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Monday, November 29, 2010

Internet Ramblings


I am supposed to be posting Spiffy Old Stuff, working on the newsletter, updating my website, working on a cover, drawing icons for Lowell and probably twenty other things, but I’m ducking out for a moment to post a random blog (hence that random banner up there).

I have to say all this social networking/MySpace disaster has really cut into my productivity lately. Between having to now actually DO things on Facebook and playing with MyBoomerPlace, as well as trying to figure out 3.0… well, let’s just say it’s taking a lot of friggin’ time. I wish they’d done this back in May when I had free time (Did I have free time in May? Does anyone remember?) Anyway, I’m going to make myself a test profile on MySpace, I think, and try to see what I can do with the profile/blogs because I refuse to upgrade this one until I know what I am doing with it. Speaking of other blogging sites, I’m going to tri-post this with MySpace and MyBoomerPlace. . ( MySpace:  MyBoomerPlace: )

Speaking of the MySpace mess, this is what I got in the mail the other day from them:


(Click photo to see full size)

I tend to link everything together (Flickr, Youtube, Facebook, twitter, Mysapce, you name it!) but I think I’m opting out of this one. It looks like it’s just an excuse to clutter up the stream some more. And speaking of things I’m not going to do, I got this the other day, too:

diagon alley wtf
(click image to get full size)

Yes, this IS an email wanting me to expand my bandwidth on - a website I bet you didn’t even know I had because I abandoned it years ago! Not that it wasn’t a cool idea, but it seemed to be too confusing for other people to participate and I moved on to a new hobby other than website building, so it just got left in the dust. I can’t imagine why it’s suddenly getting traffic! Though it had a peak a couple years ago when someone took the “find your wand” quiz and put it on their Facebook. I know it had an increase in traffic because I had a wave of complaint letters from people who didn’t like the quiz questions, who didn’t like their results, etc. etc. By the end of it I was so annoyed that I let other people write the replies back for me because I was sick of saying “Thanks for the feedback, but this is a free quiz on a website I’ve stopped updating. Thanks.” And then I quit answering them altogether.

Speaking of answering odd emails, I got a funny one last weekend:

back from lunch

No idea who she is, or why she thought I was at lunch. I replied back and said “I wasn’t at lunch, I took a whole day off!”, but I haven’t gotten an answer to that. Oh well, it made me amused for a moment. Though Uncle Sam is not amused, it seems. Apparently over 70 some domains have been seized by the US government - mainly torrent download sites, from what I understand - for participating in copyright infringement:

seized domain
(Click for full size image)
If you want to see this in person, one site that the article listed (and the site I screen capped) is . Though the logos are all catchy, I think Uncle Sam went a bit crazy with the drop shadow. Yes, I am critiquing the design of the official, scary notices. Just because they are scary, official notices doesn’t mean they shouldn’t look their best!

And speaking of making things look their best, there’s a pretty cool new… erm, site I guess you’d say at .

(stolen from their site)

HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography is a technique used to create photographs of scenes with both very bright and very dark sections without the result becoming either washed out or too dark. Done right the results can be quite spectacular.

This is accomplished by taking multiple photos of the same scene with different exposure times. These separate photos are then combined in a smart way to create a result that has good exposure across the entire image.

Of course I had to try this out. Since I was in a hurry I didn’t actually take three photos of the same thing with different exposures (like you’re supposed to!) instead I edited three photos curves to get a close semblance to three exposures:

sunset-light sunset-med  sunset-dark

Then I uploaded them in the super easy uploader and it gave me this result:


Since the ground is just a black silhouette, this wasn’t the best choice of a test photo, but I was in a hurry. Still, I was happy with the results as, editing the photo myself back in July, this is what I came up with:

Golden Sunset
And that’s all the randomness I have for now… What? You want more? Well aren’t you lucky that it’s time for the segment I like to call “Random Things from my Hard Drives”?


