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Monday, June 28, 2010

Spiffy Old Stuff: July 4th, 2007

old stuff

It’s that time of the week when I entertain everyone with some Spiffy Old Stuff – aka, something you may have never seen before. In case you’ve missed previous entries, I have a cool Table of Contents.

This week, it’s time for some…

Please enjoy some randomness from July 4th, 2007.

Looking up an electrical pole


Roman candle:

red streaks.jpg

Bottle rockets


This bug is just scary

giant scary bug.jpg

A mediocre moon shot

moon 3.jpg

Me, younger and thinner


My Chucky

strange  chucky 6b.jpg

Ghostly me:

ghostly jo.jpg

Chucky Again

strange chucky 10.jpg

A cute froggy

froggy good.jpg

A very small froggy

froggy on charles.jpg

And that’s all for now. Wasn’t that spiffy?

Btw, I want to mention that my book cover will be up for voting on the New Covey Awards, starting July first. I will irritate everyone for votes when the time comes. You’ve been warned.

Song Going Through My Head – “Farewell Angelina”- Bob Dylan 

Sunday, June 27, 2010

More Random Photos


I’ve been too busy the last week to get any new pics taken off or uploaded, but I think I already have some flower photos on Flickr that I haven’t used here. If not, then oh well :p

orange 2

bee closeup

close up

orange 1


white flowers

Song playing at the moment – “Teenage Recoil” – Zeromancer

The Dragon's Maid Part VIII

I've been running a fairytale in parts. If you’ve missed them, you can read them here:

Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV
Part V
Part VI
Part VII

Or you can chance it with my synopsis:
Fenrick is a poor farmer who seeks land and title by slaying the problematic dragon of a neighboring kingdom. However, he fights the dragon to its near death only to discover that the dragon has hidden his soul inside his beloved Telanja, and can not die so long as she lives. Unable to tell the King the truth for fear that Telanja will be killed, Fenrick and Telanja are married, but their happiness is tinged with the worry of what they will do when they are discovered.


Days passed. The princess had returned, looking pale and worried, though the dragon had only sent her to fetch him food. Still, the look on her face broke Fenrick’s heart, and so they devised the only plan they could. Fenrick would have to travel to the dragon’s cave every month and deal it damage until he could convince it to release his beloved wife from her terrible bond. The task was not as easy as it sounded, and Fenrick returned home tired, worn, and burned; for there was no armor known to man that could protect him from the burning dragon’s blood. Telanja tended the wounds in secret (for how could he admit to having fought a dragon when the dragon should be dead?) and Fenrick did his best to pretend that everything was all right.

In this way, a year passed away and it was summer once again. But, people were starting to notice Fenrick’s general run-down condition, and the pinched, worried look of his wife. At first they blamed it on her condition, but when winter came and she gave birth to a baby boy, tongues started to wag. Far from the couple’s anxiety fading, it seemed to grow, and by late spring even the King had commented on it.

Fenrick knew they had to do something, though a solution eluded him. There was only person he could think of to speak to, one other person who shared his secret: the old man who’d guided him to the cave. And so, after a long talk with his wife and a kiss to his infant son, Fenrick set out to find him.

The task proved more difficult than Fenrick had imagined. The old man had been a dragon slayer in his youth, as well as an adventurer, and something had suddenly compelled him to start “adventuring” again. Fenrick followed his trail, guided by the memories of people the old warrior had spoken to. He wound his way through the small kingdom by the sea, and into neighboring lands. Summer was in full bloom when he at last found him in a tiny, decrepit village. A family of strangers had taken the old man in, and they seemed loath to let Fenrick see him. But, he had no other hope, so Fenrick told them he was the old man’s son. Reluctantly, the family led him to their tiny, thatched house, and then respectfully withdrew.

Whatever Fenrick had expected to find in the man, he was disappointed. The old adventurer lay before the fire, wrapped in blankets, his face sallow and cheeks hollow as he gasped for breath. Tired, watery eyes met Fenrick’s and sought to find a match in their memory for his face. And then, comprehension dawned.

“Why have you come?” the old man wheezed.

Fenrick twisted his hat in his hands, uncertain what to say. But the words found themselves, and soon the whole story had tumbled out in a semi-coherent torrent that left Fenrick breathless. When he’d finished, the old man nodded slowly and leaned back, his eyes closed. Fenrick had just decided that the man had gone to sleep, when his raspy voice sounded. “What makes a King out of a slave? What makes the dawn come up like thunder? Courage! And that is something that you lacked, my lad. You have a pretty system, but as you say it can not last,” he broke off into a long cough and, when it had subsided, he continued. “Things are never so bad they can't be made worse, and worse they will get unless you do the thing that you must. The thing you should have done already.”

