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Friday, December 17, 2010

Another Batch of Book Covers


Sometimes I feel like this is all I post. I have two more I am working on and after those I am taking a break through Christmas - unless it's for Jerry or is something super amazing I can't pass up. I need to get caught up on some things!


The author provided all the images except for the studly hunk who happens to be... my husband! Ha! I used an image of him when he was 21. I need to scan off all my old photos someday...  I think this needed something more, but that's me.

shades of plaid full cover

This is for my good friend - and partner in all things silly - Jonathan. You can check out his website at for info on the fun, upcoming book. I will do more on it later when it's available to purchase.

advertising for love vs 1

you and none other vs 2

 There was another version of this that I liked better, but I know that as a thumbnail it wouldn't have worked well because the title didn't show up. Still, I loved the white with a splash of color:

you and none other. white


precious you

This one also had an alternate that I liked better, but it's not up to me, it's up to the author.

precious you vs 2

and now...

don't murder maria

The fire image is mine - I believe it's steal wool burning, but it might be our bbq. I had to create the jitter font effect manually, but I liked it. it's a time travel piece, so I wanted it to look "echoey".

And last I have a bit I did for a cover, but I haven;t heard back from the author, so I dunno. if I don;t soon I may use this elsewhere because I really like it:


And that's it. I am outta here ;)

Song going through my head - "If I Could be Like That" - Three Doors Down


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