Tonight’s segment is a little off the cuff I did for Simple Sunday at the CPC. The piece was inspired by Guylane’s artwork “My Life in Red”:

fire streaks the dawn,
like blood of champions that drips unheeded
between the cracks of last night's dreams.
Half forgotten in the mist of morning ,
voices whisper and shadows flee ,
chased away by the rising sun .
In the day the night's demon cannot stay,
but must hide in all the spaces
beneath the floor, behind the door,
where the golden rays cannot reach them.
But when the darkness returns
and the shadows stretch,
they'll creep forth once more
to whisper visions into the ears
of the unwary,
weaving threads of nightmares
while the sun sinks in streaks of golden fire,
colored like the blood of champions,

Fav song(s) of the moment - “Fairytale Gone Bad” & “Sail Away With Me” - Sunrise Avenue

A couple more Book Covers

There's one more waiting for approval, and that should be a wrap for November. In the meantime, please enjoy these two spiffy covers:

the hill

The capitol building and stethoscope come from wikimedia commons (A fantastic place for finding public domain images!) and the gun is mine. If anyone is curious what that particular gun does to a mirror, you can see it here:

Hole in the sky

It's a long story, but it involves an idiot, in case you ca';t guess that....

Anyway, for number two:


The alien and the spaceship comes from the much pricier, while that cool fire from the ship is by Patrick Hoesly. But what about the background, you ask? well, that's actually mine :p

And that's all I got for now.

Fav song of the moment - "Fairytale gone bad" -Sunrise Avenue

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Even More Book Covers

It's been a busy month!


(the background is actually a texture I use for manga work usually, overlayed with some flowers photos I took last spring and the couple comes from Stanislav Popov


Some more pink flowers from the same month as the ones above. Hee-hee.

new full cover - gradient w stripe

(no yellow stripe on the final. It's just there to show where the spine is)


(The photo is actually from the zoo in Arizona - I 'shopped out a couple of birds that were in the way ;) )


(Another Arizona picture on the bottom - though this one was a sunset - and the wild rose I took this summer. had fun playing with curves and levels and such to get this look. Kind of feels "California" to me for some reason.)

siddhartha guatama vs 3

(Actually an image of a pine tree at the ducky pond that I warped all to heck!)

pleasure of rustics

(Just a pretty raindrop on leaves photo. I have a ton of those.)

Deadly Mysteries

And had to draw this one, obviously. I looked up a tutorial for making hair and needless to say the end result was not at all as good as the tutorial's examples. Ah well.

Working on four more right now, hopefully will have them done by the end of the month. it's been busy, busy, busy!

Fav song of the moment - "Fairytale Gone Bad" - Sunrise Avenue

Black Friday Sale!


Black Friday isn't just for toaster ovens and winter coats, now you can get also get special deals on ebooks for your Kindle.

Click here for the list of Amazon ebook deals!

Follow the link above and check out the special holiday price of just $.99 on a list of Kindle books, including Shades of Gray and 101 Tips for Traveling with a Vampire.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Book Covers round 2

vs 3

uncommon bond

here begin the lessons - red

shoestring green2

I have five more, but that's good for today.

The Party - Flash Fiction

This is (again) in response to a posting by Jonathan *cough* I promise some day we'll quit doing this!

The Party

Maxine filled the chip bowl, double checked the punch cup arrangement and then paused to look at herself in the mirror. Her costume was perfect. She was dressed as a Macy’s sales clerk, and she knew she’d win the prize for best costume. After all, she’d been closely following the Macy Boy stories written by Gerard Villegas. Sure, she wasn’t a boy, but that was the fun of dressing up!

Half an hour later the party was hopping. Guests had turned out in a costumed profusion, just as she’d hoped, and they’d shown some real originality. The costume competition was going to be stiff!

She turned the music down and called loudly, “All right, everyone! First, I want to thank you for coming and I hope you’re having a good time.” She paused for the murmurs and one drunken “Hell yeah” from the back. Oh, that Alex! Tipsy already!

When the noise died down she continued. “It is now time to vote in the costume contest. So, if you’d like to get a piece of paper,” she pointed towards a small, stocked side table with a flourish – “and write down your choices for Most Original, Best Use of a Fictional Character, and Most Realistic costumes, then drop the paper in that box, we can get the voting started. Thanks!”

