – “Torn” – Disturbed


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