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Friday, August 13, 2010

Cover Art: Round 2

I know, it's starting to look like this is all I do - but it is all I've done the last week, aside from a visit to the inlaws, a fish fry with hubby's CNA class and being sick. I have one three covers left to start and one to paint.... and then i will be caught up! yay!

Janus' Limbo

(hee-hee, those are my eyes, actually, because i know I won't sue myself later! had to colorize the rose as it was a pink one, but all in all a pretty easy one)

(I just love this guy! he lets me do whatever I want - it's so fun!)

Gioco a somma zero

(blood, need I say more?

This was the original design;

friendship - when it's easy and when it's not

(photo copyright Dmitriy Shironoso | - I did not purchase the license, as the design was rejected.)

they wanted this instead:

friendship - when it's easy and when it's not 2

And last, but not least, my new favorite cover:

last of the ninth

I am taking tomorrow off from covers to try to catch up on several things I need to do....


Sharon S. said...

oooh, the Last of the Ninth is pretty awesome! Love the font on the bloody book . Be careful today, Friday 13 and all. I woke up to a flat tire and I found it as I was heading out to take my teenage to last day of drivers Ed. Oh, the drama.

Joleene Naylor said...

A flat tire and the last day of driver's ed all on the Friday the 13th!?!?! Yeah, if that's not an omen......

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