There were some polite applause, but mainly everyone headed for the paper and pens. Maxine glanced around the room, and then scribbled down her own votes.  She had a good feeling about this! She made her way around the guy dressed as a giant frog and got in the voting line. As she dropped her paper into the box, she overheard Laura, her one of her coworkers, and Tim talking.

“I know we’re going to win!” Laura squealed. “We have the best costumes here.”

Maxine paused and  gave them a quick once over.  Tim wore all black with a long black wig that could use a good brushing, while Laura was dressed in jeans and an overcoat. Even weirder, they’d donned both vampire fangs and zombie make up, as though they couldn’t make up their minds. Maxine had sort of imagined that their costumes were the result of an “I don’t have a thing to wear!” conversation, and had been thrown together at the last minute.

Oblivious to Maxine, Tim agreed, and that’s when the hostess had to interrupt. “Excuse me, but what are you guys dressed as, exactly? Besides zombies, I mean?”

Laura rolled her eyes and, in a tone that said she’d had this conversation too many times, she demanded, “Haven’t you read the book by the Turtle Lady?”

Maxine drew a blank. “Um… who?”

“You know,” Tim went on. “She wrote that vampire book with the pink cover.”

Maxine scratched her head. “If it’s a vampire book I bet it’s not pink. Probably a light red. But, I’ve never heard of her.”

“Oh sure you have. It’s that woman who does turtle stuff for Jonathan Harvey. We were going to dress as Axe the scourge of the undead and Biffy the Vampire slayer, but we knew everyone else would come as jissilly characters, so….”

Maxine blinked. “Who?”

Tim and Laura stared with wide eyes. “What do you mean, who? Everyone knows who Jonathan Harvey – aka Jissilly – is! He writes those great, funny stories-“

“-the ones that usually don’t make sense,” Laura added.  “You know, about turtles and aliens-“
“-and cheap comic book rip offs,” Tim suggested, obviously hoping to jog her memory. “He even ripped off a BBC show. Ever hear of Physician What?”

Maxine was more than a little frustrated. “Who?!”

“No, What,” Laura corrected. “You know! Jissilly is that guy who has that book Shades of Plaid coming out early next year-“

“-or late this year if his beta editor gets to work,” Tim added.

Maxine held up her hands to stop them. “Enough! I get it, I get it.” She didn’t, but it seemed safer to lie and edge away slowly, looking at her feet. Don’t look them in the eye. Never look the crazy people in the eye…. If only there could be a distraction…  Please, please, let there be a distraction….

And that’s when the kitchen blew up. Maxine shrieked and dived under the table, while bits of plaster, wood and something decidedly green and oozy rained down on guests and room alike. When the smoke cleared, she edged out enough to see the aftermath. A smoke blackened Alex stumbled awkwardly around, a bent spoon in one hand and a confused look on his face.

Slowly, the other guests started to stand and, after they were sure they were in one piece, they looked to Maxine. Everyone expected her to check on their welfare, go berserk because her kitchen was destroyed, or at the very least call 9-1-1, but you can never trust a human being to behave as you would have expected in a given circumstance*. Instead of those things she stood, brushed herself off, looked at the mysterious green ooze splattered everywhere and asked quietly, “You microwave the red bowl in the refrigerator, didn’t you?”

Alex scratched his head. “Um… yes?”

Maxine nodded to herself, brushed the plaster dust from her shoulders and then pulled out her lazer blaster mini. She stopped short of actually pointing it at anyone, but said firmly, “I’m sorry, but I’m afraid you’re all under quarantine now for at least six weeks, until the alien eggs hatch.”

“Alien eggs?” Laura echoed, her eyes wide. “What?!?”

“Yes. Alex has unwittingly thawed the Venusian squelch demons and ,as you may notice, they’re already closing in. It’s only a matter of moments before they lay eggs in all the available human hosts.”

 Sure enough, the green ooze was squidging on the floor, slowly closing in on the confused, battered guests.  A couple of women screamed, and the people drew into a tighter knot, eyes wide with terror.

“Oh don’t worry,” Maxine cooed as she fumbled in her pocket for the interstellar communicator. “The Venusian High commander will be most pleased. I’m sure he’ll even reward those of you who survive.” She gave them all a warm smile. “Now let’s count the votes and see who won that costume contest before you’re all turned into egg sacks!”

