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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Postcards from Bilbo - Volume 4

postcards from bilbo

Contrary to popular belief, poor Bilbo the Amazing Pencil Guy did not die, nor did he stop writing postcards; I just got too busy to post them for him! I know, I know, I already listened to his tirade. But better late than never, I always say!

June 22nd:


Hello! Yes, I know it's not your birthday, but since I went to a birthday party last night I thought it was a good postcard to send. it was a fun party; we had cake and ice cream and watched some very weird movies. One of them was all in Japanese and had giant, weird monsters. The ending didn't make much sense, either. Better go for now.
Your friend,

July 4th:


Happy Independence Day! I hope you had a fun celebration because we sure did1 we went to a fireworks show and then we came back and they shot off some random rockets. Most of them didn't work right - something about them being damp or old or free or something. But it was fun waiting for someone to get blown up. (No one did, though).
Your friend,

July 10th:


Greetings, friend! It has been raining here for a few days, so I haven't had too many outdoor adventures. But, today we decided to chance the rain and went for a long journey. It was an all day trip and, though we got water logged, we did enjoy it. we were lost for awhile in a jungle of giant flowers, but Yan finally found the way out. He’s very smart.
Will write more later,

July 14th:


Thought I'd drop you a line and apologize for being remiss in writing. We have been engaged in a scrabble tournament for the last three days and it has been very exciting. Alas, I was out early on, but Yan has done quite well and took home second place. who knew Scrabble could be so exciting?
until next time,

July 18th:


Greetings, friends! How have you been? Do you like this spooooooky post card? We went on a ghost hunt last night, and though I think I saw something, Yan says it was my imagination. I wish I'd had a camera and then I could have taken a picture! It is a ghost in a little cemetery not far from here. I think it is the priest that is buried there with the big monument.
Your friend,

(Look for Volume Five in a few days - I hope!)

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