“But how?” Fenrick demanded furiously. “How could I kill my wife?”

The old man held up a hand to silence him. “She should never have been your wife, my lad. You have only delayed the inevitable. You may think that you can trick the dragon, but the dragon will only trick you. A dragon is a complicated enough creature without a grudge to settle, and with one it becomes impossible to sway. This dragon plans for the princess to die, which means it plans to die with her. There is nothing left that it values, so there will be no way to bargain with it-“

He broke off into a heavy coughing fit, and before it had subsided, the mistress of the house came scooting inside and sent Fenrick out. She promised him he could return that evening, but the day brought with it death in the afternoon, so that by nightfall the old man was buried in the cemetery.

Fenrick paid his last respects and saddled up his horse. It would be a long, journey home and, without hope, it would be a miserable one.



Friday, June 25, 2010

Postcards from Bilbo - Volume 3

postcards from bilbo

Hello, my name is Bilbo the Amazing Pencil Guy. Jo’s still busy with her Dad’s visit, but I’m dying to share my latest postcards, so I’m not waiting for her. In case you don’t know, I hitched a ride in a package so that I could find adventure and excitement. And boy, have I had plenty of that! But, I miss my old friends back home, so I want to keep in touch with them…

June 13th


Hello! How are you? Today was quite warm, so my new friends and I took a dip to stay cool. Everything was great until these birds attacked us! they acted like they owned the place - as if! Bad, bad birds! No one was hurt, though.

Will send more later,

June 15th


We took a driving tour of the great city of Bolivar today. it seems quite big to me. Though apparently it is not pronounced Bowl-i-var (like the name of the person it is "supposedly" named after) instead it is Bawl-o-ver. These foreigners sure are weird, huh?

your friend,

June 17th


I got to go to a "cruise in" tonight. I didn't know what it was, so I was surprised to find out it's where a bunch of shiny old cars drive to Sonic and park. People eat free ice cream, then they talk, get back in their shiny car and leave. My favorite car was the shiny red impala. Red's a very nice color.

hope all is well with you!

June 18th


I had quite a day today! Someone online said we should try white water rafting, so when I mentioned it to Yan, he was very excited and said he knew just the place. Man, oh man, I'm never doing that again! We tipped the raft and I ended up washed away! Luckily, this grating caught me, and as soon as I got untangled from all the dead leaves I was fine. But it was harrowing!

Hope you're doing better than me! Your friend,

June 20th


Hello! Boy, am I tired! We had a night out on the town last night, and I am still feeling fuzzy. You'd be surprised how much night life there is around here; crickets, cats, grasshoppers, and these weird little beetles... Anyway, hope you are well. Say hi to the family!

Your friend,

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Artwork: Teenage Recoil

I know you’re first instinct is to hit the stop button on the player, but humor me this one time. I almost never have music in the blogs, however it is integral to this one as the artwork you will be scrolling to in a moment is written “from” this song. Yeah, I like to do that. And yeah, I took all day off yesterday and did this because I felt like crap. And I won’t be around tomorrow coz I have to go dog sit (long story), but I should be back Tuesday.

*waits for cheering*

*hears chirping crickets*


Okay, enough yack.


If you’re interested in some of my other song related art you can see them here:

Song playing at the moment - “Blackbird” - Alter Bridge

Spiffy Old Stuff - Cigarettes and Memories

It’s time once again for the oft forgotten “Spiffy Old Stuff”, where I share something you may have never seen before. If you've missed some of these, there's a table of contents.

This week it is some…
poetry by you.

Well, really it’s a song from 2001. I forget what the point of it was now, I know it came from listening to Jim Croce’s album “Photographs and Memories”, but the tune is not similar to that one at all, just so you know ;)  (Btw, Jim Croce is someone who should be in every music lovers ultimate collection. Just wanted to add that.)

Cigarettes and Memories
(a song)

Cigarettes and memories,
Shining crystal prism dreams,
Dancing on the ceiling, disappearing in the dark.
Loneliness, hypocrisy,
Wonder what it means to me,
As I sit her lonely, picking my small life apart,

Tell me what I have, that I can hold on to.
Tell me what I have because I don’t have you.

