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Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Dragon's Maid Part VI

I know I’m behind on a lot of things and have been sweating bullets at how I am ever going to catch up. It’s all this real life stuff; it detracts from the world of internet. Plus, this month I have to do the printed edit on Legacy of Ghosts - book 2 in the vampire series (It really does read differently printed vs on a screen. I was skeptical too, but those who swear by this are correct). I was actually supposed to start that yesterday, but I haven’t yet. I also have to finish a book cover up, and… never mind, the list is too long to get into. Though they may say “behavior is the mirror”, just know that I have good intentions and I will get everything (books/blogs/mails) read and reviewed/commented/answered as soon as I can.

As you may know, I have been running a continuing fairytale the last few weeks, which should be winding to a close soon. For past parts see:
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Or you can try your luck with my synopsis: Fenrick came to a neighboring kingdom to slay a dragon in the hopes of winning land and title, but when he tried to complete the deed he discovered that the monster had magically hidden his soul in none other than his betrothed (who - surprise - turned out to be the youngest princess!) so that to kill the dragon he must kill her. Unable to do so, he headed back to the castle where everyone assumed he had finished his quest.


The weeks passed. Time and again Fenrick though that he should tell the King the truth, but then he’d imagine the King’s reaction; outrage, incredulity, and a fierce demand to know why he hadn’t told them sooner. And what would his excuse be then? “Well, your majesty, you see, I meant to, but I’ve been rather concerned about a few key points, such as what would happen to Telanja.”

Telanja. The dragon said he’d hidden his soul in her, and that in order to kill him, she would have to die. Was her life worth less than those of complete strangers? And what of the King, who’d given her away to marriage so freely, with little knowledge of the man she was to wed? What if his lack of concern for her welfare led him to have her murdered. What then?

So, he stayed quiet and the days marched past in a whirlwind of preparations for their wedding. Nobles arrived, decorations went up, and the happy couple was outfitted with clothing and anything else they might need for their new life together. There was an entire castle to fill and, though it was small in comparison to the King’s, it was plenty large.

The morning of the wedding Fenrick woke from a dream, racked with guilt. How could they go through with this and let the people believe that the danger had passed, when the dragon might come back at any moment? He determined that the best course of action would be to seek out Telanja, and together come to some arrangement. It wasn’t that he hadn’t tried in the last five weeks to speak to her, but it had been impossible to actually be alone with her. Today, however, he was going to have t remedy that.

It was still dark when he dressed and stole from his guest room down the quiet corridors and towards Telanja’s chambers. There was no one in sight, so he carefully opened her door and slipped inside. The apartments were dark, save for the slight glow thrown by a fireplace of embers, and it was more luck than any skill on his part that allowed him to tiptoe unhindered into her bedchamber.

He set about lighting a candle, and by the wavering light he watched her sleeping. Her brow was puckered and her lips pursed unhappily. Her long hair was spread over the pillows, but damp, and she looked as though she was only beginning to surface from some terrible nightmare.

He brushed his fingertips across her cheek and whispered, “Telanja.”

At the sound of his voice she sat bolt upright, terror in her eyes as she looked about her. Slowly the fear disappeared as she realized both where she was and the identity of her visitor. “Fenrick? What are you doing here?”

“We need to speak,” he explained softly, and his eyes dropped uselessly to his hands. “It’s about the dragon. We need to tell the King. I have a plan-”

“Yes.” She cut him off a look of relief on her face. “But first you must leave.”

Fenrick blinked at her, momentarily taken aback. “What? I must leave? No, listen. You must leave first. Go somewhere that your Father can not track you and then I’ll tell him-“

“No,” she interrupted. “You must go away, my love, and then I will tell him.”

Fenrick tried to find the patience to explain what he thought she should have already understood. “Darling, if you stay here then you’ll surely be killed-“

“Yes, I know.” She waved it away as inconsequential. “But when Father finds that you’ve not slain the dragon he’ll be furious and order your execution, and I refuse to turn myself over until I’m quite sure that you’re safe.”

“I’m safe?” Fenrick cried. “And you think that I will just run away in the night and leave you to be murdered? By all that’s holy in the world, Telanja, do you count my love for you as so little?”

She took his hand in hers, and soothed him. “No, of course not, my darling. But my fate is sealed no matter what path we take. There is no reason you should suffer, too.”

“And you think that I wouldn’t suffer if he killed you?” Fenrick nearly shouted.

“Of course you would,” Telanja agreed. “But is it not better to be alive with sorrow, then dead with regret?” He opened his mouth to reply, but she silenced him. “Regardless of which plan we choose, neither can be effected this moment. We must go through the ceremony today, and tonight perhaps we may arrange something. Until then, I beg of you to act as though nothing is amiss. Behavior is the mirror of the inner most workings, so you must behave as though there is only peace and tranquility inside, lest you betray the secret turbulence, as will I. If you love me as you say, and as I believe that you do, then my happiness should be worth more to you than anything you could name, and it is for the sake of your life, and my own happiness, that we must do this.” She drew his hand to her breast and gazed at him pleadingly. “I beg of you, Fenrick.”

How could he refuse her when she gazed at him with liquid eyes? And so he agreed and slipped back to his chambers, though he felt no better than he had before he’d woken her, and his mind remained uneasy as the hours counted down to the wedding. At last, the time was nigh, and he allowed himself to be led to the church and placed before the altar to wait for her.

The church bells chimed, and the doors opened to reveal a long procession of blushing maids and tottering children, followed at last by the princess herself. Her long hair was swept up into an elaborate updo, but even with the veil over her face, Fenrick could still see the soft smile on her lips. It was such a complete transformation from the terrified, pleading maiden of earlier, that he soon forgot his own objections in the joy of the moment.

And so the pair was married, before the eyes of God and the blessings of the King. The celebrating masses and the laughter in Telanja’s eyes sent Fenrick’s fears away to hide in gloomy corners where they belonged. But, even as he led his bride down the steps of the church, he knew that the curse of the dragon could not be so easily kept at bay.




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