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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Review: Songs of the Dead by Dawn Colclasure


Songs of the Dead by Dawn Colclasure

Dawn Colclasure’s dark poetry collection, Songs of the Dead, is not only dark, but passionate. Anger, fear, hurt and betrayal run under the skin of this work and shine through especially bright in poems such as No Turning Back, Deep Within and I am Madness. Colclasure examines the dark side of human nature; murder, drug use, violence, insanity and isolation. But, beyond the tales of death and darkness there’s also a message of empowerment; the voice of someone who has taken too much, for too long and has finally had enough.

Songs of the Dead is a re-release of the chapbook originally published in 2003 and, with more than twenty-seven new poems, it has more than earned the title “expanded”. Colclasure has a flair for prose, with lines such as “walk on the moon and hear the stars breathe,” (from Death shows my Pain) and different poetry forms stop the reader from falling into a sing song rhythm of sameness and help to keep the collection fresh and interesting, page after page.

From poems of death and surrender, to fury and revenge, this is a poetry book to enjoy in the darkest of moods and one that anyone who’s ever “been there” will instantly empathize with.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Midnight Proposal - a Zombie Poem

This was written for the CPC when Jonathan - aka Jissilly - hosted solo. It won an award. But then, everything won an award ;)

Midnight Proposal

Moonlight filtered through the trees,
Then Bill, he got down on one knee
and then he took Delilah’s hand
and on it placed a golden band.
He asked her "mrffff erffff briiiide?"
At his words Delilah’s eyes grew wide,
one popped right out of the socket,
so he caught it and put it in his pocket.
a token of his sweetest lover.
Since he first saw her, there was no other
her golden hair, her skin of green,
the prettiest zombie he'd ever seen.
From the picnic basket, he took champagne
and the casserole made with brain.
Then they had a romantic dinner for two,
underneath the shinning moon.
dining on their brains so gray
Just Bill and his new fiancé

And here’s the cool award it won:

Spiffy, huh? ;)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Junior Warlock of Maple Leaf Drive

The Junior Warlock of  Maple Leaf Drive

The house across the street is old and dark. I stare at it anyway, gingerly holding the ice pack to my swollen, black eye. I know Mr. Langstrom will be home soon, and when he is, he’s going to get a surprise!

I move from the window and stop at the tiny pot simmering over the potpourri burner. It isn’t like I can have a full fledged cauldron with a roaring fire in my bedroom. My mom would ask too many questions about that, so it’s miniature for me. Besides, it’s big enough. The essence just needs to be there.

I give the pink liquid inside a stir and mutter the closing words of the spell, “Stelligin mycollick frissel, thermanth omnivoris uncathental.” A small cloud puffs up and then disintegrates, leaving behind a foul odor that makes me cringe. But if I think this is bad, it’s nothing compared to what’s going to happen to him!

It’s only a few minutes until I hear his car, and hurry to the window. I watch him get out of his car; he’s six foot, graying hair and watery eyes. He closes the door and troops through the snowy yard, books under his arms, unaware of is waiting inside.

I stifle an evil giggle and watch eagerly. He stops on the porch and shifts the books from one arm to the other, slips the key in the lock and-

“Peter, what are you doing?”

I spin around to find my mom eyeing me suspiciously. She sniffs the air and then seems to instantly zoom in on the potpourri burner. “What on earth did you put in my potpourri pot?”

“Um, just stuff,” I mutter, one eye on the frosty window. But, I’ve missed it. Mr. Langstrom is in his house, the front door is closed, and there is nothing. Didn’t the spell work?

“Well clean it out and get down stairs. Dinner’s ready.” She glares at the room in general as though it’s offensive and then disappears down the stairs. I listen to her heavy footfalls, all the while waiting for something to happen across the street. A light snaps on. Then another. But, that’s it. No screaming, no shouting; nothing.

I finally have to go down to dinner, or risk too much suspicion. I stop and clean out the makeshift cauldron, then head down to find my parents at the table. My dad looks at my swollen eye and whistles, “so what did you do, again?”

“It was that stupid little dog across the street,” I mutter. “Mr. Langstrom’s mutt. It jumped in front of me and I slipped on the icy sidewalk.”

My little sister laughs - again - and my dad just shakes his head. “That dog seems to like you.”