Friday, November 5, 2010

More Book Covers

Though I haven;t been posting them, I've been busy at book covers. here's some of the recent ones.

The Gypsy

Original painting by Alfred Sisely - image from wikicommons - I added in the people, the dog and the sheep and darkened the sky. 

(get this book)

witness to a murder

A YA suspense/thriller/horror. It's a good read :)

Just took a photo pf a sticky note and did the blood on the PC. I kept trying to find a good handwriting font, and finally just wrote it out myself using the paintbrush tool.

Before You

Photo provided by Paul Garland - he has a LOT of fantastic CC licensed images. I just love his photo stream!

Adair Park

Vector drawings for this one. I used some reference images from a book on guns that my brother owns, and the dead person is drawn off of the brother playing dead for me. He's a good sport about posing for me.

(get the book!)

and an "in progress" for NaNowriMo

in progress 1

I don't have time to do NaNoWriMo (national Novel Writing month) this year, but LC does and has come up with a brilliant idea; as she is doing the manuscript and uploading it to smashwords in progress, so we will do with the cover, too :) This is the first one... look for more to come!

Song going through my head - “Total Eclipse of the Heart” - The Rhythm Method

Legacy of Revolt

I was planning to start posting my Lost Chapters for my blogophilia this week, but after reading Jonathan’s entry, I had to do something different. If you haven’t read it yet, you should.

(and here is the incident she refers to as “last year” l )

*note* This story is completely removed from my canon universe and has pretty much zero to do with anything. That’s what makes it fun!

Katelina watched through the window, waiting for Jorick to return. The back of her neck had been prickling ever since he’d left, and she hoped he hurried up. They were just running down to Loren’s house and back, or so they’d said. But they’d already been gone several minutes, and she was certain there was someone out there, the sound of their footsteps lost in the wind. Maybe she was just getting paranoid.

She moved to the couch and dropped onto it restlessly, but she was barely seated before the door opened and Loren strode into the room, conspicuously alone.

“Where’s Jorick?’ she demanded. It wasn’t that Loren wasn’t all right, as vampires went, but he wasn’t the kind of guy she thought could do much about whoever was lurking out there. In fact, she was pretty sure a marshmallow could defeat the teen vampire.

“Taking care of something,” Loren answered with a smirk.

She wanted to press him for details, but Jorick chose that moment to appear, dragging behind him a scraggly vampire who looked oddly familiar… Oh no! It was him! That horrible Willie who had kidnapped her last year and used her in an insidious plot to try to defeat Axe, the scourge of the undead! She well remembered being forced into a slinky black dress, covered in corn syrup blood and tied to a chair. But wait! Jorick tied him up and lit the barn on fire himself! Willie should have been roasted like a hot dog on a stick.

Mmm. Hot dog. That would sure taste better than that lousy microwave cherry crumble she’d had for dinner!

She jerked herself back to the present situation and demanded loudly, “What’s he doing here?”

Jorick dumped the bloody nosed vampire in the middle of the floor. “That’s what I’d like to know.” He studied Willie for a moment, as if reading him, and then his eyes narrowed dangerously. “I don’t even think so!”

Katelina waited, but no explanation came. In fact, to make things weirder, Jorick stormed into the dining room and returned with the yellow tablet and an ink pen. She hoped for a moment that he might stab Willie with it, but instead he sat in one of the wing backed chairs and began angrily scribbling something on the paper.

Everyone stared at him incredulously, but it was Willie who broke the silence, “Bat are you ‘oing?”

“I’m writing a letter,” he answered savagely, his dark eyes fire as they skipped from the note to his captive. “To NUFF.”

Loren leaned on the back of the chair, casually trying to read what Jorick had written. “You mean the National Union of Fictional Folks?  What are you writing to them for?”
“Because I’ve had it,” he snapped.  “I didn’t say a word when I had to appear in a fan fiction story with Axe the scourge of the Undead, or Biffy the vampire slayer, even though we were forced to talk in rhyme! It was my good dead for the century because that Jonathan Harvey is a nice guy. But was that enough? No! Now that author of ours is writing us into ‘Lost Chapters!’! I mean, what is that even supposed to be?”

