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Friday, October 8, 2010

Legacy of Ghosts: Paperback & Amazon Kindle

Yes, it's finally through all the processing and approving! Now you can get Legacy of Ghosts, the second int he Amaranthine series, in paper back or on Amazon Kindle by following the links below:

Paper Back:

Amazon Kindle:

And now for the question: If I were to get the "extended plan", which would dramatically drop the paperback cost (say from 12$ to 8$) which book would be the better investment? The first one, or the second one? If you're starting a new series do you prefer book 1 to be cheaper and book 2 more expensive, or the other way round?

If I don't get many replies I may post this question as a separate entry later.

And don't forget - only one day left until the Legacy of Ghosts contest ends, so if you haven't entered to win a free autographed copy, then be sure and get it done before 11:59 tonight (the 8th of October)


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