“Like me?” I demanded as I plopped into a chair. “It’s a menace! It’s trying to kill me! I’ve told that rotten Mr. Langstrom before that he better do something about it before I call the pound. And do you know what he said?”

“That he’d send YOU to the pound!” my sister answers.  She’s heard the story before.

“Oh, Peter,” my mom shakes her head with disapproval. “It’s only a little dog. Let it go.”

But I have no intention of it. That’s why I summoned the creature from the darkest pits of despair to eat the beast. Only, I have the distinct feeling that the spell didn’t work.  Dinner ends and I escape to my room. I watch as the lights go out, and then the house across the street is once more dark and silent.  By the light of cell phone I reread the instructions for the summoning spell, wondering where I went wrong. I was sure I did it all right. As dawn approaches, I fall into an uneasy sleep.

My mom wakes me up too early, and I shuffle sleepily to get dressed and try to look presentable for the day. As I brush my hair and stare at the swollen eye, I vow to try that spell again. That rotten little dog will suffer, and so will that crabby old man!

I manage to escape my mother’s well intentioned breakfast, but once I’m on the street, the door across the street opens and Mr. Langstrom calls to me. I freeze in place, eyes wide as I look at him, but he shouts again, “Get over here, kid. I want to have a talk with you!”

There’s no way he could know about what I’d done; the spell failed, after all. Sure, he’s the town librarian, but I didn’t exactly get that spell book out of the public library, now did I? There’s absolutely no way-

“Get over here, I’m freezing my tuckus off!” he shouts again, and then slams the door closed.

I decide it can’t hurt, but still I’m in no hurry, so I let my feet drag through the snow and over the icy sidewalk. His porch is covered in faded outdoor carpeting, and I wipe my shoes off on it. As I reach to knock on the door, it jerks open and a withered hand stabs out, grabs a handful of my coat, and yanks me inside before I even have time to shout.

The inside of the house is dim, and it reeks; like the smell of the dissipated smoke in my room. It’s kind of like Pepe LePue had been hanging around. 

 Mr. Langstrom stares at me, hands on his hips and fire in his eyes. “I believe I have something of yours.”

“Mine?” I ask weekly, eyes darting through the gloom. Something dark moves in the shadows; something dark and tentacly…

Mr. Langstrom jabs a finger towards the shadows. “Do you know what happened to the last kid who sent a creature from the pits of despair into my house?”

My jaw drops and I have no words.  How does he know what it is? How does he know I did it? How did he escape alive and manage to subdue it? Wait - what does he mean “the last kid”?

“Chester!” he shouts, and, on command, that annoying little yapping dog comes scooting around the corner. It sees me and its tail wags as it dashes full tilt towards me.

“Oh god!” I cry, my arms up. “You fed them to Chester?”

“No.” Mr. Langstrom’s voice drops, but somehow it seems louder, anyway. “He IS Chester. So, unless you want to end your days as a Yorkshire terrier, I suggest you give it up.”

That night, my mom asked me what I was burning in the barbeque.  I told her it was some old school papers. After all, I couldn’t say it was a spell book, now could I?

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Randomness - with photos!


I was going to do this blog at the end of last week and then I didn’t get a chance to. First off, thanks to everyone who stopped by the CPC last Tuesday/Wednesday for the Vampires vs Zombies. We made top blog on Myspace! Really:

top blog baby

If you didn’t stop by, don’t worry. I know time’s tight and we don’t all run in the same circles ;)

I was going to do this for Blogophilia, but those topics are too awesome to waste on Randomness, so just gonna plop this out there for no reason.

Last week was busy. Monday I lost hours by staying up until eleven so I could go to town to get what can only be called The Best Hot Dog in the World. Seriously, look at this thing:

The best hotdogs in Missouri

I’m drooling just looking at it! And then I’ve had so much email… why, I had email that went back clear to 1969!

old email

Talk about a full inbox!

Then, last Saturday was the eleven year anniversary (holy cats, batman!) and hubby was quite sweet this year. In fact I got an amazingly awesome anniversary present:

Happy anniversary to me :-)

No, that’s not just any old Barbie doll! It’s a reproduction of the 1985 Peaches N Cream Barbie that I so, so wanted when I was five but, alas, did not get. Now I have a new version in all its fluffy peach glory. She is now residing in my cabinet next to the other thing I wanted when I was five:

my five year old dreams coming true

Yes, Voltron. Voltron and Barbie- can a girl get any luckier?!