“It’s like the deleted scenes on a DVD,” Katelina explained with an eye roll. “Maybe if you’d catch up with the twenty-first century?”

Jorick waved her away and continued, “If that wasn’t bad enough did you see what she did last week? Did you? She made me sparkle! SPARKLE!” (yes, yes I did)

Loren squinted at the paper, still struggling to decipher it. “I dunno.  I thought it was kinda fun.”

Jorick growled low in his throat. “I told her one more move like that and I was out of here. And this - This - is the final straw!  You know, she used to be a really good writer. She used to do doom and depression and dark, angry gore and now… Now look at this! I have a vampire named Willie in my living room! And he was planning to kidnap Katelina, no less, and haul her off for excitement and adventure! Bah! I would do anything for some good, old fashioned gloom!”

Willie did his best to manage a charming smile, and Katelina cringed away. "Kidnap me?"

Loren shrugged. “It’s not really our author's fault. She didn’t write what's-his-name in. She’s been hanging out with that Jissilly guy. I think he is secretly hypnotizing her in emails to write silliness.” He broke off and then exclaimed, “Man, your handwriting is awful! Is that even English?”

“Yes, it is. And furthermore, it is a letter of resignation. I am informing NUFF that we are leaving and they can just find someone else to replace us. I refuse to put up with anymore of-“

A knock at the door interrupted him. They all froze and stared at the door as if it was some kind of portal to another dimension. After all, they didn’t get visitors very often, and now they had two in the same night.

“If that’s Axe or Biffy I swear I am going to demand severance pay!”

But it wasn’t Axe or Biffy. Instead it was a short, mustached representative from NUFF. They let him in and he peered at them from behind wire rimmed glasses, then announced, “We at NUFF are aware of your reactions. However, rest assured that all of this was cleared with headquarters days ago, and that, unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do without breaking your contracts. And, I assure you, you don’t want to do that.”  His mustache wiggled thoughtfully and he added, “Have a nice night.”

He was almost to the door when three vampires made eye contact.

It took Katelina a week to get the spot out of the rug.


Wasn’t that fun?

Thursday, November 4, 2010

November Newsletter

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Hope your Halloween season was a great one! Yeah, Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, and I'm not quite ready to let it go, yet. But, alas, it is November already, so let's get on with this newsletter!

Legacy of Ghosts, the second installment in the Amaranthine series, is finally available for purchase! You can pick up your digital copy at Smashwords or Amazon Kindle, or grab a paper back. If you're interested in an autographed copy then drop me a line at

Legacy of Ghosts cover - fixed

After the events of Shades of Gray, Katelina seeks peace with Jorick, but it’s hard to come by in a world shrouded in secrets and threatened by a brewing storm. Though Kateesha plans to fight the same battle as Jorick’s fledgling, a common enemy isn’t enough to overcome past betrayals, and the tempest explodes into a violent frenzy. Drawn into a deathly conflict, Jorick and Katelina must learn to overcome old regrets, or risk losing their future to the ghosts of their past.

Legacy of Ghosts, the second installment of the Amaranthine series, plunges back into a world of blood and cruelty where the darkness holds dominion and vampires don’t sparkle.

You can read sample chapters at in either whole chapter format or in tiny, blog sized nuggets. Yeah, I'm all about choice.

And why should DVD's have all the fun? Check out "The Lost Chapters" - aka the "deleted" scenes from Legacy of Ghosts. i will be posting on a week for six weeks on both my Myspace and Author blogs, so stop by and enjoy a snippet of pointless vampire fun!

Now, let's get on to the

Random Fun

The Interesting link: How Much is Inside? An old favorite of mine; How much is Inside asks the tough questions, like, how many cups of beer are in a keg? Can you really cover a car with one roll of aluminum foil? How many feet of Ramen are in a cup of Ramen noodles? Are there really 360 threads per inch in 360 thread count cotton pillow cases? or How large a puddle of blood would be created if a person bled to death in a parking lot? Among others. so, if you want to know how much is inside, then give this site a visit.

