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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Two Poems


Two poems tonight, and then i am off to go have some dinner and get to bed. *yawn*

First, this week's Summer Jam has the theme back to school, which I thought was brilliant. If you haven't been there yet, then you should stop in. There's a lot of fun going on!

I'll preface this with the same thing I did on the blog:

Over all, I liked school, though I had a brief falling out with it towards the end of high school when I realized that it didn't matter what I did, I'd still be "good old Jo who can draw".  The last two thirds of my Junior year we all went a little haywire and started drinking and running around and skipping school - and the sad thing is that no one seemed to notice except my art teacher. (He was awesome). At one point I got into a screaming fight in the lunch room in front of the principle and other teachers (it was with my best friend of the time, we also parted ways that year for awhile over something else) and we were shouting obscenities and everything and only the art teacher did anything - and all he did was walk over and suggest we might not want our dirty laundry aired in front of everyone, to which I replied that I had nothing to hide, it was all hers, then he said okay and left. There weren't even any repercussion - nothing. It was like not existing. Very strange. The closest we came to any kind of cause/effect that year was that we lost our credits for missing too many days in a semester and had to go talk to a panel of teachers to get them back, but they gave them back because we showed up.

Anyway, that kind of puts you in the right frame of mind for this one.

Like Something Golden

A new year begins like something golden
The halls shimmer with the scent of expectation
Until it becomes a flavor,
Honey sugar melting on your tongue
A cough drop of hope that melts on your tongue
As you file through the doors and take your place
Among the same old friends
The new kids walk past, uncertain and confused
And for a moment your whole life could change
Could one of them make a difference?
Become that friend or enemy that
Can define a person’s whole existence?
But they won’t as they move on to other faces
Other people who are infinitely more than you
And you’re left with just the same old friends
And same old name
And same old place
Within the fabric of this world,
A locked cage that you cannot escape
Because for all the expectation,
No one can ever see past what they want
To notice there is something else beneath
The same old, same old cliché they’ve known for years
But, you have yet to learn this fact,
This irrefutable law of life’s geometry,
And so for you the day still holds
The citrus yellow taste of hope
And the unrealized expectation of something ready to dawn
Just over the horizon
Like something golden.

And then, there's a simple sunday art challenge going on over at the CPC, and the picture this week was so awesome that i had to drop a few lines there too. The art is by Lee Jones and all I can say is WOW! His art is seriously awesome!

Late Summer Fair

View All Photos | LEE JONES ARTIST

The last of summer wanes on the breeze
The sounds of the fair
drift through the air
Like something so alive

The thought of who’ll be there weakens your knees
Take time and dress
Designed to impress
A look of innocence contrived

Look out the window where he waits
So expectantly
Yet in his eyes, impatience

Together you pass through garden gate
And down the road
Where dreams unfold
To the fairgrounds adjacent

And there surrounded by the colored swirls
And sounds of glee
He drops to his knee
And offers you a silver ring

So you feign surprise, as do all girls
And then you take
Offering he makes
And promise forever for to cling

Congratulations make their usual rounds
As twilight fades
To evening shade
And home at last he leads your way

A last fragile kiss in the garden grounds
Then up the stairs
And you comb your hair
Save the daisy for your wedding day.

And I am outta here. check the links and have fun!

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