So, anyway, anniversary. After dinner we went wandering around Springfield to a few places, and I found some interesting things I thought I’d share.

Though I was mainly disappointed with Target (Not as much cool stuff as usual) they did have some rather adorable little Halloween piggies:

ghosst piggy


vampire piggy

mummy piggy

witch piggy

Oh, and this:

pink glitter pumpkin

I don’t know whether to cringe or cry “yippe”! As a Halloween lover, the pink glitter makes me go “Ewww..”, but as a pink glitter lover I have to say “Oh! Fantastic!”. And no, I didn’t buy one. For that price I can get a foam pumpkin from wal-mart and cover it in glitter myself.

It’s not just the decorations that are in a Halloween mood. It seems soda is too:

halloween soda

Aren’t those cute? Sunkist should have done jackolanterns, that’s all I’m saying. They should also have done this on bigger cans instead of just the tiny ones. But then things have gone to tiny sample size, haven’t they? Even spices are coming like that now:

making the teaspoon obsolete

Yeah. Like someone can’t measure out that teaspoon themselves? Call me a freak, but that seems ridiculous, as does this highly amusing warning label:

look at the warning image

You need warned that the thing could drop down and bash in your head? Wow.

And speaking of pointless things, what is the point of a purse smaller than my hand?

baby purse

I mean, when I was a teenager we had some pointless purses, but I don’t even think you could get cigarettes in this one! seriously… (hint - my hands are so small that I have to wear children’s press on nails because the adult ones are too big for me)

And in other weirdness, how about a cardboard guitar that “plays music’?

paper guitar

No? Cardboard speakers, perhaps?

cardboard speaker

And you wonder why I was so excited about getting 80’s toys!

Since this is random, no real “Random stuff”, though I am stacking up books covers this month. Yay!

Oh, all right, you convinced me. Here’s a random funny screen cap. Look at the related videos suggestion:

sog trailer suggestions youtube

Exactly what does my book trailer and a Mr. Bean cartoon have in common? What is YouTube trying to say?

Fav song of the moment - “Wave Bye Bye” - Gin Blossoms (Their new album rocks!)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Website is Up

Officially announcing the new – it is finally finished and online!

So what’s new about the site that makes it so exciting?

The navigation has been cleaned up with the use of sub-menu,  so it’s easier to get where you’re going, and there are some new sections – including the Legacy of Ghosts section where you can get all the info, read chapter samples, see character bios and get html code to help spread the word about the book.

101 Tips for Traveling with a Vampire also has it’s own section now, including a free sample and the bonus tips for Living with a Vampire; helpful ideas no matter your relationship with the undead is.

There is also a new Cover Art Gallery, and the short stories and flash fiction have been broken up into their own pages to better accommodate the growing archive of  free reads.

All together, the site took longer to program than we anticipated, but I think it was worth it. What I want to know is what YOU think! Go take a look and let me know your opinions.

P.S. And don't forget to stop by the CPC Tuesday night where I'm guest hosting the very fun Zombies vs Vampires! It's guaranteed undead fun!

Explaining Google Caching

I had another blog to post, but it seems there is ignorance running rife in the MySpace community - okay, no, there is one person who I have long wearied of dealing with, who can not seem to grasp the concept of a cache. As such, I thought that I would take a moment to explain caching to the world at large.

When Google crawls the web and indexes webpages, it takes snapshots - or pictures - of the page as it appears at exactly that day at that moment, then it saves them to google's servers.

What does this mean? It means when you click on the Cache link, you get to see that snapshot - even if the page of has been deleted or changed, you will get to see what it looked like on the cache day. In order to see the real, newest, updated version you have to click on the link in the header.

So let's say you have a website - - and then one day you delete that site. If google has cached it then people can still view a "picture" version of it for the next SIX MONTHS and there is nothing you can do about it because this picture of the site is on Google's servers. You have deleted your website, you have removed the content from your servers, you might have even sold the domain to someone else, but google has the picture of it and will continue to display it in web searches.

