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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

More book cover joy....

So, I've been busy working on covers lately. I know, nothing new, huh? These are most of the new ones - I have one to finish and one that is out waiting approval, and a couple I skipped because they didn't "do it" for me. Not to say they're bad covers, but I make what the author wants, which means it is not always to my taste. That's the difference between graphic art and art-art ;)

The moaning rocks

This is my new favorite cover! The trees are actually from photos (yeah, using my cheating method again!) but I used art media to paint in the figure :) Yeah. I love this one...

Zombie hospital

Okay, I really like this one, too! It was super fun! And the background texture really just "did it".

Artwork by me :)

morsels collection cover

It's the "symbols" from each book: incidentally the three ring one to the left is the executioners necklace and will be the one for book 3

Be nice if I'd finish the stories, now....


An example of a cover where the author said "surprise me". I love those kind.

Photo by me: (actually hubby might have taken it, I don;t remember and it;s not like we're going to bicker over photo rights ;) )

vs1 B

image from by Jiri Foltyon

This is a really simple one, but sometimes simple is exactly what you want!

Image from author

mareen a vampire tale

ANother awesome one. The author sent me the pic, though I know he got it from dreamstime.


The author and I went through a few concept ideas and settled on this one and I am glad we did! I really like this one! And she was a dream to work with! (not that other authors aren't, or anything...)

The pathway to purpose

Angel, swirlies and sparkly spots - does it get better?

artwork by me and swirls from

I have some illustrations for a book to share some other time, and then I have a sketch i will never do anything with that was fun, anyway. But, another day ;)


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