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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Knowledge is Shiny

This was written for Blogophilia - a blog game on MySpace, but it;s sort of fun, so I am cross posting it. 


It’s a man’s world and the world’s a man.”

Sophie blinked at her grandmother and managed to say, “Eh?”

Quitters never lose and losers never quit,” the old woman tried again, then belched softly. “Where’s that bottle?”

Sophie shook her head and stepped over the pile of accumulated junk next to granny’s couch. The old woman was “off again”, as her mother would say. She’d no doubt finished off the whole bottle of seltzer water, and now wanted to share the wisdom it inspired.  Though how bubbly water could inspire anyone was a subject for debate.

“You drank it all, Granny,” she said gently, and held up the empty bottle from the end table. “See?”

“Oh, drat.” Granny sighed and looked down at Sophie’s feet. “New shoes?” she asked conversationally.

Sophie relaxed and moved to the nearby armchair, where she dislodged a fat orange tom cat, then took a seat. “Yes. Mom bought them.”

“What ever for?” Granny demanded. “What are you going to do with shoes that shiny? They're shining shoes, those are.”

Sophie rolled her eyes laboriously. “They’re special shoes, Granny. For special occasions.”

The old woman looked momentarily confused. “what’s so special about this occasion? There’s just you me and my shadow here. No one to impress.” She looked suddenly alarmed. “Is there?”

“Mom’s in the kitchen?” Sophie suggested. “And we have to go to the special ceremony tonight-”

Granny didn’t seem to care about the rest of her story, as she bounded up from the couch. “Blood and tar! What’s she doing in my kitchen? She’d best not be-“


 Granny swore loudly, and then shambled towards the sound of running water and scrubbed pans. “Delores!” she shouted. “Don’t you dare touch that pan on the back of the stove!”

Granny disappeared into the kitchen, followed by what sounded like an avalanche of tin and aluminum. Delores replied coolly, “I was too afraid to touch it, so I threw it out!” Then, Granny swore again and banged a pot down.

Sophie leaned back in the armchair and listened to the sounds of their weekly argument.  Finally, Granny stormed back into the living room and took up her place on the couch, all her seltzer water wisdom gone and replaced with red rimmed fury.

“That mother of yours!” she declared as she snatched up her knitting. “Do you know, that’s the tenth batch she’s ruined? The tenth! As if Boysenberries picked in a graveyard under a full moon just grow on trees!”

Sophie started to suggest that they grew on bushes, but thought better of it. Instead, she concentrated on her swinging feet.  Just as Granny said, those shoes were shiny, and they reflected the world back to Sophie, though in a skewed, distorted way that made it all somehow amusing.

“You just wait,” the old woman threatened. “When I discover the secret to the universe, you can rest assured I won’t share it with her!”

Sophie nodded along without looking up. She didn’t say it, but they already knew the secret of the universe. That was the first thing they learned in witch training these days.  The second was how to trap a familiar into shiny surfaces, and the third was that Boysenberries never made good draughts of “all Knowingness”.  Someday, she was going to tell Granny that, but in the meantime she swung her legs and watched the face smiling back at her from her shoes.


I dunno. Call it an off the cuff and blame Terry Pratchet.

And for the segment I like to call Random Things from my hard Drives, please enjoy a sideways….


I got a Motorola droid, finally, and had to play with it. One of the apps films and uploads straight to YouTube. This should help explain the pointless crap on the internet: because they make it so easy any idiot can do it!

Oh, and, yeah, it’s sideways because I held the phone vertical, not horizontal. Lesson learned.

song Playing at the moment - "Tapestry"- Don McLean


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