It's the same thing as if your friend took a screen capture of your and posted the picture. Just because you delete your site doesn't mean you deleted his picture. You can't log into his servers and take it down.

So what if google has a chached image of a website you don't want anyone to see? I don't know. I'm not google. Maybe you can contact them, but I doubt you'll get anywhere.

Thank you.

This has been a public service announcement brought to you by Jo and influenced by someone who is too lazy to read the headline on the google cache page.  For your convenience, a screen capture of said heading follows:


and if you click the link for the CURRENT PAGE this is what you get:

screencap 2

Yeah. no page there. I don't own google, I can't deleted googles cache images. There's nothing else I can do

Friday, October 15, 2010

Jonathan and his Inner Zombie Converse....

Okay, maybe it's not his inner zombie, but that's only because it's too busy eating brains to do much talking.

Inner Workaholic:
What are you talking about? Why aren't we working on the webcomic?

Because I was going to post this the other day-

Yeah, we got distracted. Remember YouTube?

Inner Workaholic: Oh, yeah. All right, it's posted, let's get to work.

No it's not. I haven't given anyone the link yet.

Inner HTML Ninja:

What's that going to do? Why would someone click on the word "link"? It needs an intro.

Inner Gushing Person: you should all check out Jonatha's super cool pimp blog. And I'm not just saying that because he pimped me, but because it's really cool. It's so cool, and funny, that I ripped him off.

Inner HTML Ninja:
Check it out

Inner Blonde:
What? Like, how did we rip him off?

Me: this whole "conversation with the multiple personalities" thing. He did that first. In that really funny blog.

Inner Blonde:
Oh! tee-hee!

Inner Workaholic:
Good. Comic time.

But wait! I have a couple of thank yous, first.

Inner Gushing Person:
That's my department, thank you very much. Don't make me contact the union.


*ignores me*

Inner Gushing Person:
Yes, a super special thank you to Sharon for her fantastic review - she's like the book review ninja! Moves so fast you don't even know she's been ;)

Inner HTML Ninja:

Um, there was already a link there...

Inner Gushing Person: I'm not done yet! Also, a thank you to Cherie for her awesome email the other day! (She was one of the poets that won a copy of Shades of Gray in the CPC Sharonlee Poetry Contest last August.)

I remember that. There were a lot of good poems.

Inner Cry Baby:
Yeah, we didn't win *sob* Not like that Bonnie who won 2!

Yes we did. We won popular vote.

Inner Workaholic: Okay, now you're just stalling. Get to work already!!

okay! Okay! Yeesh! It's sad when you get bossed around by imaginary personalities.

Inner Boss:
Hey! Who's bossin' who? That's my job! Do I need to contact the union again...

*runs away*

(If you read Jonathan's blog, this makes a lot more sense! ;) )

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Attic Treasure

flash fiction

Alex came down the stairs slowly, the giant purple feather in his hand, and a concerned look puckering his tiny eyebrows. His sister, Alisia, sat at the dining room table, elbow deep in gooey pumpkin seeds as she worked on her Halloween jack-o-lantern.

She glanced up as he came to a stop near her, and fastened her eyes on the prize in his hand. “What’s that?”

“I dunno. I found it in the attic.”

Alisia’s voice dropped to a horrified whisper, “The attic? You’re not supposed to be up there! You know better!” But her admonishment could only last so long. “So let me see!”

She grabbed for the feather, but Alex stepped away quickly. “No! Your hands are all messy! You’ll ruin it!”

The girl glared and opened her mouth to shout for her mother, but realized at the last second that mom would only take the treasure away. “Oh, all right. I’ll be right back – don’t you move!” And she marched away to the kitchen.

Alex stood patiently for under a minute, then he wandered to the doorway and peered into the front room where his mother sat on the couch watching TV and having her weekly phone conversation with her sister. There was a funny old guy on the screen, in some movie that Alex didn't recognize.

“-I’m telling you, Steve Martin would even be good in bunny ears! You just don’t have any taste!”

Alex pondered whether this mysterious person was someone he should know, and why he’d be in bunny ears, but his thoughts were interrupted when someone suddenly yanked the feather from his hand. He spun on the spot, ready to shout, but found Alisia standing there, one finger to her mouth.

