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Thursday, February 17, 2011

More book covers!

Jump up and down because I have MORE book covers to share! Ha ha!


Made from two images from The boy was originally on a modern bike, so I clone brushed the new bike out and replaced it with an older style bicycle. I think it came out pretty well, except in retrospect I'm not sure why his other foot isn't on a peddle. I should have drawn in a leg. Oh well.


Though this isn't the final version, I liked the background texture here. it looks metallic. This is the final:

chow 2

All the images were provided by the author, in fact I know she took the photo of the camo herself :)


fonts and vectors.

The Dance

photo is from dreamstime. I also got to read this one (It's for a short story) and have to say I enjoyed it. It's not up on Smashwords yet, or I'd link to it!

template cropped

This is an art media/texture/raster mix. Google the author name. Go on, do it. Now how friggn' cool is that!?!?!? I am in geek fan mode at the moment!!! Have had to stop myself from saying "Oh! send me an autograph!"


And another image from dreamstime, though fun trivia fact: the original has a bunch of math computations on the paper, so I erased those and added a page from my story about a woman killing her husband because he snores (I happened to have it opened at the time). You can;t read it, but it gives it the submitted manuscript look, anyway! :)

I have some winter photos I need to put up one of these days, too....


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