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Monday, September 6, 2010

Spiffy Old Stuff - Babette : A Paper Doll

old stuff

It’s time for the oft forgotten weekly blog where I post something old that you may not have seen before. If you’re interested, I have a cool Table of Contents.

This week, I am in the mood for a little…

Yeah, I feel like some paper dolls. This is a really old Spiffy thing – the date says 2005, but that’s just when I scanned them off and put them on fancy backs on the computer. This set was actually drawn and colored in 1998 while we were living in our first apartment (which explains the very 90’s clothes – Korn t-shirt, anyone?). I did quite a bit of paper dolling in ’98 and ’99, then quit once I discovered the internet. I actually have a couple of uncolored sets I may scan someday and post as is for other people to color themselves. I dunno.

This is Babette – aka Babs. If you’ve read Wedensday’s Child, she makes a brief appearance in the first chapter, and was supposed to have a whole book devoted to her (Tuesday’s Child), as each book was supposed to overlap a little. I never got around to it, but I know her whole story, anyway. She has a step mother who she dislikes, her father has money now, but he didn't used to, and she lives with her father and step mother because after her parents split up her mother took off because she “couldn’t cope”. She likes ballet, but doesn’t have the natural bone structure to ever really get anywhere with it. She has a dark, discontented side. She would have been an interesting character.

Anyway, these are free to print, copy, cut out, give away, etc. Just don’t sell them or claim you drew them, and I don’t care what you do with them :)









Sorry so girly, guys. I’ll try to make it up to you next time.

Fav song of the moment – “One Night” – Goo Goo Dolls & “Re-education” – Rise Against


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