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Sunday, August 29, 2010

King of Beasts Art Contest


This was done for an art contest on Art's web show blog. Click the link to see the other entries, or to join in the fun yourself. No, there's no prize for the winner, except for the rights to say "Hey, I won, coz I'm cool." But who needs prizes?


This is drawn from an image provided by

It's an awesome photo and I don't know If I did it justice, but oh well. It gave me an excuse to drag out my pencils. I hadn't even opened the drawing pencils since I bought them. Yeesh. The perils of computer art, I guess. Though pencil never scans off very well. At least I don't think it does; too many visible pencil strokes. but some people like that look, I guess.

And yes, that's what I did today. I took a forced day off from my email and all the other work I have to do because it occurred to me that everyone else in the world gets a weekend, and shouldn't I have a sort of one sometimes? Of course, I can't do it right, as I am off to go post a poem in a moment or two at the Summer Jam blog as well as having done this and a stack of line drawings for later coloring ;) But, I guess it's a start.

Go check out that contest.

Song playing at the moment - "The Night" - Disturbed

(new album coming out from these bad boys in a couple days. whoo-hoo! I loves me some David Draiman!)

(photo from wikipedia)


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