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Friday, April 23, 2010

Random Spring Photos

Okay, so I’m not dead. Dad was down for a week, then hubby had a birthday and then… yeah. I’m behind. I am going to catch up soon or die trying though. I am determined. I am also going to read blogs tomorrow unless the universe explodes. (Look for an explosion about 5 pm central time).

I actually have a short story to use for one of these. Well, it’s not written yet, but I know what it is going to be. I could have done it, but alas I am trying to get this finished before the food is done cooking so I can have some dinner, and without an Amanuensis to type my dictated words, it ain’t happening. Truthfully I wouldn’t like one of those, though, coz I like to type. I like the fun clicky clacky noise it makes. It’s so cheerful it just makes me smile. And people think I’m weird….

Now that I, again, said nothing, here’s some pretty photos so you don’t feel completely cheated.

photos by you.

heart of an iris





very close

flowers n dead leaves close up

very close

super close

This was a dead bunch of flowers I found while walking the dog

very close

cool close

Hee-hee (no, not my dog)

mo mo in a hat

Can it be any more Red Neck than this?

does it get more redneck

The Father in Laws tool box for his pickup

lonnie's tool bx 1

I need some polarized glasses - this was the only one of these that came out - too much glare:


pretty purple flowers


And proof I can hit a target

proof i can hit targets

And I’m outta here!


Sharon said...

I love the purple and greens in your pics! So vivid. The catfish sign, that is a normal occurrence in my neck of the woods . Will be getting your new ebook and dying to get a sneak peak of Legacy of Ghosts. I am such a Jorick fan. I love the fact that you didn't give away to much about his motives and history. So much more to explore in the following books! yeah.

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