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Saturday, July 31, 2010

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"On a Rainy Monday"... More Random Photos


It stormed all day yesterday, but the storm was leaving just as the sun was setting, which made for some fantastic golden clouds:


wet glass

firey clouds

dark rainy

neat sky

misty rainbow

flame clouds

sunset reflection

aqua raindrops

last puddle pic i promise

through a raint windshield

down the highway


grainy but the drops were cool

Okay, and I am outta here. Have to update the website and post Kateesha over on the wordpress blog ( ) yeah, she’ll make it here eventually.

as always, more photos on my Flickr page -

The Dragon's Maid - Part XI - Conclusion

As you may know, I have been running a fairytale for the last two months or more. It was only supposed to be a two blog entry; something akin to a Hans Christian Anderson story, but instead it went longer. This is the final installment. I say installment, though really there are two ending here. There is the original ending I intended from the very beginning, and then a second version that could also work. If you’ve read any of my other writing, you will know which one I like better.

Here are past installments, in case you missed them:
Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV
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Part VII
Part IX
Part X

Or you can try my synopsis: Fenrick, a farm boy, heeds the call of a neighboring kingdom and agrees to slay their dragon for reward of land and title. Inadvertently, he falls in love with the princess Telanja, and when he goes to slay the dragon discovers that the creature has hidden his soul inside of her, so that to kill the beast he must kill her. unable to do so, he leaves the dragon wounded and marries the princess, though everyone else believes the animal dead. Fenrick knows he can’t leave things that way forever, so he goes on a quest to find a way around killing his wife, but finds no solution. He is gone so long that when he returns the dragon has healed and is attacking the kingdom again. He finds out hat his wife, Telanja, has gone to confront the dragon, and so he sets off quickly and engages it in a hopeless battle….


And so Fenrick fought the dragon. He slashed at the creature until they both bled freely and were near exhaustion. Fenrick dropped back and fell to one knee, leaning heavily on his sword, and the dragon lay, bloated and immobilized, its angry eyes gleaming with inner fire. “You can’t kill me,” the dragon snarled. “You know that, you foolish farm boy.”

“Maybe not,” he agreed. “But I can make you suffer the way you’ve made her suffer.”

The dragon snorted with contempt. “Such a thing is inconceivable, for you will never have the power over me that I have had over her. You forget I know her every thought, her every dream, and I have been the center of them all, poisoning her every moment, just as her father has poisoned mine!”

The implication filled Fenrick with a renewed fury, and he leapt to his feet and charged, heedless of the consequences. As he attacked, the dragon gave a horrifying cry. Fenrick’s sword pierced him, and he thrashed wildly, breathing great plumes of fire and smoke, and throwing Fenrick across the cavern so that he smashed into the wall. He slid down and lay on the floor, nearly insensible, and the last thing he noticed was the light from the dragon dimming.

When he opened his eyes the first thing he was aware of was pain and darkness. The disorientation slowly ebbed away and left him with a clear memory; a memory of the dragon’s screams. He slowly crawled to his feet and felt his way blindly towards where the beast had been. His seeking hands found cold scales, and he realized with a jolt that the cursed thing was really, finally dead. For good or ill, the nightmare was finally over.



Fenrick stumbled from the cave, and raised his arm to block the bright sunlight that burned his eyes. He lurched forward, looking for his bride, but found only her hand maiden; the same he had berated and left in the snow only a short time ago. She stood at the cliff edge, folded in on herself and shaking with some terrible emotion.

Fenrick gazed at her for a moment, in bewilderment, and then drew close, calling to her, “What are you doing?”

At the sound of his voice, the maid turned her tear streaked face to him. “She’s gone, my lord. She - she…” the woman broke into sobs, but Fenrick understood the meaning.

“No.” The one word held all the meaning in the world for him, and he started forward, only to stop again. “How? Where?”

“She threw herself over the edge,” the maid answered. “She said she must. She said… she said…” the maid lost herself to tears again, but it didn’t matter because Fenrick wasn’t listening anymore.

He peered over the edge of the cliff to the jagged rocks below where Telanja lay like a broken doll. The ocean waves roared against the stone, and it when the tide rose it would claim her body, dragging her away to the bottomless depths.

His knees buckled and he dropped to the ground, uncomprehending. In a daze, he lifted his heavy sword and stared dully at the sullied blade. The dragon’s bright orange blood stained it and scorched it. he remembered the day he’d set out from his small farm; the day he’d told his mother goodbye and gone to seek a better life, optimistic that he could do anything with his sword and his skills, and now… Now all of his efforts, all of his battles with the dragon, everything had been in vain. At the very end, the dragon got the one thing that he wanted. He wanted the life of the king’s child to avenge the life of his own dead offspring, killed at the hands of the king in his youth. And he had it, at last.