The Lots-O-Fun link: I will draw You As A Stick Man Amazing site that draws you as a stick man! Upload the picture of your choice and then wait a few moments while the masterpiece is created. You can share the image with friends, and also view a celebrity stick man gallery. (If you feel unfulfilled by this, then check out where you can compose a song of whale noises using your keyboard. A fun time waster!)

The Read of the month: Songs of the Dead by Dawn Colclasure Songs of the Dead is a re-release of the chapbook originally published in 2003 and, with more than twenty-seven new poems, it has more than earned the title “expanded”. From poems of death and surrender, to fury and revenge, this is a poetry book to enjoy in the darkest of moods and one that anyone who’s ever “been there” will instantly empathize with.

The Music of the month: Noise A website devoted to connecting listeners to new talent, Noise Trade offers music for free with the option to "tip" the artists. You can also enter your email address to get a free 25 song sampler in a zip file. They'll send you an email with a download code, but when I went back the code was automatically entered.

The Video of the month: The Ornithologist Song by Jonathan Harvey. This song gets stuck in my head every time I thin of it, so it's time I shared. A cute song about... well, ornithologists and ducks with an intro that gives a miniature lesson on how to "speak southern".

(if you have suggestions for the links of the month please email them to me at – you will be credited by whatever name you choose.)

My Updates

I am currently looking for some Affiliates to trade links with. If you have a website and would be interested please let me know!
Looking for Reader Reviews! Have you read the book? Did you like it? Did you hate it? Well write a blurb and let the world know what you think! Please send all reviews to and I'll post them on the site!

The Terrible Turtle Conspiracy:

The Terrible Turtle Conspiracy is a weekly manga/comic written by Jonathan Harvey and illustrated by Joleene Naylor that tells the story of the giant turtle attack in Tuttlesville and the interconnected aftermath.

OF NOTE: We are working on a new website which will eventually be at We will keep you updated.

In October we continued Chapter 5: Missing, in which Harold's friend Rich hires a detective to find his missing friends, but the investigation gets weirder by the minute...

Read Chapter Five!

Check out the Table of Contents for past chapters

Can't access MySpace, but you want to get in on the Turtle Action? You can read the comics on Blogspot as well - both Chapter Five. So, if MySpace won't work for you, then check it out there!

Website Updates

I am happy to announce that the new version of the Ramblings from the Darkness website is up at Whoo-hoo! I think this one is easier to navigate, and I welcome all feedback! Besides just redoing the site, I have also added some new things this month.

The Legacy of ghosts section is teaming with character bios and free samples, as well as all the links and info. Why not stop by, or be the first to write a review?

I added a flash fiction story to the Flash fiction section called Blessed Silence. when a woman has enough of her husbands snoring, she takes matters into her own hands. I also updated the flash fiction story Secrets into it's newest version and changed the title to Just Another Secret.

The saw the addition of seven new covers including some thrillers, a romance and a how to dieting book.
I've also added 11 new photos. Here’s a sneak peek at a couple of them:

tell me you can't imagine a little gnome hiding under that

autumn daisies 2

Flickr Updates

In the last month I added the following albums to my Flickr account. All of my photography is licensed under Creative Commons license unless otherwise noted. You do not need a Flickr account to view these. Clicking on the links will take you to a photo album with thumbnails.

58 photos of old foundation slabs, abandoned tires, burned wood and more

Late Autumn
55 photos including pretty autumn leaves, grapes, the last daisies and more.

Autumn Toadstools
24 photos including toadstools and hay.

October Food
13 photos of apples, celery soup, squash rings, roast beef and more.

Random October
27 photos of chocolates, pumpkin carving and Target fun.

Peaches 'n Cream, Barbie
10 photos of my new reproduction Barbie.

Blog Updates:


Release Delay
A week delay in the book release.

Forsaken on YouTube, Or Proof People Have Too Much Time
Some fun versions of the song "Forsaken" as performed by Disturbed.

Legacy of Ghosts: Chapter 3 Part 1
Sample of the new book - in bite sized pieces....

Legacy of Ghosts: Chapter 3 Part 2
Sample of the new book - in bite sized pieces....

Legacy of Ghosts: Chapter 3 Part 3
Sample of the new book - in bite sized pieces....

Legacy of Ghosts: Chapter 3 Part 4
Sample of the new book - in bite sized pieces....

