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Friday, October 29, 2010

Midnight Proposal - a Zombie Poem

This was written for the CPC when Jonathan - aka Jissilly - hosted solo. It won an award. But then, everything won an award ;)

Midnight Proposal

Moonlight filtered through the trees,
Then Bill, he got down on one knee
and then he took Delilah’s hand
and on it placed a golden band.
He asked her "mrffff erffff briiiide?"
At his words Delilah’s eyes grew wide,
one popped right out of the socket,
so he caught it and put it in his pocket.
a token of his sweetest lover.
Since he first saw her, there was no other
her golden hair, her skin of green,
the prettiest zombie he'd ever seen.
From the picnic basket, he took champagne
and the casserole made with brain.
Then they had a romantic dinner for two,
underneath the shinning moon.
dining on their brains so gray
Just Bill and his new fiancé

And here’s the cool award it won:

Spiffy, huh? ;)


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