“Come on,” she whispered, then grabbed him and hauled him through the house and out into the backyard. The autumn trees dropped leaves on their heads as they found a good open spot, and plopped down to examine the feather.

Alisia turned it over in her hands, then smacked her brother in the back of the head. “It’s a quill, you dork!”

Alex rubbed his injury and scowled. “A what?”

“A quill. It’s an old fashioned ink pen.” She rolled here eyes dramatically. “Go get some paper and I’ll show you!”

They argue momentarily about why he had to go, but in the end he lost, so it was only so many wasted words. He slumped into the house, fetched his drawing tablet with the big red Indian on the front, and slumped back out to his sister.

He smacked her on the head for good measure, then handed the tablet over. “Here.”

She glared, but didn’t retaliate, only opened the tablet to a blank page and then set about demonstrating. “See this pointy bit? That’s like the bottom of the ink pen. It’s the nit, or something like that. And you dip it in ink – oh crap!”

Alex’s eyes went wide and he covered his mouth. “You can’t say that word!”

“Yes I can, when something aggravating happens. Mom does it all the time,” she explained in her best grown-up tone. “But that doesn’t matter. We need ink.”

He surveyed the feather, then the paper and turned it over in his mind. Ink pens didn't need ink, they had ink already, so why did this one? He made up his mind that for all her big talk, Alisia had no idea what she was talking about. Without a word, he snatched the quill from her hand and proceeded to trace a large, sloppy circle on the paper.

A sloppy, red circle.

“See?” he announced triumphantly, ignoring Alisia’s wail. “It doesn’t need ink!” He made a smiley face, and added curly hair on top, just like his. “Look, it’s me!” He glanced up, expecting to find Alisia and an insult, but his sister was laying on the ground doubled up, her arms wrapped around her mid section.

He shook her leg. “Hey, what are you doing?”

“It hurts!” she cried.

Alex scowled. “Ah, you’re just being a cry baby because I got it to work!” He turned back to his masterpiece and flipped to a clean piece of paper where he wrote as he spoke, “A-lis-ia is a bi-ig cry-y b-a-by.” He glanced up to see her rolled over on her side, positively sobbing now, then he added a portrait of her, complete with a big wart on her nose.

“What’s going on out here?”

Alex looked up to see his mom striding towards them. “Alex! Did you hurt your sister?”

“No,” he sulked. “She’s just throwing a fit because I figured out the quilt-nit thing.”

His mother brushed the nonsense sentence aside, and hurried to her daughter. Alisia continued to cry, and Alex went back to his drawing, adding a few embellishments, like some devil horns. And then his mother screamed.

He looked up to see her kneeling next to Alisia, her hands covered in blood. “Oh my god! Alisia! Hold on honey!” And then she scooped the girl up and ran inside without even shutting the door behind her.

Alex looked at his drawing, then back up, and for the first time felt genuine concern for Alisia. She was bossy and pig headed, but she was his big sister. He abandoned his drawing and wandered into the house, the quill clenched in his small fist. He stopped in the dining room and watched through the kitchen doorway as his mother laid Alisia on the table and peeled off her shirt to reveal deep, bleeding gouges.

His dad got home just then, and quickly ha the situation under control. He soothed his near-hysterical wife, helped her clean up their crying, hysterical daughter, and then he turned and met his son’s concerned eyes. He offered him a soft smile and jerked his head to indicate that he should go wait for him in the front room.

He was there in a few minutes, and the first thing he did was hold his hand out. “I think you’d better give me what you found in the attic, Alex.”

His first instinct was to hide the quill behind his back, but under his father’s steady gaze he slowly brought it out again. “Here.”

“Thank you.” He looked the quill over, then stuffed it into his pocket. “What have we told you about the attic, Alex?”

“It’s dangerous,” he mumbled.

“That’s right. I hope you can see now just how dangerous it is. You do realize that this quill is what hurt your sister, don’t you?”

The boy’s eyes grew wide. “What? But how?”

“This is the devil’s quill, son. It draws in the blood of the person who held it last. If I were to draw something right now, it would use your blood.”

“And it would hurt?” Alex ventured.

