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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

More Cover Art

artwork by you.

Been doing more covers. Yay! I love doing books covers. and speaking of doing book covers, I've been invited to be a judge at the New Covey Awards. If you've never heard of these, then you should go check them out:

I've stolen this from the email from David (I hope he won't mind)

History of the site:
  • Covey Awards started in June 2007 by Jamieson Wolf for book covers
  • Covey Awards site shut down and deleted in August 2007
  • The New Covey Awards restarted in September 2007  for book covers
  • Awards expanded in November 2007 to include Book Trailers
There are two awards for each site (the Cover Awards site and the Trailer Awards site) - one public and one private.
The public awards are Most Eye-Catching Cover and Most Intriguing Trailer. These awards are open to anyone who wants to vote.
The private awards are Most Artistic Cover and Most Artistic Trailer. These awards are for the covers and trailers that best combine art and design. 

That kind of gives you a little overview, and explains what's going on there, yes?

There's voting going on there for book covers until the fifteenth, so if you haven't been there yet, you should go vote.

Now, here's the two covers I did recently:

The Gryphon Killer

The Affordable Wine guide

And here's an alternate version of that one that was rejected, but I think it's worth keeping around:

reject for The Affordable wine guide - but I still like it anyway ;)

Of course, if you need a book cover I am available - you can contact me or go check out the website:


Sharon S. said...

love both of those covers! Creepy little angel statue and the wine one made me laugh, in a good way.

Joleene Naylor said...

Thanks! I was really fond of the Cherub myself, it's actually one of those little lawn statues you can buy at wal-mart or Lowes, etc. that someone had put in the cemetery when we went to visit my mother-in-laws grave last year. I had to practically lay in the grass to get the shot - but it shows what filters can do! LOL!

David Boultbee said...

I don't mind at all Joleene :)

And thanks again for agreeing to be a Covey Judge - I look forward to your insight on book covers going forward.



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