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Monday, May 10, 2010

The Leaf - Spiffy Old Stuff

It's that time of the week when I post something that you many have missed back in the mists of time. It's generally some pretty spiffy stuff, so it's worth a revisit. Even spiffier, is the cool Table of Contents that goes with it.

Been busy with Mother's Day, but here, anyway, from 2008 here is a...

flash fiction by you.

The Leaf

Cotton candy clouds floated above the landscape, thick and colored gray like something dead. Beneath them trees clawed the sky; naked branches were bony fingers stripped of flesh. A cold wind shook loose the last of the leaves and sent them swirling through the air to mingle with the driving rain.

She stared through the window, watching the heavy drops drip down the glass; each one a tear she couldn’t shed.  Thunder pounded relentlessly and lightning cut through the haze in glowing streaks that left a brilliant gash in her vision like a scar; only it faded much faster.

She lifted a hand to touch the window, but stopped just before her palm made contact. The rain was outside and she was in. Its closeness was only an illusion, like so many others. So many people she thought she was close to, only to discover that chasms separated them when she needed them and now she had nothing.

Her throat felt thick and she dropped her hand uselessly to her lap, eyes dropping to the empty wine goblet on the sill. The faintest trace of burgundy liquid remained in the bottom in a tiny, sticky pool. It reminded her at once of blood, thick, red and congealing, like the blood slowly running down her arms.

Her eyes flicked once more to the window, watching the gathering darkness. She wondered one more time where he was. Was he in the arms of another? Was he alive? Dead? Was he happy? God, how she hoped he was happy. She hoped her pain had bought something for someone, she hoped her destruction had been for something.

The glass rattled in the frame and a cold wet leaf slapped against it; plastered flat with its edges fluttering. She traced the intricate lines of the leaf’s underside with her eyes. Each miniscule vein that had once given it life, now empty of its chlorophyll; brown, withered and useless.

But even dead the leaf was beautiful: a rich orange with a patina of golden brown. It hung, seemingly suspended in air, dead and yet miraculous. How many times in her life had the sight of dead leaves blowing cheered her? The drifts of bright colors signaled the end of heat and the beginning of the frozen winter when white snow would fall to blanket the world in its cleansing purity.

She lifted her tingling arm and looked at the bleeding gash. She was like this leaf, though she still clung to the tree of life by a sender stem, waiting only for the final wind to shake her loose. When it did she would drift away and leave behind a corpse, paving the way for the next step when she would go to the great beyond. There her soul would be bathed clean of everything and reborn once more; whole and pure and cleansed; white like the untouched snow.

A soft smile flitted across her face at the thought and she lay her hand against the window, numb fingers splayed to mach the leaf’s shape, her eyes no longer filled with tears as she slowly closed them. And though she knew she would be reborn, and that the pure white snow would once again be tainted by the touch of man, trampled by children’s thoughtlessness, the peace and tranquility ruined by the noise of the rabble, it didn’t matter. Everything had its season and its place and right now she was ready to start the next one – right now she was the leaf.


spiffy huh?

fav songs of the moment - "Hurricane" & "One Night of the Hunter" - 30 Seconds to Mars


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