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Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Writers talk a lot about rejections, but they're not the only ones who get them. If you're participating in any project, whether for money or no, that requires the approval of someone else you're going to get some of your ideas rejected.

Case in point. Something I get asked frequently is do I ever have book covers rejected by authors and the answer to that is sure, all the time. In some cases when an author contacts me I will make several different versions of a cover and they will select the one the one that they like the best and from there we will tweak it into shape. It is a very rare occurrence that my first effort is approved as a final version.

The next question I get is "does that bother you?" and honestly, not really. Sure, the first time it happened I felt deflated, but after I thought about DVD extras I felt better. Maybe you've gone through the special features on a DVD and gone through character sketch galleries? Some of them have multiple concepts, all of which didn't make it to the final version, and even the idea that did make it usually looks very little like the artists original design. That's because there's a huge difference between "art for the sake of art" and "commercial art". In the first you can do what you want, express what you want, etc, but in the second you have to meet the commercial market guidelines and get the approval of all the people in charge of the projects. The first exists for the sake of existing, and the second exists, often, to sell something.

So what am I saying? Don’t take rejection personally. Yeah, it happens to us all. People say "get a thick skin", but that's really not good advice. You don’t need a thick skin, what you need is to look at it differently. Instead of thinking "this is my project - my baby - and they don’t like it!" think of yourself as just a part of the whole, or one member of the "team" and that particular idea just wasn't right for the particular "play" going on. The same thing can be applied to books, stories, you name it. After all, unless you're self-publishing, there's a whole team involved there too, so it’s not just your book, anymore, but everyone’s book. The same goes with the covers. It’s not MY cover, but theirs, and the author should be happy with it.

Not sure if that made any sense, but now for fun here are some of the aforementioned rejected covers  :)

vs 8

friendship - when it's easy and when it's not

you and none other. white


Write a eulogy with photo

Savonarola's Bones 1

miracles 1

needs font

blood moon

ballerina, gym and yoga


precious you


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