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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Postcards from Bilbo - Volume 5

postcards from bilbo

Hello! Bilbo the Amazing Pencil Guy here. Yes, the Amazing is my real middle name. Ask my mother. Anyway, I, Bilbo, have left my home down south and traveled north in search of adventure and excitement. It wasn’t that I didn’t like my home, because I did, but I just needed to spread my wings and seek out the wonders of the universe. And so, here I am, in southern Missouri, but I don’t want my friends back home to get lonely, so I am sending them postcards….

July 25th


Hello! I have just got back from an exciting day trip to Bolivar (That town that is spelled different than it sounds). We went on a walking tour of the old downtown. They have some very interesting buildings there, and they seem to keep them very nice. I wonder if there are any apartments for rent there? i think it would be fun to live above a store like that!
Hope all is well with you!
Until next time,

July 30th


Rainy day greetings from Missouri! it's been raining her for a couple of days, but I refuse to let it get my spirits down! Besides, it stops long enough for there to be a rainbow, and who can be down when there's a rainbow to look at? I hope you are all enjoying your share of rainbows too!
Your friend,

August 2nd


Hello, friend! There is some sort of "green" convention going on around here. Yan and I thought that it meant we should dress in green, but the piggy (I haven't mentioned him before, but he's quite wise) explained that it has something to do with global warming. I did not know there were green global worms, but I think you had best watch out for them, as I don't know what they eat.
Must go,
your friend,

August 9th


Hello! We just got in, and it is quite late. We had an exciting night out on the town and enjoyed some very fine entertainment. I only wish you could all be here with me, but I know that you are having your own fun and adventures!
It's late, so I had better go, but I did want to drop you a line!

August 13th

postcard 25

Hello friends! How are you? I've been learning to paint, and I think I'm pretty good, if I do say so myself. Though it is a bit hard to hold the spray nozzle down and aim it at the same time, but I am learning! I feel very artistic, and I have to say I am quite proud! Hope you are all feeling artistic too!
Your dear friend,


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