“Yes, a lot.” He saw his son’s worried face. “But I’m not going to do that. I’m going to put this back where it belongs, and we’re not ever going to discuss it again, do you understand?”

Alex heaved a sigh of relief and nodded.

“Good.” His father ruffled his hair affectionately. “Just wait, when you’re old enough both you and Alisia will be able to join the coven and worship the great Melachial. Until then….” He waited for Alex to finish.

The boy sighed again, though more from disappointment this time. “Stay out of the attic?”


His dad did as he promised; he put the quill back where it belonged and the incident was never spoken of again. However, Alisia had a hard time explaining to her future husband why she had a scar that looked very much like a bad drawing of a warty girl with devil horns.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

October Newsletter

So, the newsletter is more than a week late. I know everyone's been waiting on tenterhooks for the new edition, but you must wait no more! At last! It is here - and it is full of news!

Legacy of Ghosts, the second installment in the Amaranthine series, is finally available for purchase! You can pick up your digital copy at Smashwords or Amazon Kindle, or grab a paper back. If you're interested in an autographed copy then drop me a line at

Legacy of Ghosts cover - fixed

After the events of Shades of Gray, Katelina seeks peace with Jorick, but it’s hard to come by in a world shrouded in secrets and threatened by a brewing storm. Though Kateesha plans to fight the same battle as Jorick’s fledgling, a common enemy isn’t enough to overcome past betrayals, and the tempest explodes into a violent frenzy. Drawn into a deathly conflict, Jorick and Katelina must learn to overcome old regrets, or risk losing their future to the ghosts of their past.

Legacy of Ghosts, the second installment of the Amaranthine series, plunges back into a world of blood and cruelty where the darkness hold dominion and vampires don’t sparkle.

You can read sample chapters at in either whole chapter format or in tiny, blog sized nuggets. Yeah, I'm all about choice.

Winners in the Legacy of Ghosts contest have also been announced. I want to thank everyone who entered, and I hope you had some fun with the questions. The winner of the Bonus contest was Sharon Stogner, who will be getting a double prize pack containing both the books in the Amaranthine series, while Jonathan Harvey and Falcon both won a copy of Legacy of Ghosts. Congratulations guys! If you want to watch the official drawing, you can do so here.

Also out last month is the nonfiction title How to Get a Cheap Book Cover: from how to woo your cover artist to simple DIY.


A great book cover doesn't have to cost a fortune. This book covers everything from hiring someone else, to all the DIY tips you need like finding the right font, locating the perfect picture, and illustrated step by step instructions on how to put the cover together in three popular art programs. At the moment it's only available through Smashwords, but I may expand the market later.

And if you're in the market for a book cover, or book cover art, you might want to check out and see what I have to offer. This last month I completed 7 book covers:

Bracelets of Light     cover

Dangerous Times    Mai Tai butterfly - yellow

Waiting for Pops     Write a eulogy with photo

Legacy by LC Cooper

On a side note, I can also format documents for publication on Smashwords.

Now, let's get on to the

Random Fun

The Interesting link: All About The name says it all. Learn the history of Halloween, decorating tricks, or pick up some fun recipes and how to tips on pumpkin carving. If it's Halloween, then it's here!

The Lots-O-Fun link: Halloween Fun Pages Download scary music, play online games, do jigsaw puzzles, coloring pages and even listen to old episodes of Tales from The Crypt. Suitable for all ages; go get your Halloween on!

The Read of the month: The Outsiders (from smashwords) The Outsiders is a collection of 13 dark fantasy stories from some of the best names and bright new names in dark fiction. An eclectic mix of styles and genres lurk within these uncork a glass of wine, dim the lights, sit back in a comfy chair...and enjoy this offering from Ghostwriter Publications.

The Music of the month: Spooky Halloween Music Looking for spooky sound effects or some good, creepy music to play at your Halloween party? Then look no further! Download MP3's with titles such as Halloween Graveyard or Halloween Psycoz. There's even sheet music, should you be of the more talented persuasion.

The Video of the month: Art's Web Show Episode Three by Richard North. Kseverney gets his heart broken, though one can't help sniggering along to his pain. Meanwhile, Sir Richard critiques Cornered's painting, only the artist doesn't take the comments with such good grace... The third in the series, Richard North continues to perfect his different characters, each one of which represents a facet, or aspect, of his personality.

