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Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Dragon's maid - Part III

I’ve been running a fairytale story for the last two weeks, making this week installment three. If you’ve missed the old ones you can always catch up:

Part I
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Or you can wing it with this mini synopsis:

Fenrick, a poor farmer boy, has undertaken the mission to save a neighboring kingdom from a dragon to gain both land and title, both of which he plans to share with Telanya, a maiden he’s met while in the walls of the castle. The young lady accepted his marriage proposal, should eh survive, and so he headed back to the inn for what might well have been his final night…


Fenrick rose early the next morning and readied his horse. The dragon’s lair was less than an hour away, but the king had thought it best to send him in the company of a guide, and so he was soon waiting in the dusty village square for person who would lead him to victory.

It was a large, brutish man who first approached him. He looked Fenrick up and down with an amused sneer and then shook his head. “You’re the dragon slayer, lad? Ye ain’t got a chance in all of hell.”

A dark scowl settled on Fenrick’s face, and a nasty retort on his tongue, but before he could utter a word, someone else called, “Leave him be, and get back to your work, lest loose tongues betray your absence and you lose your pay.

The large man growled, but stepped away and stormed off in the other direction, leaving Fenrick to turn towards his unknown defender.  The man who hobbled towards him was withered and bent, like an old tree branch, but his eyes twinkled.  He came to a stop in front of the would be hero and clapped a wrinkled hand on his shoulder. ”Though he doesn’t know it, that brute is correct.”

Fenrick turned his aggravation towards the old man, “And why do you say that? If you doubt my skill then perhaps I should demonstrate it.”

“No, no, young lad, calm thee self.” The old man held up a placating hand. “I meant thee no offence.”

“Then what did you mean?”

A shadow of sorrow passed behind the old man’s eyes. “I’ve slain more dragons than I care to remember. But you’ll find out for yourself very soon what it is I mean. And when you have, you’ll wish you hadn’t.”

With that mysterious comment, he started for the gate and motioned Fenrick to follow him. They walked silently , Fenrick leading the laden horse, and the old, bent man just in front, his eyes on the path ahead. In that way, they left the castle and made for the coast, down a winding road that grew narrower and narrower, until it turned into little more than a rocky track that disappeared into the black cliffs ahead.

The old man came to a stop and pointed to a flat, platform like portion of the rocks ahead. “The entrance to the beast’s cave is there. But be careful lad, there’s nothing on the sides of that platform ‘cept the sea. Many a man has fallen straight over the edge and been lost forever, even ‘afore the dragon appeared.”

Fenrick nodded and grasped his blade firmly in his white knuckled hands. The ocean breeze blew to them, but instead of the smell of the sea, it brought the foul reek of the beast.

Fenrick took a tentative step forward, and the old man laid a hand on his shoulder to stop him. “You must listen to what I have to say now, lad. For though it seems the aged have nothing to offer to youth, our gift is our wisdom. What you will face inside that cave will not be merely a dragon; though fight the beats you must. No, the gravest portion of your mission is to face yourself and the deed you must do. When the moment comes, do not look for strength around you; not in the memory of your family, or your friends, or even your betrothed, should you have one. Your resolve must come from within, for you are the one who must carry the burden of your deed. Remember, son, those who live, live off the dead.”

Fenrick stared with open confusion and horror, but the old man only shook his head and stepped away. Though he spoke of sharing knowledge, it seemed he was determined to keep all further counsel to himself. With no more to go on than that terrible speech, Fenrick checked his armor and weapons again, summed up his courage, and marched towards the dragon’s lair, his heart in his throat.

At last, he stood on the flat landing before the cave. He could hear the waves crashing into the cliffs below, and couldn’t stop himself from peering over the edge. Dark, jagged rocks pressed close on all sides, guarding the cliff from the water. There was nowhere to go except into the cave or back down the path he’d come from.

And so he went into the cave.


Yeah, I guess the dragon battle comes next week.  Fun fun!

In the meantime, it’s time for the segment I like to call “Random Things from my Hard Drives”  here is some….

artwork by you.

And I have two more book covers finished - a third is awaiting approval and a fourth is waiting for me to start it.  Yay!

These are sci-fi/fantasy books btw and should be out in September, the author has said :)


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