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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Even More Book Covers


Thought I’d take a moment and share the book covers I’ve been doing lately.


Because I'm proud of it, though no one cares, here's the original photos this cover came from:


smoking a cigarette

Guess what i spent the other night doing? yeah, playing with smoke. we had to go buy a pack of cigarettes, in fact, and then I ended up using incense for the smoke, as per a great article on "How to Photograph Smoke" (worth checking out!)

Thanks to the advice there, I got a few good smoke images (though we used a 1M candle power spotlight to illuminate it instead of studio lights)

awesome smoke

neat smoke

more cool smoke

cool smoke

(I'm just to the point where to get a better image I need a better camera *sigh* )

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Sharon S. said...

you should be proud! Those covers are cool! I love the smoke pics.

Joleene Naylor said...

Thanks! I think these are some of my favorites so far!

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