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Friday, November 5, 2010

More Book Covers

Though I haven;t been posting them, I've been busy at book covers. here's some of the recent ones.

The Gypsy

Original painting by Alfred Sisely - image from wikicommons - I added in the people, the dog and the sheep and darkened the sky. 

(get this book)

witness to a murder

A YA suspense/thriller/horror. It's a good read :)

Just took a photo pf a sticky note and did the blood on the PC. I kept trying to find a good handwriting font, and finally just wrote it out myself using the paintbrush tool.

Before You

Photo provided by Paul Garland - he has a LOT of fantastic CC licensed images. I just love his photo stream!

Adair Park

Vector drawings for this one. I used some reference images from a book on guns that my brother owns, and the dead person is drawn off of the brother playing dead for me. He's a good sport about posing for me.

(get the book!)

and an "in progress" for NaNowriMo

in progress 1

I don't have time to do NaNoWriMo (national Novel Writing month) this year, but LC does and has come up with a brilliant idea; as she is doing the manuscript and uploading it to smashwords in progress, so we will do with the cover, too :) This is the first one... look for more to come!

Song going through my head - “Total Eclipse of the Heart” - The Rhythm Method


Sharon S. said...

great job on the covers. I really like The Gypsy, but they are all wonderful!

Joleene Naylor said...

yeah, I am really proud of those sheep :p

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