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Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Dragon's Maid - Part 1

I have a short story I’ve been meaning to write, but I am short on time so going to do it in pieces.

short story by you.

Long ago, there was a kingdom by the sea that was plagued by a dragon. The villagers, the peasants, even the nobles and royalty spent their days cowering in fear as the beast roared through the skies and destroyed at will. Desperate, the king offered a reward to any hero brave enough to slay the beast, but there were few takers, and none of those came back alive.

But one young man named Fenrick heard the news, and saw it as his chance to prove himself. Born to a lowly farmer, Fenrick was a local legend for his prowess with a sword, but alas his lack of noble lineage kept him from rising above his station and into the ranks of knights and lords where he deserved. The King’s promised reward was not only a title, but land to go with it. If only he could slay the beast - which he was certain he could - then he would be set.

He left the village with no fanfare; a kiss from his widowed mother and a chorus of goodbye’s from his younger brothers were his only farewells. As he rode away on his spotted mare, he thought to himself how different things would be once he’d slain the dragon. Then there’d be people lining the streets to sing his praises!

His journey was an easy one, as long journey’s go, and he arrived a month later at the blackened gates of the troubled Kingdom’s castle. He waited, but no one came, so he called a loud, “Hullo!” Still, there was no answer. Fearing that the kingdom had been completely over run, Fenrick dismounted quickly but found the gates barred. With a cry of frustration, he banged his sword against it and bellowed, “If there be any man alive, then answer me!”

“You won’t accomplish anything that way.”

Fenrick spun around to find a maiden standing on the rutted road behind him. She was dressed in a long, shapeless cloak with a hood pulled over her face, but, as he blinked at her, she lowered the hood slowly and met his eyes.

He lost his heart to her immediately, which rendered him quite speechless.

When he remained mute, the maiden filled in the blanks herself. “You must be a traveler, sir. I’m afraid that none will answer you, for they’re all hiding from the dragon. He comes about this time every day. Come, I know a secret way through the walls. If we hurry, we can be inside before the monster appears.”

Fernick gathered his wits and bowed low. “My life is in your hands, milady.” And then he followed her around the walls to a secret entrance in a copse of slender trees.

Once they were inside, the young lady bid him farewell and wished him good luck on his journey, “Though if you wish to keep your life,” she advised. “You had best to hurry to the next kingdom as quickly as your horse will go.”

Of course, Fenrick did the exact opposite. In fact, once the dragon had finished flying over and making a good deal of noise, and the villagers all returned to their normal posts, the young hero paid to stable his horse for a fortnight. He’d hoped to pay from the riches he was bound to earn, but the stable master demanded payment in advance.

Once he was settled with an overpriced room at the inn (where he had again been forced to pay in advance), he took a bath and tried to make himself look as heroic as possible. Things are not always what they seem, but still he needed to look the part of a warrior. When he’d done all he could, he made his way to the castle itself, to seek audience with the king.

Being granted an audience was far easier than he’d thought it would be, and within an hour he found himself standing before his majesty. The King was a broad shouldered man, who had the look of past glories, but his age and trembling hand made him useless in combat. After the introduction had been made, he stared at Fenrick with a keen interest.

“So, you’ve come to slay our dragon and win the reward, have you good sir?”

“Yes, your majesty.” Here Fenrick bowed low because it seemed like he should.

The king seemed pleased with the answer and gesture, so went on. “And what do you know of dragons, my young sir?”

The truth was that Fenrick knew very little of dragons, but he knew enough to slay one, or so he thought, and so that was his answer. “I know enough, your majesty.”

The corners of the king’s mouth turned down in a little frown. “I see. Let us hope that you truly do, young sir. Should you succeed, both title and land will be yours.”

Most young heroes would have taken their leave at that moment, but Fenrick was smarter than that. He didn’t know a lot about dragons, but he knew about bargaining, and so he spent the next quarter of an hour assuring himself that there was no loophole to the reward; if the dragon died he got a title and land, with a castle already on it. Even better, the title and land would continue to be passed down his line for eternity, or something very nearly like eternity.  By the time he finally left the King’s audience chamber, the monarch was left unsure of whether or not he was being swindled.



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