And the night wind ushers in,
A dark fog beneath my skin,
And I sit and wonder where I’m going to.
And the twilight it brings out,
All my secret fear and doubt,
All the whispered words that I once thought true,
But where are you?

Cigarettes and memories,
And all those lonely things,
That make my existence seem so sad.
Sunshine and melodies,
Long forgotten, dusty things,
And still you wonder why I am feeling so bad.

Tell me what I have that I can hold on to,
Tell me what I have, because I don’t have you

And the night wind ushers in,
A dark fog beneath my skin,
And I sit and wonder where I’m going to.
And the twilight it brings out,
All my secret fear and doubt,
All the whispered words that I once thought true,
But where are you?

Cigarettes and memories,
Broken bits of melodies,
The darkest places that we find.
Imagined scenes of emptiness,
Lost alone with all the rest,
And I look for peace that I can’t find,
In my mind.
In my mind,
In my mind.


spiffy, huh?

Song playing at the moment - “Operator” - Jim Croce (via Youtube)

Friday, June 11, 2010

Postcards from Bilbo - Volume 2

postcards from bilbo

Hello, it is I, Bilbo the Amazing Pencil Guy, with some more postcards for my good friends in Georgia. I really didn't mean to run away from them, it's just that I have a thirst for adventure and excitement and travel!

June 5th


(from the back)
It was another sunny day here in southern Missouri. Yan, his brother and I went to the beach today and had a lot of fun. Though I forgot the sunblock and I think I may have gotten a little bit of a sunburn. I'm sure it will be better soon. Hope all is well there!

your friend,

June 6th


(from the back)
I went to a barbecue today with my new friends and had some delicious shish kabobs. I was surprised because the chef looked like the kind of guy who might burn stuff, but he didn't. we had corn on the cob too, but since I am running out of space will tell you more later.

Your friend,

June 7th


(from the back)
Hello! How are you? How's the family? Hope all is well. Today we went on a nature hike. Yan the yellow lion was very knowledgeable about the wild flowers around here. We saw daisies, and pink flowers, and orange flowers and snow flake flowers. i think the last ones are called Queen Anne's lace where we're from. isn't it exciting to find out all the foreign names?


June 8th


(from the back)
More site seeing today. We went out in search of wild native cows. we didn't find any, but Yan assures me that they like to hang out near the cow crossing signs, so maybe we'll get lucky on another day. Hope all is well.

your friend,

June 9th


(from the back)
Today I explored some of the vibrant and exotic jungles of Missouri. I only wish I'd rented that pith helmet because i ended up with a tick in my hair - a tick! The thing was huge! It was as big as my eye! Can you imagine that? I hope you never have to experience such horror. But, it was fun anyway.

Your friend,

June 10th


(from the back)
My new friends took me on a trip to a local cemetery today. The whole place was steeped in local history, though I think it would have been more informative if I'd had a real local. Did you know that Yan and his friends have not lived here their whole lives? In fact, he's from Taiwan! Isn't that near Texas?

your friend,

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Heavenwards : Artwork


Okay, so I've been trying to get back to this picture since January, and tonight I finally decided I was going to finish it or else, so, after ignoring my email and blog reading list and a few other things, I got it done! yay!

This is erm... well, it's the Midnight Grace chick who has been known as Iosophina, Jo, Iry, Arafel and now Rain. I think we're going to stick with Arafel/Rain for her from now on, though. She's getting an identity crisis from being too many different people :p


based on a photo by K. Edward Mitchell
Model: ZMB

Thanks to them both!

View original photo here

I'm reasonably happy with it I that are already bugging me, but i won;t pass them on. If you're interested, there's plenty more art where this came from in my mySpace photo albums, or on my Flickr:

song playing at the moment: "Teenage Recoil" - Zeromancer

Random Photos


Morning mist

morning mist

Gray morning

from the mist

This would have been better without walmart in the way :p (the blue is through the windshield, btw, but it was a cool effect!)

awesome clouds

The path in the clouds

road of clouds

looking up compromise

boiling blue


Cow crossing?

cow crossing

The first thing that springs to mind is “Ewwwwwwwwwwww”

gross springs to mind

Got the book printed and need to shave off 10,000 words…. Yeah, right….

i need to shave off about 10,000 words - riiiiiiiiight

Song playing at the moment: Send me and Angel - Zeromancer