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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Heavenwards : Artwork


Okay, so I've been trying to get back to this picture since January, and tonight I finally decided I was going to finish it or else, so, after ignoring my email and blog reading list and a few other things, I got it done! yay!

This is erm... well, it's the Midnight Grace chick who has been known as Iosophina, Jo, Iry, Arafel and now Rain. I think we're going to stick with Arafel/Rain for her from now on, though. She's getting an identity crisis from being too many different people :p


based on a photo by K. Edward Mitchell
Model: ZMB

Thanks to them both!

View original photo here

I'm reasonably happy with it I that are already bugging me, but i won;t pass them on. If you're interested, there's plenty more art where this came from in my mySpace photo albums, or on my Flickr:

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