Legacy of Ghosts Available on Smashwords
Link to buy the eBook version of Legacy of Ghosts

Legacy of Ghosts - Chapter 3: Part 5
Sample of the new book - in bite sized pieces....

Legacy of Ghosts:Amazon Kindle and Paper Back
The new book is available through Amazon Kindle and Paper Back

Legacy of Ghosts - Chapter 3: Part 6
Sample of the new book - in bite sized pieces....

Legacy of Ghosts - Chapter 3: Part 7
Sample of the new book - in bite sized pieces....
Winners of the Legacy of Ghosts Contest
Congrats to the winners of the contest! I promise, you will get your books...

October Newsletter
The October Ramblings from the Darkness Newsletter

Dark Shadows Remake
Tim Burton and Johnny Depp will tackle the classic vampire soap, Dark Shadows...

Vampire Parodies
Twilight vs Blade and Not and Emo Vampire; some great YouTube gems.

Jonathan and His Inner Zombie Converse
And inspire an internal dialog of my own.

The New Website is Up!
The official announcement - whoo-hoo!

Vampire Poetry
Two vampire poems to tickle your fancy...

Special Sale and Fun Videos
Just in time for the Holidays you can now get the first book, Shades of Gray, at a 32% savings! Also enjoy some funny youtube vampire videos.

Bite Me
An excellent online comic that I discovered during a Google search

The Lost Chapters
Why should DVD's have all the fun? Enjoy the "deleted scenes" from Legacy of Ghosts!

The Lost Chapters 1: Sparkling Jorick
Jorick makes a random confession about his reading habits

You Asked For It
Well, one person did, so I delivered...

Songs of the Dead
Review of the new poetry book by Dawn Colclasure


Terrible Turtle Conspiracy: Chapter Five
The fifth chapter of the online comic by myself and Jonathan Harvey

Legacy of Ghosts on Smashwords
The new book is now available as an eBook.

Legacy of Ghosts on Amazon Kindle and Paper Back
The new book is available as paper back or on the Amazon Kindle

Legacy of Ghosts Contest Winners
Congratulations to the winners of the Legacy of Ghosts Contest!

October Newsletter
The October Newsletter

The Attic Treasure
Short story about a brother and sister who find a mysterious quill in the attic.

Jonathan and His INner Zombie Converse
And inspire some internal dialog, Jo style.

Explaining Google Caching
An explanation of the way Google Caching of web pages works.

Website is Up
The official announcement for the new website.

Randomness with Photos
Come shopping with me as I look at Halloween stuff.

Junior Warlord of Maple Drive
Peter tries to get even with his neighbor, Mr. Langstrom.

Midnight Proposal
A zombie poem


Writers Have Feelings Too
Though we hide them behind "professional", writers are quite volatile

Legacy of Ghosts Available on SMashwords
The new book as an eBook

Legacy of Ghosts: Paper back and Amazon Kindle
The new book is here! Yay!

Winners in the Legacy of Ghosts Contest
Congrats to the winners!.

Attic Treasure
A brother and sister find a mysterious quill in the attic

Google Cache, A public Service Announcement
Explaining to the masses how Google Caching of web sites works.

The Day After MySpace
Why imitate when you can stand out?

Murder is Our Agenda
A Halloween Collab with Clarice

Vampire Poetry
It's Zombie vs Vampires at the CPC and I have some cool vampire poems.

Randomness with Photos
Come halloween shopping with me and enjoy the best hotdog in Missouri!

The Junior Warlock of Maple Leaf Drive
Pete tries to get even with his neighbor, Mr. Langstrom.

Looking Back and Forward
Discussing what direction to take the blog in.

Songs of the Dead Review
Review of the poetry book by Dawn Colclasure.

Projects I hope to finish in November are
Legacy of Ghosts Trailer
Update all my profiles
book covers for other people
The new TTTC website
The special Bonus comic for the super secret TTTC Publishing Project
I wouldn't mind finishing up some other misc artwork, but we'll see about that

If you have ideas or suggestions on what could make this newsletter better, or just want to give me your opinion on something, drop me a line at

Have a great month and a Happy Thanksgiving!

Jo :D