But the dragon had wrought his revenge on the wrong person. Telanja was dead, but it wasn’t the king who was left crippled by the grief and emptiness, it was Fenrick. Truly, he wondered whether the King would even care. Somehow, he doubted it.

But, while the king would go on living in his castle, surrounded by his willful stupidity and his sycophantic subjects, Fenrick would be left trapped in a hell of remorse and emptiness. It was a future that he’d rather do without. So, wordlessly, he raised his soiled sword and, with a single cry, ran himself through.

Neither the hand maid, the dragon’s horde of gold or Fenrick’s sword were ever recovered, and it was supposed ever after in the Kingdom that Telanja had followed Fenrick to his battle. When the young warrior succumb to his injuries, after having slain the dragon, Telanja, overcome with grief, had thrown herself over the ledge to the rocks below. The King gave the lovers a lavish funeral and buried them under a granite monument, but the local peasants swore that, sometimes, at night you could see a young woman standing on the rocks below, while a warrior wailed from the cliffs above, eternally separated, even in death.


Fenrick stumbled from the cave, and raised his arm to block the bright sunlight that burned his eyes. He lurched forward, and fell into the waiting arms of his wife.

“Telanja,” he murmured, uncertainly. “The dragon he’s-“

She nodded her head, her face lit by a smile. “Yes, he’s dead.”

“But how? Everyone I talked to said that he couldn’t be killed, not unless you…” he swallowed hard.

“Unless he released me,” she said quietly and then she sighed. “I won’t lie to you, Fenrick, I left the dragon’s cave with every intention of throwing myself over the cliff and ending this, but, at the last moment, as I started to jump, the dragon perceived my intentions and severed our bond.”

“But, if you started to jump…” Fenrick shook his head, trying desperately to understand.

“I caught her by the ankle,” came a voice, and the wounded warrior looked up to see Telanja’s hand maid standing just behind her; the same aid he’d left lying in the snow only an hour ago.

Telanja nodded and rushed to explain, “She arrived just as I escaped the cave, and knew what I meant to do. Of course, she tried to stop me, but luckily the dragon didn’t think she’d succeed. But, when I tried to jump, she latched on, and it was only providence that kept us both from tumbling over and to the rocks below.”

It took Fenrick more than a day to fully comprehend the situation, and even longer for the realization to sink in that the dragon was really, truly gone. When he did, it was as though a heavy weight was lifted and left him feeling light enough to float away.

The king held a feast in Fenrick’s honor; the hero who had slain not one, but two dragons in the name of the kingdom. It left the young hero uncertain whether the king was truly as stupid as he pretended, or had he, perhaps, known all along and trusted that in the end they’d solve it? It was a question that would never be answered, and in later generations the truth to the story was forever forgotten, told only by woven tapestries that decorated the halls of what had been Fenrick’s castle.


I may someday edit this puppy and post it on my website as a short story. It’s roughly 11,000 words as is, now.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Even More Book Covers


Thought I’d take a moment and share the book covers I’ve been doing lately.


Because I'm proud of it, though no one cares, here's the original photos this cover came from:


smoking a cigarette

Guess what i spent the other night doing? yeah, playing with smoke. we had to go buy a pack of cigarettes, in fact, and then I ended up using incense for the smoke, as per a great article on "How to Photograph Smoke" (worth checking out!)

Thanks to the advice there, I got a few good smoke images (though we used a 1M candle power spotlight to illuminate it instead of studio lights)

awesome smoke

neat smoke

more cool smoke

cool smoke

(I'm just to the point where to get a better image I need a better camera *sigh* )

For more info on my cover art, like how to get your own affordable book cover, please visit

For more of my photos you can go to

The Dragon's Maid - Part X

I have been running a fairytale off and on. If you’ve missed previous posts you can read them here:

Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV
Part V
Part VI
Part VII
Part IX

Or you can take my sad synopsis: Fenrick is a poor farmer, who undertakes to slay a neighboring countries dragon. He falls in love with the princes Telanja, only to discover that she is the dragon’s Maid, meaning the creature had hidden his soul inside her and cannot be killed so long as she lives. He leaves the monster wounded, and the king believes the dragon dead. Telanja and Fenrick are married, and he continues the deception for want of any way to save her. After their son is born, he goes on a quest to find the solution, but returns empty handed to find he has been gone too long and the dragon is rampaging - worse of all, Telanja has been gone two weeks, no doubt gone to try to kill the dragon herself…

Fenrick slowed his horse as the dragon’s lair came into view. At last, he called the animal to stop, and hopped down. Though they were close to the cave, there was no sound from within, only the roar of the waves crashing into the rocks below.