(if you have suggestions for the links of the month please email them to me at – you will be credited by whatever name you choose.)

My Updates


I am currently looking for some Affiliates to trade links with. If you have a website and would be interested please let me know!

Looking for Reader Reviews! Have you read the book? Did you like it? Did you hate it? Well write a blurb and let the world know what you think! Please send all reviews to and I'll post them on the site!

The Terrible Turtle Conspiracy:

The Terrible Turtle Conspiracy is a weekly manga/comic written by Jonathan Harvey and illustrated by Joleene Naylor that tells the story of the giant turtle attack in Tuttlesville and the interconnected aftermath.

OF NOTE: the website is still down, so Jonathan and I have decided to make a new one at Look for the new site sometime next month. In the meantime....

In September we finished Chapter Four: Let There be Dragons, in which the disgruntled characters from Day & Dark Comics find valiantly rescue Veronica from the clutches of a Speedy - a dog turned dragon. However, they left things behind and, in Chapter 5: Missing, Harold's friend Rich seeks the aid of a detective to find his missing friends...
Read Chapter Four!

Read Chapter Five!

Check out the Table of Contents for past chapters

Can't access MySpace, but you want to get in on the Turtle Action? You can read the comics on Blogspot as well - both Chapter Four and Chapter Five. So, if MySpace won't work for you, then check it out there!

Website Updates

I had hoped to have the new website up as of this newsletter, but alas it's not done yet. There is a problem with the loading screen and a few other items - but if you want to see a preview you can check it out at In the meantime, I've added a few new things to the old version of the Ramblings from the Darkness website at

I added two new poems to the Poetry Section of the site, Making a Memory, written for the CPC and Internal Struggle.

I've also added 13 new photos. Here’s a sneak peek at a couple of them:


ink pen cup

Flickr Updates

In the last month I added the following albums to my Flickr account. All of my photography is licensed under Creative Commons license unless otherwise noted. You do not need a Flickr account to view these. Clicking on the links will take you to a photo album with thumbnails.

54 photos of various hospital things; from the view out the windows to oxygen hook ups, empty beds, visitor chairs and more.

September Misc
55 photos including "retro" images, water, reflectors, parking lots and more.

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The Book Cover is Here
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September Newsletter
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Google is a Girl's Best Friend
What you post online can hurt your author - or other professional - image. You'd be surprised what pops up in search engine results.

Who Has Square Feet?
Not Oren, or at least not anymore....

The New Hickie
Teenagers bite one another until they draw blood and call it romantic - what do you think?

Where's the Trailer, Naylor?
That's a really good question....

Legacy of Ghosts - Chapter One: Part 1
Sample of the new book - in bite sized pieces....

Legacy of Ghosts - Chapter One: Part 2
Sample of the new book - in bite sized pieces....

Legacy of Ghosts - Chapter One: Part 3
Sample of the new book - in bite sized pieces....

Legacy of Ghosts - Chapter One: Part 4
Sample of the new book - in bite sized pieces....

Legacy of Ghosts - Chapter One: Part 5
Sample of the new book - in bite sized pieces....

Legacy of Ghosts - Chapter One: Part 6
Sample of the new book - in bite sized pieces....

Legacy of Ghosts - Chapter One: Part 7
Sample of the new book - in bite sized pieces....

Legacy of Ghosts - Chapter One: Part 8
Sample of the new book - in bite sized pieces....

Legacy of Ghosts - Chapter Two: Part 1
Sample of the new book - in bite sized pieces....

Legacy of Ghosts - Chapter Two: Part 2
Sample of the new book - in bite sized pieces....

Legacy of Ghosts - Chapter Two: Part 3
Sample of the new book - in bite sized pieces....

The Proof is Here
There's a semi colon here, and a typo there, here a misspelling, there a misspelling, everywhere an extra period...

Legacy of Ghosts - Chapter Two: Part 4
Sample of the new book - in bite sized pieces....

Legacy of Ghosts - Chapter Two: Part 5
Sample of the new book - in bite sized pieces....

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A Trip to the Store
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Spiffy Old Stuff: Babette, a paper doll
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Postcards from Bilbo Volume 6
Bilbo, the amazing pencil guy, shares more of his adventures.

