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Monday, May 17, 2010

Spiffy Old Artwork - Bloody Angel

It's time again for that blog where I post something you may not have seen before - in other words some spiffy old stuff. If you're interested, there's even a table of contents for this. (weird, I know)

so, this week it's time for some...

artwork by you.

WARNING: contains "mature content". (insert eye roll)

This was done using art media in paint shop pro (this is the function that turned into correl painter, I believe) where the on screen "media" behaves like various traditional art mediums. I always go for the oil paint, personally. I got really into this for awhile because I could finally paint, however, it takes well over a month to do a single image - or it took me that long, anyway, and so it soon got to be too time consuming to continue.

This was before I was snatching colors from photographs, so it was originally done grayscale with red blood, then "color to target" to make a fully colored version.

someone may remember that i once had this as my myspace wallpaper (and I think it's the wallpaper on my twitter, in fact, LOL!)

Pretty spiffy, huh?

for fun here it is black n white:


Sharon said...

love the wings. You made them look real. Like they would be soft if you reached out and touched them. Do you have any male angels?

Sharon said...

The grindyknocker, now I know what happened to Little Boy Blue . Shouldn't have fallen asleep behind *that haystack.

Joleene Naylor said...

I have some manga style male angels - but none of the art media - for some reason they all seemed to get black bat wings instead!

(it won't let me post images in here 8-|)

the angel hierarchies:

Sharon said...

ooh, I like Alone. I want to set it as my wallpaper!

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