Fenrick drew his sword and crept forward slowly, his heart in his throat. Terrified images swam through his mind; fearful ideas of what he might see. Why had Telanja gone to the dragon without him? Why didn’t she wait? Why would she risk herself this way?

But he knew the answers. And, despite the terror it caused him, they were part of the reason that he’d fallen in love with her.

The mouth of the cave was silent; but not dark. Flickery light, as though from a fire, danced on the walls. The sight lifted Fenrick’s heart. It meant that though the dragon was quiet, he wasn’t dead, and if the beast lived still, then perhaps so did his wife.

Sword in one hand and shield in the other, he charged into the cave, a cry of fury flying from his lips. He rounded the bend in the tunnel and there he found the loathsome beast. The dragon crouched in his nest and behind him, on her knees, pleading tears dripping down her face, was Telanja.

“Well, if it isn’t the farmer boy,” the dragon sneered. “You’re the best they had to send? Even though the King’s daughter is held captive?”

“The King doesn’t know she’s been taken,” Fenrick snarled back, his face twisted in rage.

“Taken?” the dragon gave a slick, evil laugh. “She came on her own, farm boy. She thought she could sway me with her tears and woeful stories of suffering! But has the suffering of my kind swayed the hearts of men? Has any dragon slayer ever stayed their hand?”

“Because you destroy!” Fenrick interjected. “You burn, and steak and kill!”

“And so do you,” the dragon replied. “Man has killed dragons until we are nearly extinct, because you say we are cruel. But who kills men because they are cruel?”

As the dragon spoke, Telanja slowly climbed to her feet and began to edge around the beast, her eyes on Fenrick. As though she’d spoken to him, he understood what she wanted. He should keep the dragon busy so that she could escape.

That would be easy enough.

“We govern ourselves,” Fenrick declared. “Don’t pretend that your kind deals justice! Or that you have high motives or ideals. Dragons care only about themselves!”

The dragon’s eyes lit with a malicious fire. “Yes, and so do you.”

Telanja had cleared the dragon so, with a cry, Fenrick charged, his sword slashing and his shield raised. The dragon leapt aside, but he was too large to fully escape the blows. His blood gushed out, hot like flames that burned Fenrick everywhere it touched. But he had no time to worry about the pain as the dragon turned a bought of firey breath on him.

Fenrick withstood the fury until his shield scorched his hand, and then at last he had to dodge away from it. As he rolled from the dragon’s swinging tail, he tried desperately to locate Telanja, but she was nowhere to be seen. She’d escaped. With a sigh of relief, he charged back to the fight.



Saturday, July 17, 2010

More Cover Art


More Cover Art to share with you :)


(though you can't see it very well, the pic underneath the blood is of a toppled statuette in the Slagle cemetery a few years ago.)

the social function of the poster

(A random brick wall, and obviously I added the poster in. I really like the way this one came out)

I always love the ones I get to design myself :)

Random Photos: Fourth of July 2010


These are from Fourth of July

green points

pink and gold


gold and green

fruit basket

blue explosion


red point

gold 2


Fun with sparklers

ring of fire



As always, i have more photos on my flickr -

Fav song of the moment - The snuggle bunny song

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

More Cover Art

artwork by you.

Been doing more covers. Yay! I love doing books covers. and speaking of doing book covers, I've been invited to be a judge at the New Covey Awards. If you've never heard of these, then you should go check them out:

I've stolen this from the email from David (I hope he won't mind)

History of the site:
  • Covey Awards started in June 2007 by Jamieson Wolf for book covers
  • Covey Awards site shut down and deleted in August 2007
  • The New Covey Awards restarted in September 2007  for book covers
  • Awards expanded in November 2007 to include Book Trailers
There are two awards for each site (the Cover Awards site and the Trailer Awards site) - one public and one private.
The public awards are Most Eye-Catching Cover and Most Intriguing Trailer. These awards are open to anyone who wants to vote.
The private awards are Most Artistic Cover and Most Artistic Trailer. These awards are for the covers and trailers that best combine art and design. 

That kind of gives you a little overview, and explains what's going on there, yes?

There's voting going on there for book covers until the fifteenth, so if you haven't been there yet, you should go vote.

Now, here's the two covers I did recently:

The Gryphon Killer

The Affordable Wine guide

And here's an alternate version of that one that was rejected, but I think it's worth keeping around:

reject for The Affordable wine guide - but I still like it anyway ;)

Of course, if you need a book cover I am available - you can contact me or go check out the website: