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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Randomness - with photos!


I was going to do this blog at the end of last week and then I didn’t get a chance to. First off, thanks to everyone who stopped by the CPC last Tuesday/Wednesday for the Vampires vs Zombies. We made top blog on Myspace! Really:

top blog baby

If you didn’t stop by, don’t worry. I know time’s tight and we don’t all run in the same circles ;)

I was going to do this for Blogophilia, but those topics are too awesome to waste on Randomness, so just gonna plop this out there for no reason.

Last week was busy. Monday I lost hours by staying up until eleven so I could go to town to get what can only be called The Best Hot Dog in the World. Seriously, look at this thing:

The best hotdogs in Missouri

I’m drooling just looking at it! And then I’ve had so much email… why, I had email that went back clear to 1969!

old email

Talk about a full inbox!

Then, last Saturday was the eleven year anniversary (holy cats, batman!) and hubby was quite sweet this year. In fact I got an amazingly awesome anniversary present:

Happy anniversary to me :-)

No, that’s not just any old Barbie doll! It’s a reproduction of the 1985 Peaches N Cream Barbie that I so, so wanted when I was five but, alas, did not get. Now I have a new version in all its fluffy peach glory. She is now residing in my cabinet next to the other thing I wanted when I was five:

my five year old dreams coming true

Yes, Voltron. Voltron and Barbie- can a girl get any luckier?!

So, anyway, anniversary. After dinner we went wandering around Springfield to a few places, and I found some interesting things I thought I’d share.

Though I was mainly disappointed with Target (Not as much cool stuff as usual) they did have some rather adorable little Halloween piggies:

ghosst piggy


vampire piggy

mummy piggy

witch piggy

Oh, and this:

pink glitter pumpkin

I don’t know whether to cringe or cry “yippe”! As a Halloween lover, the pink glitter makes me go “Ewww..”, but as a pink glitter lover I have to say “Oh! Fantastic!”. And no, I didn’t buy one. For that price I can get a foam pumpkin from wal-mart and cover it in glitter myself.

It’s not just the decorations that are in a Halloween mood. It seems soda is too:

halloween soda

Aren’t those cute? Sunkist should have done jackolanterns, that’s all I’m saying. They should also have done this on bigger cans instead of just the tiny ones. But then things have gone to tiny sample size, haven’t they? Even spices are coming like that now:

making the teaspoon obsolete

Yeah. Like someone can’t measure out that teaspoon themselves? Call me a freak, but that seems ridiculous, as does this highly amusing warning label:

look at the warning image

You need warned that the thing could drop down and bash in your head? Wow.

And speaking of pointless things, what is the point of a purse smaller than my hand?

baby purse

I mean, when I was a teenager we had some pointless purses, but I don’t even think you could get cigarettes in this one! seriously… (hint - my hands are so small that I have to wear children’s press on nails because the adult ones are too big for me)

And in other weirdness, how about a cardboard guitar that “plays music’?

paper guitar

No? Cardboard speakers, perhaps?

cardboard speaker

And you wonder why I was so excited about getting 80’s toys!

Since this is random, no real “Random stuff”, though I am stacking up books covers this month. Yay!

Oh, all right, you convinced me. Here’s a random funny screen cap. Look at the related videos suggestion:

sog trailer suggestions youtube

Exactly what does my book trailer and a Mr. Bean cartoon have in common? What is YouTube trying to say?

Fav song of the moment - “Wave Bye Bye” - Gin Blossoms (Their new album rocks!)


Sharon S. said...

lol! That was a great post. Thanks! I have an original Polly Pocket Barbie hidden upstairs . Love the warning picture! and my 9 year old girl wants that cardboard guitar. Never mind we have Rockband guitars and she has a real one too. My 14 year old girl wants the pink glitter skeleton (got to admit it is pretty awesome). Optimus Prime is smexy ;)

Joleene Naylor said...

Yay for Polly Pocket Barbie! (I am a closet Barbie lover, I can't help myself! And there' no rehab for it...) Ha ha! Rockband guitars were the first thing I thought of when I saw that! "why would you want a cardboard one when you can play it on playstation/wii/xbox/etc?" I almost had hubby talked into a black glitter skull... then he backed out at the last minute :p

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