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Monday, November 29, 2010

Internet Ramblings


I am supposed to be posting Spiffy Old Stuff, working on the newsletter, updating my website, working on a cover, drawing icons for Lowell and probably twenty other things, but I’m ducking out for a moment to post a random blog (hence that random banner up there).

I have to say all this social networking/MySpace disaster has really cut into my productivity lately. Between having to now actually DO things on Facebook and playing with MyBoomerPlace, as well as trying to figure out 3.0… well, let’s just say it’s taking a lot of friggin’ time. I wish they’d done this back in May when I had free time (Did I have free time in May? Does anyone remember?) Anyway, I’m going to make myself a test profile on MySpace, I think, and try to see what I can do with the profile/blogs because I refuse to upgrade this one until I know what I am doing with it. Speaking of other blogging sites, I’m going to tri-post this with MySpace and MyBoomerPlace. . ( MySpace:  MyBoomerPlace: )

Speaking of the MySpace mess, this is what I got in the mail the other day from them:


(Click photo to see full size)

I tend to link everything together (Flickr, Youtube, Facebook, twitter, Mysapce, you name it!) but I think I’m opting out of this one. It looks like it’s just an excuse to clutter up the stream some more. And speaking of things I’m not going to do, I got this the other day, too:

diagon alley wtf
(click image to get full size)

Yes, this IS an email wanting me to expand my bandwidth on - a website I bet you didn’t even know I had because I abandoned it years ago! Not that it wasn’t a cool idea, but it seemed to be too confusing for other people to participate and I moved on to a new hobby other than website building, so it just got left in the dust. I can’t imagine why it’s suddenly getting traffic! Though it had a peak a couple years ago when someone took the “find your wand” quiz and put it on their Facebook. I know it had an increase in traffic because I had a wave of complaint letters from people who didn’t like the quiz questions, who didn’t like their results, etc. etc. By the end of it I was so annoyed that I let other people write the replies back for me because I was sick of saying “Thanks for the feedback, but this is a free quiz on a website I’ve stopped updating. Thanks.” And then I quit answering them altogether.

Speaking of answering odd emails, I got a funny one last weekend:

back from lunch

No idea who she is, or why she thought I was at lunch. I replied back and said “I wasn’t at lunch, I took a whole day off!”, but I haven’t gotten an answer to that. Oh well, it made me amused for a moment. Though Uncle Sam is not amused, it seems. Apparently over 70 some domains have been seized by the US government - mainly torrent download sites, from what I understand - for participating in copyright infringement:

seized domain
(Click for full size image)
If you want to see this in person, one site that the article listed (and the site I screen capped) is . Though the logos are all catchy, I think Uncle Sam went a bit crazy with the drop shadow. Yes, I am critiquing the design of the official, scary notices. Just because they are scary, official notices doesn’t mean they shouldn’t look their best!

And speaking of making things look their best, there’s a pretty cool new… erm, site I guess you’d say at .

(stolen from their site)

HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography is a technique used to create photographs of scenes with both very bright and very dark sections without the result becoming either washed out or too dark. Done right the results can be quite spectacular.

This is accomplished by taking multiple photos of the same scene with different exposure times. These separate photos are then combined in a smart way to create a result that has good exposure across the entire image.

Of course I had to try this out. Since I was in a hurry I didn’t actually take three photos of the same thing with different exposures (like you’re supposed to!) instead I edited three photos curves to get a close semblance to three exposures:

sunset-light sunset-med  sunset-dark

Then I uploaded them in the super easy uploader and it gave me this result:


Since the ground is just a black silhouette, this wasn’t the best choice of a test photo, but I was in a hurry. Still, I was happy with the results as, editing the photo myself back in July, this is what I came up with:

Golden Sunset
And that’s all the randomness I have for now… What? You want more? Well aren’t you lucky that it’s time for the segment I like to call “Random Things from my Hard Drives”?


Tonight’s segment is a little off the cuff I did for Simple Sunday at the CPC. The piece was inspired by Guylane’s artwork “My Life in Red”:

fire streaks the dawn,
like blood of champions that drips unheeded
between the cracks of last night's dreams.
Half forgotten in the mist of morning ,
voices whisper and shadows flee ,
chased away by the rising sun .
In the day the night's demon cannot stay,
but must hide in all the spaces
beneath the floor, behind the door,
where the golden rays cannot reach them.
But when the darkness returns
and the shadows stretch,
they'll creep forth once more
to whisper visions into the ears
of the unwary,
weaving threads of nightmares
while the sun sinks in streaks of golden fire,
colored like the blood of champions,

Fav song(s) of the moment - “Fairytale Gone Bad” & “Sail Away With Me” - Sunrise Avenue


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