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Friday, January 14, 2011

I figure it's about time I post something over here. I'm writing a series of short vampire stories, but as I am already bposting them on MySpace, my new personal wordpress blog ( and my Vampire/author blog ( I rthought I'd skip putting them here. how many copies do I need out there of the same stories?

I've been working on the third Amaranthine book, Ties of blood - well, sort of. Mainly I've been doing book covers. I know, I said I was going to take a break, but they pay the bills, if you know what I mean, and I like heat and food. Everyone says "well, you should be able to make a living from your writing", but I have to stop and say "why?" If I really get with the program, I can write a book in a month, say three hours a day. Then if I were to work at it and not screw off, I could edit it in a week, do the cover in a few hours, etc. So, add all those hours up and tell me why I should be able to support a family for a year on the income from that small amount of output? Yeah, writing is hard work, but it's also self fullfilling work. Art has always been a self fullfilling field, not one to get rich in. I think soemtimes people forget that. If you want to be rich go to college and get a business/computer/something els e boring degree. If you want to stretch yourself between bills, but be happy, then go for an art related job. They don;t call them starving artists for nothing...

Enough rambling there. How about some more book covers then, eh?

Unemployment Benefits

Picture by me - trivia: That's my dad's gun, but it doesn't work. he bought it when he was in the airforce and it had to go into storage (I forget the real term for it) and the airforce guys in charge of the place played cowboys with it and dry fired it. beat it up so bad that if you tried to actually use it you'd probably get it blown up in your face.

alien abduction

Picture by NASA - that is the God's Eye Nebula. Awesome, huh?

Version 2 - don't ask me:
bramdean vs 3

I won;t comment. Money spends the same the second time around.

incendiary man

Some fun computer art. Eyecandy for the flames - ooh yeah!

bid not for my love

photos from Dreamstime. (too lazy to look and see who)

Zombie Fight Song

Fun with zombie cheerleaders. Art by me

spinal cord injury

photo from dreamstime.

And my eyes are now so blury that I can't read the screen, so I need to go to bed.


Song playing at the moment - "Come Home" - Placebo


Sharon S. said...

great covers. Love the zombie cheerleader.

Joleene Naylor said...

@Sharon S.

Thanks! That's one of my new favorites :) It was one of those "I can draw days" where everything just went beautifully :)

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