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Thursday, April 28, 2011

More Book Covers

Okay, so I haven't posted any in awhile. If you'd rather look at photos instead of book covers, I just put some up on my Ramblings from the Darkness wordpress blog. - - check it out.

Now on to the covers :)


cool burning house photo © Peter Armstrong | Dreamstime. com. 
woman silhouette by me

get the ebook -

Secured with Love

image by © Victoria Suhanova | Dreamstime. com

get the book here:


The image was provided by the author. It's by a friend of his, though I don't know their name.


original image from Pearljamfan75 | Dreamstime. com

get the book here:

Progress, Technology & Seven Billion People

image from illustration by © Aleksandar Videnovic | Dreamstime. com

get the book here:

dreams unleashed - 10

Image provided by the author

Savonarola's Bones 3

though you might not believe it, under all those layers is a photo -

get the book here:

evilheart 5

Original photo by Mettus | Dreamstime. com (it had a skull in it, but we elected to mask that out, as well as some american money that wouldn;t fit the book)

get the book here:

demented vs 1

Awesome photo(s) by Andrejs Pidjass | Dreamstime. com

get the book here:

The Kleiber Monster

This is easily one of my favorites

skull from Liubov Shirokova | Dreamstime. com

very cool font from Last Soundtrack

get the book here:


Art by me :)

and last but not least


photo by me :)

Get the book here:

There are some others but this is long enough!


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