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Monday, September 13, 2010

Morning Randomness


Just a couple of boring things to share with you.

I will be largely MIA for the week as it is crunch time and I have to do last minute typo checking before I can submit Legacy of Ghosts and get my proof copy. If I don’t move my butt I won’t make the October deadline, so alas I must get to work. I will miss you all, but I will be back.
I tried to do a little blog catching up tonight, but 40%
have all gone private now - wtf? I sent a request to those I really
enjoy and said forget it about the other ones - I’ll use this to tidy
my list up, I guess. I understand the point of a private blog now and
then, but I don’t understand the point of regularly being in “public”
and then being private… It’s like going to McD’s, going through drive
through, then eating in the parking lot with the tinted windows rolled
up. Just stay home at that point.

Oh, the How to Get a Cheap Book Cover eBook is in the beta stage and, I hope, will be out soon too. I don’t intend to do much promo for it, since it doesn’t really have much to do with my “author image”, but it will be there anyway. Right now I only plan to release it on Smashwords, though I have considered a paperback version. I’m just not sure it’s worth the cost of the proof book, especially if I don’t do any promotion.


Speaking of promotion, there will be a contest for the Legacy of Ghosts release. I am planning to host it on the author blog, just to keep things organized and not muddy up MySpace with it. It will run for two weeks - possibly the last week in September and the first in October, depending on a lot of factors. There will be three prizes; two autographed copies of Legacy of Ghosts and one Grand prize of a Shades of Gray/Legacy of Ghosts combo pack for those who missed the first book, or just want an autographed copy. Unlike last year, this year won’t take as much work to enter. More details when the time gets here, as we don’t want anyone getting prepared ahead of time.

And coz you’re not bored enough, I feel the need to bore you with a new (and hopefully never repeated) segment called….

Random Things from my Phone

(yeah, really.)

It has a pretty good camera


butterfly 2

With a Macro setting

lady bugs

butterfly 3

Chicken parmesan at Kathy’s Pasta

chicken parmesan

I have an awesome app called “retro Camera” that does these brilliant effects…

Here’s a good comparison of the four settings


blinky - xolaroid

The Little Orange Box:

blinky - orang box

Pin Hole Camera

blinky - pin hole


blinky - barbl


Isn’t that grunge look fantastic? That stuff that looks like glompy dirt on the wall is epoxy that the workmen smeared when they installed the bathtub, and it’s an off white color normally. (I shoulda taken a regular pic to show you the awesome grunge making potential of this application!)


chucky retro

Ink pen cup

ink pen cup


Chris’s ear

chris's ear

Guess which ones I like the best?

And if that wasn’t dull enough - here’s a video from the other night

And even more boring, one from last week before we got caught in the near tornado in Springfield. (I may not post all week, this has to last, you know! *cough*)

Bored yet?

Song playing at the moment - “Last to Know” - Three Days Grace


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