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Friday, January 21, 2011

Some Random Wintery Photos

The only new blog content I've been creating lately are a handful of random posts on the author blog and the short vampire stories, which I see no need to post in a bazillion places. You can read them on either the Ramblings from the Darkness blog, the Amaranthine Night blog, or on MySpace. How many places do they need to be?

So, in the interest of posting something here, I thought I'd bore you with some photos. I have some cool ones on my camera card still from a snowy cemetery at night (hopefully they turned out) but have yet to take them off, so you get some from last month that I never got a chance to post. What fun...


reaching ice

winter cocoon

green and frosty

splayed branches

cat in the dark

snowy tracks2

a dandelion in the snow

bright white

Cold, huh? Yeah, and you know what? It's still freaking cold!! I took a video to prove it, but I can't get my friggin' phone to upload it. It errors out at 15%. I dunno why, but it only uploaded a video once, and has never done so again. :(

Song playing at the Moment - "Beautiful" - HIM


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