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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Proof is Here!

Last night I posted a blog that expressed concern about my missing proof for Legacy of Ghosts. The gods of the mail service must have read it, because the proof arrived today!

The snazy front cover!
I’d like to point out that there is no pink involved this time – only a bit of purple. But purple is cool. And so what if it ends up colored a little girly? I am a girl, after all. And besides, this book has a lot more romance than the last one did. Yes, there’s still killing and blood, but the focus of the first one was setting up their situation, and the main focus in this one is setting their relationship up and dusting all the little road blocks out of the way so we can move on in the next book. so, yes, there is less fighting and killing in this book, but they couldn’t and more “emotional” drama, but they can’t “grow” any if they have to spend every second running for their lives. I mean, how can you establish a relationship that way?
Anyway, here’s the back:
There should be a gray box around the quotes.... but as you can see it is invisible

So yeah, I need to darken up the box on the back cover a bit, and as for the text, well….
"here's a typo, there's a semi colon, everywhere's some rephrasing..."

Yep. I’m on page 76 and I’ve already found a few typos, inverted quotes and changed some wording.  When I was first doing writing/publishing research so many blogs and sites commented that a manuscript “read” differently on paper vs on the computer screen, and they’re right! I know it must be psychological, but it's there just the same.
Okay, silly as it is, wanted to share that with the world. Carry on.

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