Morning Randomness
Some very cool photos, plans and a couple of videos I took with my phone.

How to Draw With No Money and No Talent Part 1
A six part series on how to draw with seemingly no talent and no money.

How to Draw With No Money and No Talent Part 2
A six part series on how to draw with seemingly no talent and no money.

How to Draw With No Money and No Talent Part 3
A six part series on how to draw with seemingly no talent and no money.

How to Draw With No Money and No Talent Part 4
A six part series on how to draw with seemingly no talent and no money.

How to Draw With No Money and No Talent Part 5
A six part series on how to draw with seemingly no talent and no money.

How to Draw With No Money and No Talent Part 6
A six part series on how to draw with seemingly no talent and no money.

Stress an Cool Retro Camera Photos
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The Proof is Here
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Out and About
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Post Cards from Bilbo Volume VI
More post cards from the intrepid traveling Pencil Guy

Spiffy Old Stuff: Babette
A paper doll from 1998

Morning Randomness
Some whining, some cool photos and a couple of videos. Wow.

Stress and Cool Retro Photos/a>
More whining and more photos.

The Proof is Here
The typo filled proof for Legacy of Ghosts finally arrives....


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The new TTTC website
The special Bonus comic for the super secret TTTC Publishing Project
I wouldn't mind finishing up some other misc artwork, but we'll see about that

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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Legacy of Ghosts Contest Winners

A special thanks to everyone who entered the contest! Alas, there can only be three winners and, as luck would have it, we had no repeats.

Thanks Chris for helping (though he refused to actually appear in the video, I think he’s ashamed to be linked to me! hrmph!) and Congrats to:


I will be sending each of you a mail soon for your mailing addresses :)
Thanks again, all! I hope you had fun, I know I did!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Legacy of Ghosts: Paperback & Amazon Kindle

Yes, it's finally through all the processing and approving! Now you can get Legacy of Ghosts, the second int he Amaranthine series, in paper back or on Amazon Kindle by following the links below:

Paper Back:

Amazon Kindle:

And now for the question: If I were to get the "extended plan", which would dramatically drop the paperback cost (say from 12$ to 8$) which book would be the better investment? The first one, or the second one? If you're starting a new series do you prefer book 1 to be cheaper and book 2 more expensive, or the other way round?

If I don't get many replies I may post this question as a separate entry later.

And don't forget - only one day left until the Legacy of Ghosts contest ends, so if you haven't entered to win a free autographed copy, then be sure and get it done before 11:59 tonight (the 8th of October)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Legacy of Ghosts Available on Smashwords for $1.60(cheap)

$1.60 (cheap!)

Quoting a little MAD Magazine there. If you’re not a MAD fan, they always put “cheap” under the price on the cover, even though it isn’t cheap anymore. (I read far too many MADs in my youth)

Back on topic: Legacy of Ghosts is now live on Smashwords.

If you’re not familiar with Smashwords, they are an eBook distributor, and by eBook I don’t just mean Kindle or Epub (though you can get those, too.) They also have online reading as either Java or HTML, PDF,  RTF (rich text – aka a document), plain text (think notepad), and LRF (for Sony Reader), as well as the Epub (for Stanza and others) and Mobi for Kindle.

Wow. I’m worn out just listing them all.

Anyway, if you do the Kindle, or the PC thing, a even a PDF on your phone (I actually did that with Stephannie Beman’s novel My Lord Hades) or whatever, go and get your copy now.  If you prefer to go through Amazon for your Kindle versions, then it should be up in a day or two (it’s in the system, now), and the Paperback will follow on the 8th.

If you want a sample, I have the first two chapters on this site, and the third is nearly complete, as well, or you can view the first 20% of the book at Smashwords; so you get to “try before you buy”.

And, if you missed the first book in the series, Shades of Gray, it is still available on Smashwords under the “set your own price” option, which means you pay only what it’s worth to you.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Terrible Turtle Conspiracy: Chapter Five

For more information check out


Written by: Jonathan Harvey & Illustrated by: Joleene Naylor




































Check out more turtle fun at http://Terrible!!

For more entertainment The Word of the Day Blog - and while you're there why not subscribe?

For more Turtle Mayhem check out - the awesome new website!!!